Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (2022)

June 02, 2017 by Daniel Grant

Thanks to my amazing wife, Pauline, I actually got to see Hamilton in Chicago. However, I feel like everyone is listening to this soundtrack even if they're not planning on seeing the show anytime soon. It's time for me to finally share my list of the 25 best songs on the 46 song soundtrack.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (1)

Sorry King, but while Pauline loves your songs and when you preform them in the show and show up in other fun spots, you didn't make the cut on this list. That doesn't mean you're not a dope character, I just like 25 songs more. If you want to hear these songs, I link to them in Spotify. They're also streaming on Apple Music and you can definitely support this great musical and pay for them.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (2)

"Blow Us All Away" (Philip/Hamilton/Eacker/Dolly/Martha/Company)

Favourite Part:
I like how this song re-works songs like "My Shot" and "Dear Theodosia" but most importantly I love the interactions between George Eacker and Philip Hamilton. The strings are quite pleasing to listen to I might add.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (3)

"Stay Alive" (Hamilton/Washington/Laurens/Lafayette/Mulligan/Eliza/Angelica/Lee/Company)

Favourite Part:
When Washington and Hamilton agree on the best way to move forward so they can win the war and they talk about flying a lot of flags half mast I get chills. It's just a dope notion and great delivery. Plus I have taken to randomly blurting out "I'm a general! Weeee!" Overall I like that Hamilton wants to stick up for Washington and his friends are there to help him make that happen.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (4)

"Farmer Refuted" (Samuel Seabury/Hamilton/Mulligan/Burr)

Favourite Part:
I wasn't the biggest fan of this song before I saw it live. Witnessing how it's actually staged (not pictured above) is really fun. Plus Seabury is such an easy character to want to see be embarrassed. What the staging brought out visually was the way Hamilton weaves in and out of the Seabury parts musically and that's amazing to listen to every time! It's an example of Alexander actually having fun which doesn't happen much.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (5)

(Video) Hamilton cast performs "Alexander Hamilton" at White House

"What'd I Miss" (Jefferson/Burr/Madison/Washington/Hamilton/Company)

Favourite Part:
This song also had to grow on me. But it's such a smart song. Introducing Thomas Jefferson as some guy who's happy to be around even though he hasn't caught up with the times. Did you clock that he's doing like a bluesy/jazzy almost gospel joint while everyone else has been spitting straight bars for a whole act? Beyond how the song plays into the narrative and reveals character traits I'm a big fan of the "Thomas Jefferson's coming home" musical theme especially when George Washington has to sing it and Hamilton interrupts with his theme.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (6)

"Burn" (Eliza)

Favourite Part:
If I'm being honest this song is probably so low on the list because of how bad it makes me feel. People have talked about how Hamilton made selfish decisions all throughout the show but having Eliza actually get into how those choices affected her really brings it home. It's just her singing. There's no hype chorus with a bunch of other people chiming in. The upside? It's Eliza actually showing something other than adoration. She isn't as "Helpless" as we initially thought. Plus the line about not letting the world know what she said and burning letters that could have redeemed Hamilton is HARD, bruh! Go ahead, Eliza!

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (7)

-"We Know" (Hamilton/Burr/Jefferson/Madison)

Favourite Part:
The trio of Jefferson, Madison, and Burr go from threat to bumbling idiots and back to threat in all of 2 minutes. They come in thinking Hamilton they can prove Hamilton has been stealing from the country only to end up lucking into hearing about Alexander's cheating ways. Jefferson's reactions to the truth are priceless. "WHAAAT?!" "My God!" But once they're on their way out Burr reminds Hamilton that the rumours will still undo him politically.Plus I really like the piano/string loop throughout the song.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (8)

"Washington on your Side" (Burr/Jefferson/Madison)

Favourite Part:
If your'e listening to the Broadway recording then you know that Daveed Diggs knows how to spit. Regardless of what his appearance on Kimmy Schmidt might have you believe. This song is just another example of Diggs being able to fit as many syllables in a bar as humanly possible. Okieriete Onaodowan as Madison doesn't do too poorly either with the flow on this song. Leslie Odom Jr. as Burr is a problem, tho. Throughout the show he proves he can spit and has an amazing voice so his opening "It must be nice" solo is a welcome addition.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (9)

"Ten Duel Commandments" (Laurens/Hamilton/Lee/Burr/Company)

Favourite Part:
Yes Lin did do a version of the first Biggie song I ever loved because WBLK in Buffalo used the "Ten Crack Commandments" instrumental when the DJs were talking. Trust me, this was an excellent way to teach people how to go through with a duel while setting up a theme that comes back around two more times. The best part of the song is when the beat all but drops out and Hamilton and Burr as seconds realize that there will be no peace, "Ok so we're doing this!" rhymed with "inexperienced and ruinous" is dope!

