Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (2024)

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (1)

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1.⚠ Mind your privacy and security

2.Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix

2.1.1. The Oath

2.2.2. Chains

2.3.3. The Boys

2.4.4. DejaVu

2.5.5. Cloud 9 Sports

2.6.6. Asgard

2.7.7. Free

2.9.9. Nemesis AIO

2.10.10. Seren

3.Should I update to Kodi 19 Matrix?

4.Wrap up

Kodi 19 Matrix was recently released, and it has brought about several welcome changes. However, the most significant of these is that most existent Kodi addons do not work on Kodi 19. This is because the new version of Kodi uses Python 3 instead of Python 2 (now considered dead), on which most addons are based.

This means that the selection of Kodi addons for Kodi 19 is limited. At the moment, only a few of them have been updated to work with Kodi 19. We installed several Kodi 19 Matrix compatible addons and evaluated them, and we’ve created this top 10 best addons for Kodi 19 list to ease the task for you.

⚠ Mind your privacy and security

The addons listed here are all third-party Kodi addons. These addons are always battled against as some of the content they present is often pirated. Consuming such content is against the law, leading to serious problems with the authorities. Many Kodi users have received DMCA notices from their ISPs, and others have even ended up facing legal charges.

This means that you need tobe careful when using unofficial Kodi addons. The only way to do that is byusing a reliable, secure, and private VPN.

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Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix

1. The Oath

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (2)

The Oath is a new Kodi addon and of the best in 2024. The addon uses the Exodus interface but has lots of sub-menus presenting content excellently. The movie section contains subcategories such as Decade (running from the 1900s to 2020s), Box Office, In Theatres, and Most Popular. The TV Shows section has sub-sections such as Networks, Certificates (such as TV-14), Airing Today, and New Episodes.

However, the addon’s strength is in how it presents content. It doesn’t scrape the web for content but rather uses the premium file-sharing service Uptobox. You can create a free account and enjoy every title in 1080p. You can also configure Real-Debrid to get 4K links.

How to Install The Oath Kodi Addon

2. Chains

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (4)

The Chains is a must-have addon on Kodi 19 Matrix. It is an all-in-one Kodi addon that not only presents a wide range of content for free but also contains several other top addons. A highlight of the included addons is Marvel and DC Universe. These two are not yet compatible with Kodi 19, but you can use the Chains addon to watch, literary any title in the Marvel and DC Universe.

Chains and its sub-addons also use the Uptobox to present content in 1080p. If you don’t wish to verify a Uptobox pin for every title, you can configure Real-Debrid and enhance the streaming experience.

How to Install Chains Kodi Addon

3. The Boys

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (5)

The Boys is another of the best addons for Kodi 19, and it’s found in The Crew repo. It is a Movie and TV show Kodi addon that doesn’t use Uptobox or scrape for tens of links. Rather, the addon presents a single FHD link that you can stream and even continue later (it shows a percentage).

Apart from the main content, the addon has a category known as The Boys, including other addons such as Chains, Ghost, Mad Titan, and Wasteland. All these work uses their original techniques.

How to Install The Boys Kodi Addon

4. DejaVu

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (6)

DejaVu is another of the best addons for Kodi 19. The addon uses multiple scrappers to offer pretty much anything you’d like, from 4K movies to Live TV and WWE replays. Other categories include Debrid One-Click Movies, Classic British Cinema, TV Shows One-Click, and Documentaries. The Movies and TV Shows section works best with Real-Debrid.

As a complement to its sports section, DejaVu comes with Cloud 9 Sports, one of the best sports addons for Kodi 19.

How to Install DejaVu Kodi Addon

5. Cloud 9 Sports

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (8)

Cloud 9 Sports is easily the best sports addon for Kodi 19, and it’s a must-have if you are a sports fan. The addon has two main categories: Live Sports Lists and WWE/ AEW/ UFC Replays.

The Live sports section is super rich in content, and some of its categories are Live Footy/ Soccer and Live EPL. These two give you pretty any major football game that you’d like live and free. There’s also a Live Events section that contains sports such as Cricket, Boxing, WWE, UFC, Tennis, and more. And if you feel like going for a specific channel, there’s a World Channels section that contains 50+ sports channels from across the world.

