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Choosing between racing fuel types is often more difficult than it seems. You may know that octane isn’t always make-or break, but what other factors should you consider? How much power do I need for my engine type and tuning preferences with air/fuel ratios in mind–and how will these choices impact performance if any at all?

You might be asking yourself, “What the heck is a four stroke and which one should I use?” Well luckily for you we have got your back! There are several different types of gasoline available in stores today.

Best VP Fuel for 4 Stroke Dirt Bike (March, 2023) - MyBikeScan (1)

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Some racers prefer unleaded gas while others like Leaded Fuel (with an ‘L’). But if it’s really important to know how much power each type can produce then don’t worry because here at MXA Wrecking Crews’ records show that VP Racing Fuels seems most effective with two-stroke engines so go ahead; take their advice when deciding on new fuel for your bike.

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We understand the challenges you face, and we’re here to help. Check out our latest article on the best VP racing fuel for four-stroke dirt bikes to see what might work best for your application.


T2 is a two-stroke racing fuel that’s already pre-measured with oil. The Ethanol free version offers the convenience of not having to mix anything, while preventing problems caused by ethanol in fuels like blurred vision and sedation which could lead you down an unsafe path during competition time! Designed specifically for stock or modified bike racers at 40:1 ratio meant just what we needed – optimum performance under all circumstances.

VP’s T2 racing fuel is the perfect choice for racers who want to save money while still achieving excellent results. It has a similar or better performance gain than many higher priced race fuels, but with none of their downsides like ethanol content and stability issues that can arise when storing them in an open container over time!

1. VP-110Best VP Fuel for 4 Stroke Dirt Bike (March, 2023) - MyBikeScan (7)

  • Usage:

This high-octane, leaded fuel is perfect for those who want to ride their two stroke more like they would an engine with higher compression.

It’s non oxygenated so it won’t hurt your lungs and because its’ got a lower Research Octanes number than pump gas – you can get away without wearing any protective clothing!

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  • Antiknock octane: 110
  • Features:

The high Motor Octane rating of VP-110 will produce more power and higher fuel efficiency in your engine. With a compression ratio up to 13:1, this premium grade gasoline is perfect for all naturally aspirated engines!

Featuring an exceptional 107 MON value, it’s formulated specifically with you needs when using small block V8s or even Muscle Cars that require low timing settings on their combustion chamber valves per above graph below”

  • Bottom Line:

VP-110 is a good, all around fuel for moderately modified two stroke engines. MXA mix VP 110 with pump gas to produce an engine that will run in slightly modifying your old bike or power tool – they recommend 25 percent mx 35%, 50/50%.

  • Category: Leaded/non-oxygenated
  • Type: Leaded
  • Color: Green
  • Specific gravity: 0.720-0.735 at 60º F
  • RVP: 6.6
  • Oxygenated: No
  • MON: 107
  • RON: 113
  • R+M/2: 110
  • Engine: Two-stroke

2. C12:Best VP Fuel for 4 Stroke Dirt Bike (March, 2023) - MyBikeScan (8)

  • Usage:

High-performance two stroke racers know that the best power plants are those with lots of modifications. These days, many competitors have turned to powerful nitro engines for their speed on track and fierce competition off it!

  • Preferred engine type:


  • Antiknock octane:


  • Features:

The best gas for compression ratios as high 15:1, this old standby has been a fan favorite. It’s recommended when you need your engine to run smoothly and efficiently without any hesitation or confusion on what fuel would be best suited towards it- which makes sense considering how versatile these qualities are!

This two stroke racing gasoline is also used by many people who want an economical yet effective way of getting around town; whether that means going out into traffic during rush hour while waiting tables at night too–you get all the power needed without sacrificing anything else (except maybe some manners).

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  • Bottom line:

VP’s C12 is the winningest, high-octane two stroke racing fuel in motorsports history; however it’s too cool for stock power plants!


  • Category: Leaded/non-oxygenated
  • Type: Leaded
  • Color: Green
  • Specific gravity: 0.717 at 60º F
  • RVP: 7.3
  • Oxygenated: No
  • MON: 108
  • RON: 117
  • R+M/2: 113
  • Engine: Two-stroke

3. T4:Best VP Fuel for 4 Stroke Dirt Bike (March, 2023) - MyBikeScan (9)

  • Usage:

Thought to be the four-stroke version of VPR, T4 is an all around race fuel for stock engines.

