PhD in One Year | Single Sitting PhD Degree | PhD in One Sitting Degree | PhD, Degree in One Year (2024)

Complete Your Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in One Year & Save your Gap Years.

Now Save your Gap Years & Get Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree in One Year through fast track mode in India. Now those Students can save their time of 2 or 3 Years who have discontinued their study after 12th or Graduation. Candidates can complete their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in One Year through One sitting Degree.

We (APEX) offer Graduation & Post Graduation program through University which approved by UGC using credit transfer method. This option can be utilize by students who have failed or discontinued from any other university, approved by UGC.

Eligibility Criteria of Degree in One Year :-

If a student looking for admission into a course of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in One Year must have passed the Senior Secondary School examination or Graduation Degree conducted by a Recognized Board/University or any other examination recognized as equivalent thereto, as per the standard / eligibility criteria laid down by the Institute/University.

Area of Specialization of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in One Year

♦ PhD in Education ♦ PhD in Hindi
♦ PhD in English ♦ PhD in Botany
♦ PhD in Chemistry ♦ PhD in Physics
♦ PhD in BioTech ♦ PhD in Yoga
♦ PhD in Bioinformatics ♦ PhD in Microbiology
♦ PhD in Agriculture ♦ PhD in Agronomy
♦ PhD in Horticulture ♦ PhD in Social Work
♦ PhD in Computer Science ♦ PhD in Drawing & Painting
♦ PhD in Commerce ♦ PhD in Management
♦ PhD in Finance ♦ PhD in Economics
♦ PhD in Hotel Management ♦ PhD in Travel & Tourism Management
♦ PhD in Marketing Management ♦ PhD in Hospital Management
♦ PhD in Political Science ♦ PhD in Environmental Sciences
♦ PhD in Life Science ♦ PhD in Public Health
♦ PhD in History ♦ PhD in Fine Arts
♦ PhD in Mathematics ♦ PhD in Statistics
♦ PhD in Public Administration ♦ PhD in Home Science
♦ PhD in Library & Information Science ♦ PhD in Social Science
♦ PhD in Geography ♦ PhD in Geology
♦ PhD in Zoology ♦ PhD in Journalism And Mass Communication
♦ PhD in Computer Application ♦ PhD in Rural Development
♦ PhD in Foods & Nutrition ♦ PhD in English Literature
♦ PhD in Sanskrit ♦ PhD in Psychology
♦ PhD in Music ♦ PhD in Sociology
♦ PhD in Computer Science Engineering ♦ PhD in Electronics & Communication Engineering
♦ PhD in Civil Engineering ♦ PhD in Fire & Industrial Engineering
♦ PhD in Automobile Engineering ♦ PhD in Mechanical Engineering
♦ PhD in Fashion Technology ♦ PhD in Marathi
♦ PhD in Biochemistry ♦ PhD in Urdu
♦ PhD in Human Resource ♦ PhD in Philosophy

Objective :-

A directly enrolled student will be awarded Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Degree after successful completion of the course. After completing this course a candidate can get the jobs in any government as well as private sector.

Good News for Students, Private & Govt. Employee, Golden chance for those who have discontinued or failed during their Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) can now complete their PhD in One Year which will help for their Promotions, Employment & Higher Studies.

Need of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in One Year :-

1. This course helps those candidates who discontinued or failed their studies after 10+2 (12th) or Graduation. Now they can complete Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in one year if they have gap years.
2. Students can do Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in one year who failed in 1st Year, 2nd year or 3rd year of Degree.
3. Students can also do migration from any UGC recognized University through Lateral Entry.
4. Students who got Govt. job in their early age can also do Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in one year degree Program and get Single Sitting PhD Degree.

Advantages of Degree in One Year :-

♦ UGC, DEC, AICTE, MHRD & Government Approved University.
♦ Easy Syllabus, Free Study Material, Low Fees.
♦ 100% Results approved for all EPhDssies & Strong Placement Cell.
♦ Third Party & Physical Documents Verification.

Frequently Ask Questions :-
How You Can get instant Degree to complete Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in One Year or PhD in One Sitting?

Example: A students who wants to complete his PhD in one year and passed 12th Class in year 2009 and now wants to continue his education from recognized University and through Lateral Entry he can complete his Master Degree in one year. Students have to give all three years exam this year to get instant Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)., or whatever the course would be.

Students have to submit his last Qualification’s Mark sheet and Certificates and registered from anywhere in India through APEX, as APEX offers one year education from recognized University.

After getting mark sheet, Students can also verify their registration details Online in the University Website.

What other courses can do through fast track mode?

You can do following courses through fast track mode:
PhD in One Year (single sitting), B.Com, M.Com in one year, PhD, PhD in one Year, B.Tech, M.Tech in one year, Diploma Engineering in single sitting, PhD, BCA, MCA in one year, etc.. and Many More Other Course Available.

What is One Sitting Degree?

Who have discontinued the I & II year (even fail or pass) of the courses from the colleges of this University or from any other university are considered for admissions respectively to the II & III year in University. The courses in the same of some other branch or other faculty. This exemption is subject to the conditions that they have to appear for the examinations conducted by the University and have to pass all the subject of the entire course. They have to pay the fee for the whole course.

