Zelda: BOTW's Best Glitches Players Have Discovered So Far (2024)

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is a game full of secrets, puzzles, dangerous adventures, and countless glitches. Not long after the launch of BOTW, players began discovering these glitches, and some help players beat the game, while othersglitch horses through the groundand are more silly than useful. Players continue to discover new secrets that break the mechanics ofBOTWfor a unique gaming experience.

Performing the best BOTW glitches in the game will take some practice and an adept understanding of the controls. The glitches range from quick and easy, to incredibly complex, like the method used for obtainingBreath of the Wild's impossible chest. However, like that particular chest, the reward for performing the glitches is occasionally very underwhelming. Still, many of them are at least fun, soplayers may want to try them out.

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A lot of BOTW glitchesare worth exploring for players looking to experience the game in different (sometimes more difficult) ways. From obtaining the Master Sword with only three hearts to defeating Windblight Ganon with a single arrow, Breath of the Wildplayers have continuously found new ways to enhance the game.With over one hundred known glitches, it can be hard to determine which ones are best and worth trying, but there are a few that stand out among the rest.

Best BOTW Glitch - Whistle Sprinting

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Whistle sprinting is one of the easiest glitches to perform inBreath of the Wild. Discovered early on when the game first launched, whistle sprinting allows Link to run continuously while actually regaining stamina. To use this glitch, players need to hold down the whistle button, mash run, and use the analog stick to control direction.Although it is slightly slower than traditional running, thisglitch is still especially useful for speedrunning or just getting around quickly without a horse.

Best BOTW Glitch - Bullet-Time Bounce

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Exploring Breath of the Wild can be a daunting feat, but players can quickly get across Hyrule with the bullet time bounce glitch. This BOTW glitch requires a shield, a bow, an enemy nearby, and a ledge. Using this technique can get Link to previously unexplored or hard-to-reach places. It can also help players reach Hyrule Castle without having to fight or sneak around the Guardians lurking outside. Players will need to position Link above an enemy, then target it, shield surf, and enter bullet time. Players can land on the enemy, then cancel bullet time to send Link flying through the air.

Best BOTW Glitch- Infinite Arrows

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This trickwill only work at the Kara Kara Bazaar. Along with fighting enemies, arrows are needed for certain shrine puzzles in Breath of the Wild. To duplicate arrows, players need to locate the cooking pot that's next to the banana and melon seller. Using a multi-shot bow, Link aims at the rim of the cooking pot, shoots it, then quickly picks up all the arrows that drop. This glitchrequires players to havea multi-shot bow andwill only produce arrows at that specific cooking pot.

Best BOTW Glitch - One-ShotBoss Battles

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Boss battles can be extremely difficult inBreath of the Wild, especially in Master Quest mode. Luckily, there's a technique that players can use to kill bosses like Calamity Ganon or Windblight Ganon with just one arrow. Just before entering a boss' arena, players should stop at the edge and take out a bow.

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They'll need to aimat the spot where the boss spawns in, fire a few arrows there, then quickly run in to trigger the cutscene. If aimed correctly, the arrow will get stuck in the boss and continuously do damage as the short cutscene plays out. The boss will either instantly die or (occasionally) be very close to death as soon as the fight starts.

Best BOTW Glitch - Master Sword Campfire

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Players can claim theMaster Sword right away with this BOTW glitch. Even when Link has only three hearts, this bizarre trick allows players to snatch the Master Sword early. All that's needed is a bundle of wood and either fire arrows, a fire weapon, or a metal weaponwith some flint to light the campfire. Players will need to travel to the Korok Forest in BOTW, where the Master Sword is located, then place the wood directly next to the sword. Once it's lit, Link should stand in between the fire and the sword. If players interact with the fire to wait until morning, and angle Link's view upwards so he's staring at the trees above and mash the interact button, they'll will be able to claim the sword as morning arrives.

Best BOTW Glitch - Flying Machine

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Using Magnesis in BOTW, Link can traverse Hyrule in a makeshift flying machine. Players will need to find a minecart and another piece of metal to put on top of it. Link needs to climb onto the second metal object (a box works very well), then use Magnesis to lift the minecart. Having the metal object in between Link and his target will cause him to fly upwards with both objects, then players can use Magnesis to control the direction. While this isn't the fastest or most efficient way to get around, it can make it easier for Link to get out of low areas without relying on a lot of stamina or glitches that may be harder to perform.

Best BOTW Glitch - Cancel Fall Damage

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Canceling fall damage can help players stay alive in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild before they have the paraglider. While it is not as useful after receiving the paraglider, it can be beneficial for players that choose to skip the Great Plateau altogether. This trick is very easy to perform: as Link is falling, use the throw equipment button, and just before he hits the ground, quickly switch off of that weapon. It doesn't matter whatLink switches to. As long as the weapon that was being thrown is no longer equipped, then Link won't take any fall damage.

Best BOTW Glitch - Bow Spin

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Bow spinning can lead to great combat techniques and tricks, including permanently freezing enemies, or quickly dealing a massive amount of elemental damage. While originally used withregular weapons, it's been found that the best use of this BOTW glitch comes with an elemental weapon such as the Thunderblade. Players can equip the weapon, enter a spin, then quickly aim the bow just before Link hits his enemy. This glitch is used to perform freeze or lightning chaining without losing weapon durability in Breath of the Wild.

Best BOTW Glitch - Shield Clipping

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One of the most useful BOTW glitches for speedrunning is shield clipping. This technique has been used as a time saver to do things like skip trials or warp into deactivated shrines. After finding any angled surface, players just need to equip a shield and start a shield surf, hit into the wall, then unequip the shield just as Link falls back.

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The game will saveLink's skewed position allowing him to clip through walls the next time he shield surfs. This glitch can be used pretty much anywhere to get into hard-to-reach or previously unreachable areas.

Best BOTW Glitch - DuplicateHearts

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Duplicating hearts is a bit complicated, but the reward is worth it. Players should have some extra Rupees on hand before attempting this.This BOTW glitch willonly duplicate the hearts that players sell to theHorned Shrine, so it's easier to do all at once with as many hearts as possible. Sell the hearts to the statue, thensave the game and buy them backfor a slightly higher price. Go into the nearby shrine and with the apparatus and ready the Camera Rune. Hold ZL, then press L and click in the left stick at the same time. Delete the picture it takes, pause the game as the camera zooms out, and hold an item (it doesn't matter which). Pause and unpause again, then go to view a memory,and itshouldn't work. This is the indication that the glitch was successful. Upon loading the save file from earlier, Link will still have all of his hearts, but he can also buy back theones sold to the Horned Statue. This glitch is one of the more tedious ones, but it gives players the ability to fill their hearts without finding every shrine.

Glitches have been a large part of The Legend ofZelda: Breath of the Wild since its launch, and players are constantly discovering new ones. Some of them can be extremely useful or add a new way to play the game. Glitches range from a simple combination of buttons to performing difficult, frame-perfect moves. With a large, open game like this one, the potential for glitchesin BOTWis nearly limitless.

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Zelda: BOTW's Best Glitches Players Have Discovered So Far (2024)
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