  • Preferred engine type:


  • Antiknock octane:


  • Features:

T4 gives you more power at every turn with a better response time. It’s designed for stock four-stroke engines, so there are no worries about knocking or experiencing other adverse effects from using this product! 100% Made in America and unleaded means it will give your car just what he needs without any fusses associated.

If someone says ” ethanol free,” then they’re probably not lying either because even though we can’t see anything on our screens thanks to all those marketing executives who keep trying to greenwash everything–this fuel is the real deal when it comes down to being an earth-friendly product.

  • Bottom Line:

The four-stroke version of VPR, T4 has a 100 R+M/2 octane rating. It’s better for most stock engines because it lacks 5 ppm in comparison to its two stroke counterpart which makes up for this with increased efficiency and power output potentials when used as an engine fuel Pouring gasoline into your car might be easy but what about all those other things like taxes?

The cost per gallon will vary depending on where you live; if they’re high here then I recommend going somewhere else instead just so we don’t lose too much money overall!


  • Category: Unleaded/oxygenated
  • Type: Unleaded with MTBE
  • Color: Yellow
  • Specific gravity: 0.745 at 60° F
  • RVP: 8.54
  • Oxygenated: Yes
  • MON: 93
  • RON: 108
  • R+M/2: 100
  • Engine: Four-stroke

4. VPR:Best VP Fuel for 4 Stroke Dirt Bike (March, 2023) - MyBikeScan (10)

  • Usage:

With the price of gas being so high, it is nice to have an option that will work in between pump and race-grade fuels.

This product does just what you need without costing too much or having terrible fumes like some other products do when they’re not meant for racing but still get their user’s hopes up because people think those are good enough guns, trucks etc. Purchasing from here means saving money on your next fill!

  • Preferred engine type:


  • Antiknock octane:


  • Features:

With its higher compression ratio and more efficient combustion process, VPR is the perfect solution for any bike that requires modifications to run gas. With no ethanol problems associated with it like you might find on modified cars or motorcycles running pump fuel in some cases this can give up huge power gains when using E85!

  • Bottom Line:

Leaded vs. unleaded gasoline is better for two-strokes, but four stroke owners can use regular gas with a little bit of encouragement from their mechanic!


  • Category: Leaded/oxygenated
  • Type: Leaded with MTBE
  • Color: Pale green
  • Specific gravity: 0.732 at 60° F
  • RVP: 8.5
  • Oxygenated: Yes
  • MON: 101
  • RON: 109
  • R+M/2: 105
  • Engine: Two-stroke

5. U4.4:Best VP Fuel for 4 Stroke Dirt Bike (March, 2023) - MyBikeScan (11)

With the new U4.4, riders can enjoy a boost in their energy without worrying about how much they’re using or if there are any fuel rules they need to follow!

  • Preferred engine type:

Two-stroke or four-stroke.

  • Antiknock octane:


  • Features:

The U4.4 is a high-performance, leaded gas designed to give your engine all the boost it needs without sacrificing efficiency or power output! This product will require modest jetting changes (typically two mains bigger).

With its higher octane rating and ability for use in stock/modified two stroke motors as well four stroke engines; if you’re not bound by fuel rules this powerful little package may just be what takes our performance up another notch.

  • Bottom line:

The original oxygenated motocross fuel is more powerful and efficient than its VLR counterpart. Although it costs about $3 a gallon less, U4-4 has less of an odor as well as lower levels or octane which means that if you’re looking to get the most out of your bike then this will be what matters most!


  • Category: Leaded/oxygenated
  • Type: Leaded with MTBE
  • Color: Light Green
  • Specific gravity: 0.763 at 60° F
  • RVP: 6.76
  • Oxygenated: Yes
  • MON: 103
  • RON: 114
  • R+M/2: 108
  • Engine: Two- or four-stroke

Conclusion :

Overall, the best fuel to use in your motorcycle depends on what type of engine you have. If you have a two-stroke engine, then leaded gas is the better option. If you have a four-stroke engine, then unleaded gasoline is the better choice.

However, if you are not bound by fuel rules, then the U4.4 fuel is the better option as it is more powerful and efficient. Whichever fuel you choose, make sure that you jet your engine accordingly to get the best performance out of your motorcycle.