For any other course inquiry feel free to call our Career Advisor and We will help you to guide in your Career.
Admission Helpline: 8448480141

PhD in One Year

Single Sitting PhD Degree

Fast Track PhD

PhD Degree One Sitting

Single Sitting PhD Degree

PhD in One Sitting

Fast Track PhD Degree

One year PhD programs in India

One year PhD in Delhi

One year PhD in India

PhD in One Year | Single Sitting PhD Degree | PhD in One Sitting Degree | PhD, Degree in One Year (2024)


Is it possible to get a PhD in 1 year? ›

Experts in the field can complete a PhD in a year.

It may be a new understanding, methodology, actual practice or something that others have not thought about before–an almost impossible find in academia. These are only some of the qualities needed. Many more will be called for.

Has anyone completed a PhD in one year? ›

A select group of students complete their PhDs in two years, while a tiny number of elite students can get it done in 12 months. It's hard to overstate how rare and impressive this is, but it is always a possibility. The key to a fast-track PhD is building up a strong academic CV before you even start.

What is an ethereal doctorate? ›

The courses taught in our Ethereal Doctorate Degree program include Psychotherapy, Grief Counseling, Treating Complicated Grief, Ethical Issues in Grief Therapy, Treatment Planning in Grief Therapy, Trauma and Loss, Terminally Ill, Grief Counseling Groups and so much more.

What is the easiest PhD to get? ›

10 Easiest Ph. D. Degrees
  • Ph. D. in Theology.
  • Ph. D. in Business Administration.
  • Ph. D. in Psychology.
  • Ph. D. in Literature.
  • Ph. D. in Criminal Justice.
  • Ph. D. in Public Policy.
  • Ph. D. in History.
  • Ph. D. in Sociology.

What is the difference between a doctorate and a PhD? ›

One of the main differences is that a PhD is typically an academic degree, while a doctorate can be either academic or professional. Additionally, a PhD is highly theoretical and research-focused, while a professional doctorate is practical and geared toward applying research to specific professional settings.

Is 30 too old to finish PhD? ›

That being said, it is important to consider how much time you will need to dedicate to your studies, as well as other commitments such as work and family. If you feel like you can manage both, then 30 and above is absolutely not too old for a PhD!

What's the fastest you can finish a PhD? ›

Typical PhD & Doctorate Timeline

Some candidates can fast-track and finish in as few as two or three years, but many take up to six years or more. Factors to keep in mind include field of study, residency components, and whether a dissertation is required.

What is the shortest time to complete a PhD? ›

Q: What is the shortest time to complete a PhD? A: While it varies by field and institution, some accelerated programs can be completed in three years or less, particularly if you already have a master's degree in a related field.

Can I do a PhD without a Masters? ›

There was no real need to successfully gain a Master's degree before embarking on this mammoth task of empirical research. Whilst some undergraduate degrees still lead to a Master's qualification, and many people still complete Master degrees, it is possible to do a PhD without a Masters degree.

Is a PhD more prestigious than a doctorate? ›

No, a PhD is not a higher degree than a professional doctorate. If you're wondering what's better than a PhD, both PhDs and professional doctorates are the highest level of college education that can be earned. Both degrees are doctoral degrees.

What is more advanced than a PhD? ›

Doctorate degrees are the highest level of education you can achieve in many countries. However, there are some countries that have qualifications considered higher than a PhD such as professional degrees, habilitation degrees, doctor of science and doctor of technology.

Can you call yourself Dr with an honorary doctorate? ›

Recipients of an honorary doctorate do not normally adopt the title of “doctor.” In many countries, including the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and the United States, it is not usual for an honorary doctor to use the formal title of “doctor,” regardless of the background circ*mstances for the award.

What PhD does not require a dissertation? ›

Liberal Arts- A doctorate in liberal arts without a dissertation is also offered; it takes 18 months to complete. Schools that want their students to learn more in-depth information about specific subjects of study may give the degree, which may go by the designation of Doctor of Philosophy in Arts and Sciences.

Is it harder to get a PhD without a Masters? ›

Disadvantages of Applying to a PhD without A Masters

Not having a Master's degree may prove to be a hindrance during your application process. This is because many other students will also apply to the same research projects, and it's likely that the majority will hold a Masters.

Is a PhD more difficult than a Masters? ›

However, generally speaking, many find PhDs harder due to the time and effort required in addition to the research focus in place of the emphasis on coursework. The prospect of undertaking a three to four-year commitment (or six to seven years if you are studying part-time) can also take its toll on doctoral students.

What is the shortest time to get a PhD? ›

While many PhD programs are designed to be finished in four or five years, the average completion time is much longer when you factor in the time it takes to research and write a dissertation. In 2020, for example, doctoral students took between six and twelve years to complete their PhDs [1].

What is the shortest PhD? ›

One-Year Online Doctoral Programs
  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Counselor Education and Supervision. ...
  2. Doctorate in Behavioral Health. ...
  3. Doctor of Nursing Practice. ...
  4. Doctor of Occupational Therapy. ...
  5. Transitional Doctor of Physical Therapy. ...
  6. Doctorate Ethereal Degree in Grief Counseling.

Is 25 too old to start PhD? ›

It is never too late to pursue a PhD. Average of PhD student data is only what it is: data! You have the room to be different! Many students take time off between their undergraduate and graduate studies or wait until after they have been in the workforce for some years before pursuing a doctoral degree.

What is fast track PhD? ›

Fast-tracking (direct admission to a PhD program from an undergraduate degree or transferring from a master's degree) is becoming more and more popular.

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