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (10)

"The World Was Wide Enough" (Burr/Hamilton/Company)

Favourite Part:
The Duel Commandments are back, however we get them filtered through the last moments of Hamilton's life (spoiler alert! Alexander Hamilton... and every character in this play has died... just in case you missed History Class and this commercial). Then we get into some deep moments like Hamilton describing what a legacy is and Leslie Odom Jr.'s amazing voice singing about how Burr felt after shooting Hamilton.

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Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (11)

"Your Obedient Servant" (Burr/Hamilton/Community)

Favourite Part:
By the time this song shows up you're used to Burr playfully ribbing Hamilton before he introduces a new plot point. However, the gloves are off on this song and I love it. Burr is not joking around on this song. He means every word of what he is saying in the intro and he goes on to sing about why. Hamilton refusing to just say sorry is kinda cool the first time you hear the song then ultimately tragic. However, I have to respect both characters for not backing down and being honest with each other. Plus the scratch game on this song is aces and I immediately dug the "obedient servant" breakdowns.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (12)

"Satisfied" (Angelica/Eliza/Hamilton/Laurens/Company)

Favourite Part:
Another character who demands an actor who can spit is Angelica. Angelica is like a Rap Goddess when she finally gets to spitting on this track. If you do get a chance to see this show live you'll be taken aback at how they stage the "rewind" aspect of this song. Also, try not singing along to the "to the groom/to the bride" call and response by the end of the song. It's a catchy song that has it all!

"The Story of Tonight (Reprise)" (Laurens/Lafayette/Mulligan/Hamilton/Burr)

Favourite Part:
It's all about the harmonies on this track. It's another moment of levity for Hamilton... what with him just getting hitched and all of his friends and Burr are out to celebrate. The back and forth between Burr and Hamilton about going after what you want in life is great and is very easy on the ears.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (14)

"Hurricane" (Hamilton & Company)

Favourite Part:
There is something about this song and how it starts. Possibly the chords played on the piano. That make this song seem immediately important. I thoroughly appreciate the harp, and what I assume is a cello as well. It's so well done musically that you could be forgiven for forgetting that Hamilton is rationalizing embarrassing his wife in front of everyone and ruining his political career. The song seems inspirational but he's running off a false premise that volunteering a whole bunch of information that also throws other people under the bus is better than people thinking he was involved in speculation.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (15)

"Say No To This" (Hamilton/Maria Reynolds/James Reynolds/Burr/Company)

Favourite Part:
Man did this song ever bother me in the beginning. For some reason I thought it was only ok for Hamilton to cheat on his wife if he was going to cheat with his wife's sister. Yeah that's the work this show has done on my head. Let me just state cheating is the worse even if you're cheating with someone the audience feels is your soulmate! Story lines not withstanding, the Maria Reynolds part is amazing. The moment Maria belts out "You can STAAAAAAAY" will separate weak from the strong vocal performers. On the soundtrack Jasmine Cephas Jones,This is Us and Luke Cage's Ron Cephas Jones' daughter, kills the whole performance. When I saw the show in Chicago the actress (pictured above) did just as well so... so far so good!