Best VP Fuel for 4 Stroke Dirt Bike (March, 2023) - MyBikeScan (12)

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What is the best VP fuel for 4-stroke dirt bike? ›

MR12 is designed to make maximum power in four stroke dirt or street bikes with stock or mild modifications. VP€™s best fuel yet for 4-stroke applications that can tolerate lower octane values.

What is the best fuel for 4-stroke engines? ›

The Best Fuel for 4 Cycle Engines is an Ethanol Free Fuel.

What is the difference between VP C12 and vp110? ›

VP 110 is for compression ratios that are 12:1 and below where C12 is for 15:1 and below. Very small difference in octanes. Another good fuel is the VPR. It's around 100 octane but has some oxygen added to it to help it flow n burn.

What is the difference between VP VPR and T4? ›

Bottom line: T4 is the four-stroke version of VPR. With a 100 R+M/2-octane rating, it has 5 octane less than VPR. The lower octane makes it better for most stock four-stroke engines.

What octane is C16 VP Racing Fuel? ›

C16 VP Racing Fuel

Motor Octane 117. Specific Gravity: . 735 at 60° F.

What is the best VP gas? ›

We design VP C10 as the best non-oxygenated unleaded racing fuel on the market.

What fuel is best for Yamaha 4-stroke? ›

“We recommend 87 octane for both our two- and four-stroke motors. We stress the importance of a good, name-brand gasoline.” Additionally, Grigsby says Yamaha recommends the regular use of fuel additives, such as conditioner, stabilizer, combustion-chamber cleaner and gas-line anti-freeze.

What octane rating Do typical 4-stroke small engines prefer? ›

A minimum of 87 octane/87 AKI (91 RON); If operating at high altitude, see below. Gasoline with up to 10% ethanol (gasohol) or up to 15% MTBE (methyl tertiary butyl ether), is acceptable.

What is the best fuel for performance? ›

Premium gas — that is, gas with an octane rating of 91 or more — is required for some high performance and luxury vehicles. Gasoline with a high octane rating is more difficult to ignite, which helps prevent pre-ignition and knocking in high performance engines.

What is VP C12 for? ›

One of the winningest fuels in racing history, C12 has been the preferred fuel for drag, circle track, and road racers in North America and around the world. It's also the best all-around two stroke fuel. Works great in vintage air cooled two strokes as well as new engines.

What is VP X85 fuel? ›

X85 is a cost effective E85 racing fuel blend. Unlike pump E85, X85 offers consistency from batch to batch. It is blended with 85% high quality ethanol and 15% premium racing fuel.

What is VP110 used for? ›


Is VP C85 oxygenated? ›

VP Racing Fuels states that C85's highly-oxygenated formulation will generally require a 2.0-to-3.0-percent increase in fuel delivery to achieve the same air fuel ratios or lambda values. As for cost,it's generally available at or under $15 per gallon when purchased in a 5-gallon container.

What is VP T4? ›

We design VP T4 fuel for stock or slightly modified 4-stroke engines. It's unleaded and ethanol-free. T4 is a direct pour-in replacement for premium pump gas, which has a short storage life. In addition, pump gas causes a heightened need for repairs in all engines after periods of non-use.

What is VP C85? ›

C85 is blended with a consistent proportion of ethanol and every other component in every drum. C85 makes up to 4% more power and torque than conventional E85. With higher quality pure components, C85 is superior to E85 products.

Can you put 93 octane in a dirt bike? ›

Any fuel type between 87-octane and the 92-octane will work just fine depending on the type of motocross bike you own. If you own a 4 stroke, for example, the 82-octane works just fine, but for a 2-stroke, you should go for the ethanol-free higher octanes (92 and 93) because the lower octanes tend to detonate.

What octane is VP 101? ›

VP] The higher an engine's compression, the more it will require a higher-octane race fuel.
Gasoline Q&A with the Fuel Engineers That Power Engine Masters Challenge.
Specification Sheet
Fuel NameVP101
Specific Gravity0.713 at 60 degrees F
Motor Octane97
11 more rows
Feb 3, 2016

What octane is VP C23? ›

VP Racing fuel C23 120+ octane leaded R+M/2 (5 US gal / 18.9 Litre) Recommended for ultimate performance in nitrous oxide applications with CRs up to 18:1.