How to Install Cloud 9 Sports Kodi Addon

6. Asgard

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (9)

Asgard has been one of the best all-in-one Kodi addons over the last year and has already been updated to work with Kodi 19 Matrix. The addon has also been revamped, and it’s now better than before. It comes with a Debrid and Non-Debrid section that you can use to stream Movies and TV Shows. The Debrid section mostly contains one-click titles and 4K movies and TV shows.

As an all-in-one Kodi addon, Asgard also lets you watch kids’ content, live sports, sports replays, documentaries, stand-ups, music, and so much more.

How to Install Asgard Kodi Addon

7. Free

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (10)

If you’d like an addon that doesn’t bother you with Uptobox codes or Real-Debrid accounts, Free is the one for you. The addon lives up to its name and provides only free links, all of which are in HD.

The addon mostly provides one-click titles, so it starts playing immediately without having to aggregate links. It provides movies, TV Shows, kids’ content, documentaries, comedy, and WWE/AEW/ UFC replays. You may not find the latest titles, but that’s not the goal of the addon.

How to Install Free Kodi Addon

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8. Revolution

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (11)

Revolution is an addon that specializes in movies and TV shows. The addon uses a simple approach to present content, but that doesn’t mean it’s limited in any way. The movies and TV shows section provides many subcategories such as Year, Box Office, Oscar Winners, highly rated, airing today, and more.

Revolution has a scrapper that presents you with lots of content, but it works best with Real-Debrid.

How to Install Revolution Kodi Addon

9. Nemesis AIO

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (12)

Nemesis AIO has been around for a long time, and it’s still one of the best Kodi addons. The addon has been updated to work with Kodi 19, and the developers have also altered how it works. The Movie and TV Shows section is quite clean, with a few main categories, but it provides lots of movies. However, you will need Real-Debrid to stream most of them.

Apart from movies & TV shows, the addon also provides Live Sports & Replays, Music & Radio, Documentaries, Cartoons, Kids, Anime, Webcams, Gaming Videos, and adult content.

How to Install Nemesis AIO Kodi Addon

10. Seren

Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (13)

Seren is a unique Kodi addon in that it doesn’t use Uptobox, and it doesn’t scrape for links. Rather, it is designed to be a streaming interface for Real-Debrid users. To use it, you need to integrate Real-Debrid or Premiumize.

The addon offers lots of content and organizes it in a simple and easy-to-use manner. Both movies and TV Shows have 10+ subcategories.

How to Install Seren Kodi Addon

Should I update to Kodi 19 Matrix?

Kodi 19 Matrix hasn’t changed much about how Kodi looks, and almost all the changes have been restricted to Kodi addons. One of the best of these changes is how Kodi presents content. However, most Kodi 18 addons don’t work on Kodi 19 has raised many questions about whether it’s worth updating to the latest version.

In truth, there’s no real answer to this. Upgrading to Kodi 19 means that you will miss out on some of your favorite Kodi addons. However, more addons are being updated, and several addons are already working. If you feel like the above addons are sufficient for you, you can upgrade and enjoy the latest version of Kodi. If you don’t feel like losing your favorite addon, there’s not much you’ll miss out on for sticking with Kodi 18.9 in the short term. In any case, we maintain a list of the Best Working Addons for both 18.6 and 19 Kodi versions.

Finally, if you are interested in specific streaming themes, you may want to visit the following guides:

  • Best Kodi addons to watch Live TV
  • Best Kodi Sports Addons

Wrap up

Upgrading from Kodi 18.9 Leia to Kodi 19 Matrix means having a limited choice of Kodi addons. However, there’s already a sufficient selection of addons that work with the latest version of Kodi.

The guide above lists the top 10 best addons for Kodi 19 that you should install. However…

Always remember to take care of your privacy and security whenever you are using Kodi addons. Surfshark will help you accomplish that and let you stream without looking over your shoulder!


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Top 10 Best Addons for Kodi 19 Matrix in May 2024 (2024)


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