The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (2023)

The farmhouse style is one of the most recognizable architecture in the US. Initially made to make homes more convenient for farm-owners, the farmhouse became a timeless style that is not limited to rural suburbs. Chic and rustic design elements characterize this classic style. There have been a lot of modern interpretations of the farmhouse style but it has distinguishable characteristics that have never gone out of style. Clean lines always make up its exterior that is usually painted with a crisp white. Traditional farmhouse homes have a front porch that doubled as a mudroom for guests. Some modern farmhouse homes still have front porches but the purpose is to create a connection between the home and its surroundings.

The modern farmhouse is perfect for families looking for a home that makes practicality look stylish. This rustic home style is commonly found in the Southern states like Mississippi, Maryland, and Arkansas. Most of the first farmhouse homes were found in these states and most of them were remodeled to fit modern standards. While contemporary neighborhoods in California and Illinois are adopting a more sustainable approach for farmhouse homes. Some of the best home builders creating beautiful farmhouse homes across the country are found in this list. These builders may not claim that they specialize in making farmhouse homes, but their best works were done using this style. Most of them have won awards or featured in design publications for their farmhouse creations. Their best farmhouse projects were included to give a better picture of these builder’s aesthetics.

If you are thinking about building a farmhouse, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding systemto get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

3S Homes

157 Tisdale Rd., Madison, MS 39110

Carl Sandberg is a prolific figure in the Jackson home building industry. He’s been involved in the industry for more than a decade and he was the past president of the Home Builders Association of Jackson. But perhaps his most relevant accomplishment is establishing 3S Homes in 2009. 3S Homes is the leading homebuilder in the Jackson Tri-County area, and the firm has won many awards including the 2018 Builder of the Year from the Home Builders Association of Jackson.

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The 3S Homes portfolio is mostly composed of traditional single-family homes. These award-winning farmhouse homes are perfect for suburban families who want a modest and functional house. 3S Homes keeps its home simple, like the home pictured, the uncomplicated bricked exterior simply stands out in the green landscape. For its interiors, most 3S Homes have the traditional Farmhouse floor plan. The home opens to a large living area and an open kitchen that can fit the whole family is usually found in the next room. These homes are perfect for families because they can maximize the large space of an open floor plan.


6 Blackjack Xing., Walpole NH 03608

New England-based Bensonwood has been building passive houses across America since 1973. Passive houses have less ecological footprint than traditional homes because it requires less energy for heating and cooling. Bensonwood has a cutting-edge panelized building enclosure system that is specifically made for passive houses. Additionally, Bensonwood is certified by Passive House Institute U.S. Bensonwood and it has won the Housing Innovation Award from the U.S. Department of Energy.

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Besides building environmentally-conscious houses, Bensonwood’s portfolio is a collection of contemporary takes on traditional home styles. For example, the Water’s Edge project is a traditional farmhouse outfitted with passive design features. The goal is to create a lakeside home that features the views of Spofford Lake from every corner of the house. Upon entering the home, the main living area leads to an open kitchen and a great room that leads to the outdoor deck. This Energy Star-certified home was made with sustainable materials. For example, Eastern white pine was used for the ceiling and the flooring was made with heavy douglas fir timbers.

BrightLeaf Homes

15 Spinning Wheel Rd. Ste. #124, Hinsdale, IL 60521

Serving the Greater Chicagoland area, BrightLeaf Homes is a modern custom home builder that also offers remodeling and real estate services. Aside from providing extensive residential services, BrightLeaf Homes advocates for building more sustainable homes that consume less energy and provide a better overall quality of life. All BrightLeaf custom homes come certified. Each home is designed, rigorously tested, and inspected to the highest performance standards set by U.S. Environmental Protection Agency including EPA’s Indoor airPLUS, EPA’s WaterSense®, and ENERGY STAR® among others. The Department of Energy has also given BrightLeaf Homes the Housing Innovation Award five times.