What fuel do pro motocross riders use? ›

VP's AMA SX/MX legal unleaded fuel for motocross and supercross, engineered to generate maximum horsepower in 4-stroke applications in conformance with AMA Pro Racing rules. Makes more power than any other AMA-legal fuel on the market!

Can you mix different VP fuels? ›

We do not, but it's easy to make your own by mixing our 2-cycle full synthetic oil with a gallon of VP 4-Cycle Small Engine Fuel. To mix your own 32:1, add 4 oz. of oil to each gallon of fuel.

Is V power gas the best? ›

Not only does Shell V-Power NiTRO+ meet or exceed your engine's minimum octane requirements, but it is also the only grade of Shell gasoline that provides four levels of defense against gunk, corrosion, wear and friction – benefits that can be realized in all gasoline engines.

Should motorcycles use premium gas? ›

Good. Every engine manufacturer specifies a minimum octane rating requirement for fuel. The majority of motorcycle engines, including all current Harley-Davidson engines, require 91 octane or higher (Premium) fuel, thanks to high compression ratios.

Are 4 strokes more fuel efficient? ›

Being more fuel efficient means; In a 4 stroke outboard engine, fuel is consumed once every 4 stokes and hence it burns less fuel, making the 4 stroke engine more efficient and environmentally friendly compared to a 2 stroke engine, as 2 stroke burns fuel and oil mixture.

What does VST stand for Yamaha? ›

Primary on-engine filters should be replaced after every 100 hours of engine operation. Vapor Separator Tank (VST) Filter. Attached to the electric fuel pump in the Vapor Separator Tank (VST).

Is it better to run 93 octane in small engines? ›

Don't Worry About Octane

Small engines have low compression ratios, meaning they won't likely benefit from anything special in the gas like a higher octane rating. Some premium fuels may actually make your equipment harder to start. So save your money and use regular gas.

Should you run premium in small engines? ›

For those wondering “Is premium gas better for small engines?” the answer is most likely no. That's because small engines are not built with high compression ratios. There is no threat of engine knock taking place.

Can too high octane fuel damage an engine? ›

If you keep using lower-octane fuel for a prolonged period, you will have a damaged engine and emission control system. But if you use a higher-octane gas than your car needs, it won't do any harm, nor will it benefit your car.

What fuel gives the most power? ›

The highest energy density fuel is hydrogen, which is also the simplest chemical component in existence. Gasoline, which is derived from refining crude oil, contains much more energy than coal (twice the lower grade bituminous) or wood (three times).

Does premium gas give better performance? ›

So is Higher Octane Fuel More Efficient? In a word, no. On its own paying for premium gasoline does not make your car run better or get greater gas mileage. Giving your car the fuel it requires to run smoothly and efficiently, without damage to the engine, does make a difference in your fuel mileage.

Is VP C12 leaded or unleaded? ›

VP Racing C12 is a leaded race fuel and the best all round fuel they have ever made. Suitable for engines up to 15:1 compression ratio C12 is ideal for the vast majority of race engines.

What is VP M5? ›

Details. M5 is simply the best performing methanol on the market. With its upgraded combustion additives, M5 will make more power than standard methanol, while offering the same or better protection against detonation.

Is C16 corrosive? ›

DDAC and C12-C16 ADBAC are irritating/corrosive to skin at high concentrations, and are acutely toxic via the oral, dermal (C12-C16 ADBAC only), and inhalation exposure routes; however, both DDAC and C12-C16 ADBAC are considered non-volatile and are not readily aerosolized.

What is the difference between X85 and C85 in VP Racing? ›

What's the difference you ask between C85 & X85 blends? C85 will make more power than X85, and any other E85 blend in the market. In saying that, C85 requires you to retune your engine to suit the fuel. You'll also need to make sure your injectors can handle a 10% fuel increase, and are compatible with MTBE.

Is E85 better then 93 octane? ›

Regular gas is the lowest octane fuel, which means it is the least stable. You can find out more about octane ratings and how it affects your car here. E85 has higher octane than regular gasoline. This means that E85 is a lot better for your car's engine than regular gasoline.