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (16)

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"The Reynolds Pamphlet" (Hamilton/Jefferson/Madison/Burr/Angelica/Company)

Favourite Part:
If you're looking to turn up during this show, this is the song to do it to. Yes it's bad news for Alexander Hamilton fans, but music fans the world over can rejoice with the catchy "Never gonna be President now!" hook. Unfortunately, Lin jumped out the window and sang this hook while pointing at a picture of President Trump on SNL. Other than that though it sounds like the closest to modern hip hop (for better or worse) and it's infectious. I dig it! I also love the reintroduction of "Satisfied" as a negative thing by Angelica.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (17)

"Dear Theodosia" (Burr & Hamilton)

Favourite Part:
All about Burr's strong vocal performance in the beginning. I'm not the biggest fan of Lin Manuel's singing voice so when I saw this show in Chicago it was nice to hear someone with a better singing voice do the Hamilton solo part. However, when these two sing together that's when the song really takes off and becomes something special! I should also point out, this song reveals a lot about Burr. Even in "The World was Wide Enough" Burr talks about his daughter. Hamilton on the other hand is already abandoning his son by the beginning of the second act during "Take a Break".

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (18)

"Aaron Burr, Sir" (Hamilton/Burr/Laurens/Lafayette/Mulligan)

Favourite Part:
The moment you hear "bursar" rhymed with "Burr, sir" you know you're in for a good time. Burr's theme is such a strong one and anytime he gets to bring back "Burr, sir" I'm all in! This song is the first time he does it and it's definitely a turning point. I'll get hate for not having the first song of the show on here, but to me "Aaron Burr, Sir" is the Rosetta Stone of the show. So much gets introduced musically and you get an amazing introduction to John Laurens, Marquis de Lafayette, and Hercules Mulligan. It's like they're banging on the lunch table during a cypher! Come on man! This song truly earns the whole "have you heard that hip hop musical" hype!

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (19)

"Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)" (Hamilton/Lafayette/Laurens/Mulligan/Washington/Company)

Favourite Part:
So many classic lines in this song, but the one pictured above is the biggest fist in the air moment to be sure. Much like during the war, this song's secret weapon is "HERCULES MULLIGAN!" during the show and just on the track, he comes out of nowhere to shut things down with a ferocious verse. Seriously, no one really spits after him, it's all singing from that point on. The one sad part about the song is that Hamilton and Lafayette talk about when they'll meet again, but they're never together again in the show.

"Right Hand Man" (Washington/Hamilton/Burr/Laurens/Lafayette/Mulligan/Company)

Favourite Part:
This was the first song I heard off of the soundtrack thanks to Wexford (REPRESENT)! I've gotta say that this is probably why it's so high up on this song. In this song's placement defence: this song features some dexterous spitting by Washington once he asks if he can be "real a second." My favourite part, though, is when Hamilton offers his services to Washington and bigs up his friends, Laurens, Lafayette,and Mulligan! Washington describing some of the battles is pretty dope too to say nothing of his dimissal of Burr once Hamilton shows up, sir!

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (21)

"Non-Stop" (Hamilton/Burr/Eliza/Angelica/Washington/Company)

Favourite Part:
Here come the Caribbean vibes for the show (even though they are simmering under the surface of "Aaron Burr, Sir"... see what I mean about the Rosetta Stone?) I can't help but join in with this song. The truth behind why I love this song so much is because it does what every great musical I can think of does and brings back big songs and mixes them all together. Most themes introduced before this song return and all intersect during an already great song. I gotta say though, with all the praise I've already given this song, it really comes down to the moment Burr tells everyone "HAMILTON WROTE THE OTHER 51!" Even the guy who ends up killing him has to brag about Hamilton during a song where he puzzles over why Alexander is so "Non-Stop."

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Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (22)

"The Schuyler Sisters" (Angelica/Eliza/Peggy/Burr/Company)

Favourite Part:
This was the first song that made me think... ok I can't wait till I see this show. I gotta just listen to this soundtrack. Burr spits a nice verse at the beginning, but it's the vocal performances by all three sisters that's obviously why this song works so well. The whole "History is happening in Manhattan and we just happen to be..." run is all sorts of dope. And no one will forget Angelica, Eliza... or Peggy's names after this song is through. WORK!