What is VP X98 fuel? ›

VP Race Fuels X98 is designed and blended with the highest fuel-grade ethanol for straight ethanol applications. X98 Offers best in class performance in a wide variety of applications including turbocharged. Why purchase VP fuel in sealed pails? VP Race Fuels all come in specially sealed containers.

What is 109 octane VP? ›

MS109 is an unleaded, highly oxygenated fuel that produces more power than any other unleaded fuel – up to 5% more than premium unleaded. Recommended for applications with up to 25 lbs of boost and naturally aspirated engines with compression ratios up to 13:1.

How long does VP Racing fuel last? ›

According to VP fuels website: “The length of time the fuel will stay fresh in a sealed drum depends on the fuel itself. A non-oxygenated fuel such as C12 should be used within a couple years. I personally have tested some that was eight years old and was fine.

Is VP Racing Fuel worth it? ›

Not only does VP Racing Fuel offer better energy value, but it also offers improved vaporization. The higher oxygenation of the fuel ensures the fuel intakes more air. The air combined with the heat from the engine increases fuel burning and improves vaporization.

Does oxygenated fuel make more power? ›

Ethanol may boost a fuel's octane rating, but results in a fuel with less energy than a pure gasoline, which has a higher calorific content. Oxygenated fuel means burning more fuel to get more power which, in turn, means less mileage from a tank of fuel.

How long does VP m1 methanol last? ›

Methanol vials should not be stored for longer than 3 months. If the storage environment is potentially compromised, storage time should be less than 3 months.

What octane is VP C14? ›

VP Racing fuel C14 116.5 octane leaded R+M/2 (5 US gal / 18. Recommended for naturally aspirated engines operating at over 8000 RPMs with CRs of 14:1 and higher.

Is VP 100 octane unleaded? ›

Product Description. MOTORSPORT 100 is a VP 100 octane fuel. We design it as a professional-grade, unleaded blend for all forms of motorsports. Moreover, it's a spec fuel for IMSA sports car racing in North America.

What is VP M1? ›

VP M1 Racing Methanol Fuel has a 99.95% minimum purity. It's the highest purity you'll find in the United States. M1 helps your engine run cooler compared to standard methanol blends. Your engine will also be subject to less corrosion compared to standard methanol blends. We package M1 in lined drums.

How do I get more power out of my 4 stroke dirt bike? ›

8 Ways To Improve Dirt Bike Horsepower And Performance
  1. Start With the Basics. Remember, to take advantage of your machine, you need to care for it. ...
  2. Use a Better Fuel. ...
  3. Help it Breathe. ...
  4. Upgrade Your Factory Clutch. ...
  5. Increase the Flow Rate. ...
  6. Open the Valves. ...
  7. Improve Compression. ...
  8. Upgrade the Exhaust.
Apr 28, 2021

Is V Power fuel good for motorcycle? ›

Shell V-Power is our best performance fuel for your bike. This hi-octane fuel keeps your motorbike powerful and improves acceleration. Friction modifier helps to maintain your bike engine from wear (and tear). Shell V-Power protects (critical parts) of your bike engine, helping it to run smoothly and efficiently.

How many hours does a 4 stroke dirt bike engine last? ›

Models intended for dirt bike competitions tend to require rebuilding faster than regular ones. That's because motocross racers are more aggressive in their maneuvers, given that this is a typical demand in the competition. For example, a four-stroke top end has to be rebuilt once it marks 25 to 30 hours.

What happens if you put too much oil in 4 stroke dirt bike? ›

Related: MC Garage: Motorcycle Maintenance Tips And Tricks

While it's not likely to do any major harm, oil in your airbox can saturate your air filter, causing a loss of power, and get sucked into the combustion chamber, causing a smoky exhaust and eventually a fouled spark plug.

How good is VP fuel? ›

Not only does VP Racing Fuel offer better energy value, but it also offers improved vaporization. The higher oxygenation of the fuel ensures the fuel intakes more air. The air combined with the heat from the engine increases fuel burning and improves vaporization.

Should I run 93 octane in my motorcycle? ›

Every engine manufacturer specifies a minimum octane rating requirement for fuel. The majority of motorcycle engines, including all current Harley-Davidson engines, require 91 octane or higher (Premium) fuel, thanks to high compression ratios.

What grade is Shell V-Power? ›

With an octane rating of 99 RON, Shell V-Power is designed to provide more power and improved responsiveness in many modern cars.

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