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (23)

#4- "Wait for it" (Burr & Company)

Favourite Part:
That's not the Diwali Riddim it's only Aaron Burr sharing his soul with us! While people are no doubt realizing "Room Where it Happens" isn't going to show up on this list, I have to say it's because that song only works for me because of what happens during the live performance. For my money, "Wait for It" is the be all and end all in terms of Burr songs. I love the way the company joins in on the chorus, but it's all about Burr's vocals and passion throughout the whole song. He is rationalizing his relationship with a married woman and the fact that he doesn't go after what he wants in other arenas like Hamilton. It's the song that does the best at humanizing him and I really do dig the beat.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (24)

"Guns and Ships" (Lafayette/Burr/Washington/Company)

Favourite Part:
Bruh! Guns and Ships has Diggs doing Twista-esque spitting but with a french accent. Lafayette is in charge and he's still going to bat for his boy, Hamilton. Washington and Lafayette bringing back the "Right Hand Man" theme is super duper dope but hearing the company sing out Lafayette during his verses is simply the best. This song used to be higher up but I just can't get with the Washington singing at the end of the song.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (25)

"My Shot" (Hamilton/Laurens/Lafayette/Mulligan/Burr/Company)

Favourite Part:
What can I say about "My Shot?" I mean it's definitely the test to see if anyone else can replace Lin. You gotta spit like your life depends on it during this song. If you want to talk inspirational, this is the song! The way Hamilton delivers "I am not throwing away my shot" always makes me wonder how I can make the best use of the shots I've been given in life. Another cool thing about this song is that it's sung while Hamilton is 19. As he gets older he tells his son to throw away his shot and Hamilton himself throws away his shot at the end of the show. If only he'd stuck to the theme of this song.

Top 25 Hamilton Songs — TDF Everything (26)

"Cabinet Battle #1" (Jefferson/Hamilton/Washington/Madison)

Favourite Part:
As someone who owns every single Beef DVD even though some could argue the 1st one was the only good one, it should come as no surprise that this is my favourite song. I love when people go back and forth with disses and I especially love battle raps! BRING BACK FREESTYLE FRIDAYS & THE BASEMENT BET! The fact that these battles are over the American banking system is amazing. Next to the banging on the lunch table during the cypher this is probably the most hip hop the show gets and it's amazing! I always go back and forth as to who won. Hamilton finishes solid and gets the coveted going acapella section. However, considering Jefferson was doing a blues song in the number before, I'd say he got up to speed pretty quickly and had the most consistent crowd-pleasers... On the other hand, Hamilton has the "slaver" response... that's ICE COLD, HOMIE! Either way this is an amazing moment in music theatre history.


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What are the top 10 songs in Hamilton? ›

The Fans Have Spoken! The Top 10 Hamilton Songs You Raised A Glass to on the Fourth
  • "You'll Be Back"
  • "Alexander Hamilton"
  • "Non-Stop"
  • "Guns & Ships"
  • "The Room Where It Happens" "The Schuyler Sisters" "Satisfied"
  • "Wait For It"
  • "My Shot" "Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)"
Jul 5, 2016

What is the catchiest Hamilton song? ›

2 Catchiest: "The Room Where It Happens"

If "My Shot" is Hamilton's most beloved track, "The Room Where It Happens" probably falls directly underneath it in terms of popularity.

What is the hardest song to sing in Hamilton? ›

The score of Hamilton, and the song “Burn” in particular, is widely sung and full of unexpected difficulties that are often more demanding than they sound.
Why Is This Song Hard
  1. It Takes a Lot of Control. ...
  2. The Series of D5's. ...
  3. The Sustains and Runs are on a Hard-To-Sing Word.

What is the saddest song in Hamilton? ›

"It's Quiet Uptown" is the eighteenth song from Act 2 of the musical Hamilton, based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, which premiered on Broadway in 2015. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote both the music and lyrics to the song.

What is the most played Hamilton song? ›

The 10 Best Hamilton Songs From The Broadway Play (Ranked By Spotify Listens)
  1. 1 Alexander Hamilton - 194 Million Listens.
  2. 2 My Shot - 167 Million Listens. ...
  3. 3 Satisfied - 166 Million Listens. ...
  4. 4 The Schuyler Sisters - 156 Million. ...
  5. 5 You'll Be Back - 152 Million Listens. ...
  6. 6 Helpless - 142 Million Listens. ...
Jun 11, 2021

Did Lin-Manuel Miranda apologize for Hamilton? ›

"As the writer of the show, I take responsibility and apologize for my part in this moral failure." Miranda also apologized for "not pushing harder and faster for us to speak these self-evident truths under the Hamilton banner which has come to mean so much to so many of you."

Is Hamilton appropriate for school? ›

The PG-13 rating is spot on.

The show feels geared towards older kids (tweens and up), not only for its mature content but also for the complicated ideas and historical frameworks present. It helps if your kid knows a thing or two about the American Revolution and Constitution.

What is the least popular Hamilton song? ›

Hamilton: All 46 Songs In The Musical, Ranked From Worst To Best
  • "You'll Be Back" ...
  • "Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)" ...
  • "Non-Stop" ...
  • "Burn" ...
  • "One Last Time" ...
  • "Wait For It" ...
  • "The Room Where It Happens" Best line: "We want our leaders to save the day/But we don't get a say in what they trade away." ...
  • 1. " Satisfied"
Jul 2, 2022

How many cuss words are in Hamilton? ›

Profanity (14)

Swearing infrequently occurs throughout the musical in 3 songs, including abuses of "Christ" and "Jesus." One of the songs (Yorktown) mutes the use of the 'f' word. There is an implied 'f' word during the song "Say No to This" but is never finished being said.

Did Lin-Manuel Miranda write all the songs for Hamilton? ›

Lin-Manuel wrote the music and lyrics for the show. He also co-wrote a book with Quiara Alegría Hudes that is the complete script and all the song lyrics from the show.

Why are there 46 songs in Hamilton? ›

The album includes 46 songs to convey Hamilton's life, death, and relationships throughout the Revolutionary War and America's founding moments. However, there are actually 47 songs in Hamilton if you include Laurens' Interlude that is played during the actual musical (but not on the cast album).

How old is Lin-Manuel Miranda? ›

How much is Lin-Manuel Miranda? ›

Celebrity Net Worth revealed that Lin-Manuel Miranda is worth around $80 million. That is a big chunk of money for a Broadway star. Yet, we must remember that Miranda is first a composer, a lyricist, and a rapper. The actor had humble beginnings, which started in New York City.

What is the last song in Hamilton? ›

"Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story" is the finale song of the musical Hamilton, based on the life of Alexander Hamilton, which premiered on Broadway in 2015. Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote both the music and lyrics to the song.

What was Alexander Hamilton's famous quote? ›

Those who stand for nothing fall for everything.”

Is Hamilton the greatest musical ever? ›

The show's success has surpassed Miranda's wildest dreams

In 2016, Hamilton was nominated for 16 Tony Awards — a new record — and won 11, including best music. Since then it has won many other top awards, including the 2016 Grammy for best musical theatre album and the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama.

What should I listen to if I like Hamilton? ›

Loved 'Hamilton'? Here's What You Should Watch Or Listen To Next!
  • In The Heights. In The Heights was Miranda's first musical! ...
  • Moana. Moana was a hit Disney movie back in 2016 and no other than Lin-Manuel Miranda wrote the music and songs for this one. ...
  • 21 Chump Street. ...
  • Newsies. ...
  • Les Miserables. ...
  • Six. ...
  • Billy Elliot.
Sep 9, 2020

What is the fastest song in Hamilton? ›

Even more amazing, two of the fastest verses in Hamilton — one in the song “Satisfied” and one in “Guns and Ships” — average at least five words per second.

Who is the best singer in Hamilton? ›

Anthony Ramos (John Laurens/Philip Hamilton)

He nails the precise vocals of the show and is at the center of his emotional moments. But Hamilton doesn't give him enough room to outshine his castmates. Thankfully, the upcoming film adaptation of Miranda's In the Heights puts Ramos firmly in the lead.

Who Sings My shot in Hamilton? ›

My Shot

Why is Hamilton getting Cancelled? ›

A flu outbreak among the play's cast forced the cancellation of two performances on Saturday. Shortly after that announcement, Sunday's scheduled performances were also canceled. But it appears the show will go on.

What did Toni Morrison say about Hamilton? ›

Toni Morrison Hated 'Hamilton' So Much She Funded a Play About Lin-Manuel Miranda. Toni Morrison is said to have hated Hamilton so much that she helped to finance a play called The Haunting of Lin-Manuel Miranda.

Why is Hamilton controversial? ›

The controversy involving Miranda's works has been simmering for months. Viewers took issue with the slave narrative associated with Hamilton upon its Disney+ release. Months ago, the In the Heights film adaptation and Lin-Manuel Miranda faced colorism allegations over its casting.

Can an 8 year old see Hamilton? ›

Hamilton is rated PG-13 for language and suggestive content. Is Hamilton kid friendly? Not for all kids due to language, war, adultery, and death. Disney did remove some things from the original musical to make Hamilton more kid friendly.

Why is Hamilton Rated M? ›

The story does have mature themes, including adultery (there's a steamy number between Hamilton and a mistress) and dangerous rivalry throughout.

Is there an age limit for Hamilton? ›

Is there an age recommendation? Since HAMILTON contains some strong language, the show is recommended for ages 10+. Infants are not allowed in the theater. Children 5 years of age and above are permitted but must have their own ticket.

Is Hamilton the only song? ›

While “Hamilton” is a musical, it's technically more of an opera, since a majority of the show is sung. That might sound semi-boring to some, but the music and songs are so good that you don't even realize there isn't any actual dialogue between songs.

Is Hamilton popular in England? ›

By all accounts, “Hamilton” has been a smash in London, where it has earned 13 nominations at the Olivier Awards (the British equivalent of the Tonys). “That makes it the most nominated show, ever, even over 'Harry Potter' last year,” Treneman said over email.

Who plays Eliza Hamilton? ›

Phillipa Soo, who plays Eliza Schuyler in Hamilton, discusses how Eliza met Alexander Hamilton.

Is be more chill appropriate for 12 year olds? ›

A quick Google search confirmed that this was THE show for tweens and teens and the Be More Chill website suggested it for kids 12 and up.

What songs are clean in Hamilton? ›

Hamilton (Clean Songs)
  • Guns and ShipsLeslie Odom Jr., Daveed Diggs, Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton.
  • The Story of TonightLin-Manuel Miranda, Okieriete Onaodowan,
  • The Schuyler SistersRenée Elise Goldsberry, Phillipa Soo, Jasmine Cephas-Jones.

What age is dear Evan Hansen appropriate for? ›

However, this story should be read by mature 14 year olds, maybe 13 and up. There are a couple of innuendos, a lot of references to drugs and smoking, and a lot of cursing.

What is Lin-Manuel Miranda favorite song? ›

When asked on social media about his favorite Hamilton song, Miranda named “Satisfied” as one of his best hits. “'Satisfied,'” the songwriter tweeted in 2020. “I'll never top it, as long as I live.

Is Lin-Manuel Miranda married? ›

Has Lin-Manuel Miranda won an Oscar? ›

Lin-Manuel Miranda

What is the least popular Hamilton song? ›

Hamilton: All 46 Songs In The Musical, Ranked From Worst To Best
  • "You'll Be Back" ...
  • "Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)" ...
  • "Non-Stop" ...
  • "Burn" ...
  • "One Last Time" ...
  • "Wait For It" ...
  • "The Room Where It Happens" Best line: "We want our leaders to save the day/But we don't get a say in what they trade away." ...
  • 1. " Satisfied"
Jul 2, 2022

Why are there 46 songs in Hamilton? ›

The album includes 46 songs to convey Hamilton's life, death, and relationships throughout the Revolutionary War and America's founding moments. However, there are actually 47 songs in Hamilton if you include Laurens' Interlude that is played during the actual musical (but not on the cast album).

What is the fastest song in Hamilton? ›

Even more amazing, two of the fastest verses in Hamilton — one in the song “Satisfied” and one in “Guns and Ships” — average at least five words per second.

What are the Hamilton songs in order? ›

Hamilton soundtrack (in order)
  • 3:57. Alexander Hamilton. usnavi.
  • 2:37. Aaron Burr, Sir. usnavi.
  • 1:32. The Story of Tonight. usnavi.
  • 3:07. The Schuyler Sisters. Renée Elise Goldsberry - Topic.
  • 1:53. Farmer Refuted. usnavi.
  • 3:29. You'll Be Back. Jonathan Groff - Topic.
  • 5:22. Right Hand Man. usnavi.
  • 1:10. A Winter's Ball. usnavi.
Dec 10, 2020


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