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BrightLeaf worked on a modern farmhouse in La Grange, Illinois. It has a very contemporary exterior with chic white paneling complemented by dark roofing. Graystone accents also provide a nice contrast to the white color palette. The luxurious interiors also contrast with the simple farmhouse exterior. Guests can lounge in an elegantly furnished living room while warming by the modern stone-finished fireplace. In addition, this 4,000 square foot home is accredited by the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) because it is a Zero Energy Ready Home.

To see more from BrightLeaf Homes, you can check out their website here.

Brookings Built Green

120 Main Ave., South Brookings, SD 57006

Design-build contractor Dusten Hendrickson has been constructing energy-efficient homes and light commercial spaces in 2004. In 2011, he finally established his own firm, Brookings Built Green. Through his firm, Hendrickson introduced new green building techniques and updated the aesthetics of the South Dakota home building industry. One of Hendrickson’s most relevant contributions is building the first passive house in Brookings. The firm is not limited to custom home building because it also offers architecture, interior design, and landscape design.

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True to its design aesthetic, Brookings Built Green designed and constructed a contemporary prairie green modern farmhouse. The white modern farmhouse stands out in its golf course site. Inside is a very spacious living area finished with wooden flooring. The firm kept a monochromatic color palette for both the interiors and exteriors.

CarsonSpeer Builders

2131 Woodruff Rd. Ste. #2100 #334, Greenville, SC 2960

Nationally-recognized Carson Speer Builder is the product of two prominent builders who have made a mark in the South Carolina industry. Founders Steve Carson and James Speer have both led their own firms before coming together and starting CarsonSpeer Builders. They decided to start CarsonSpeer Builders to have a consistent design aesthetic that was superior among its peers. Carson and Speer make sure that the quality of their homes is consistent which is why they limit the number of projects that the firm undertakes.

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An award-winning project of CarsonSpeer is a modern farmhouse home in Fountain Inn, South Carolina. The firm transformed the 150-acre lot into a two-story home with four bedrooms and four and a half baths. CarsonSpeer ensured that the home has a great heating system, able to heat over 4,226 square feet. Northern White Oak was used for the hardwoods for the interiors and the stair railing was inspired by a design from Pinterest that the homeowner liked. A standout feature of the home was the butler’s pantry which was surrounded by the kitchen, family room, and the dining room.

Castle Homes

5214 Maryland Way Ste. #102, Brentwood, TN 37027

Castle Homes is a formidable builder that has made some of the best homes in Nashville, Williamson County, and Middle Tennessee. A look at the homebuilder’s portfolio will show a versatile range of style that includes contemporary residences and French estates. Building luxury homes is Castle Homes’s specialty, thanks to Founder Alan Looney. Looney is an industrial engineer who has experience in cost analysis for large scale projects. His previous experience has trained Looney to become the perfect person to manage the most luxurious homes in the South. Looney’s talents have earned the firm Southern Living magazine’s Custom Home Builder of the Year award and have won the Cornerstone Award for his outstanding leadership.

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Another memorable achievement of Castle Homes is building the most ambitious Southern Living Idea House in Nashville. Named one of Southern Living Magazine’s best Southern Living Idea House, this Nashville home is a grand estate with a farmhouse aesthetic. The gorgeous home has a traditional farmhouse aesthetic with the grandness of an estate. Unlike the simplicity of its exteriors, the home’s interiors are adorned with different patterns but still have an elegant feel.

CMM Custom Homes

1551 NJ-138, Wall Township, NJ, 07719

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Jersey Shore’s CMM Custom Homes is known for creating coastal homes that can bring the lakeside vibe to any site. For more than two decades, the firm has remodeled and constructed houses in the gorgeous beach towns of Monmouth and Ocean County. The firm is not limited to creating coastal homes; it can also design contemporary houses for homeowners looking for a modern home. In fact, a contemporary project won a 2019 Custom Home Award from the Shore Builders Association of Central New Jersey.

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The CMM portfolio showcases farmhouse homes that have a classic aesthetic paired with modern functionality. This Sussex Home is a great example of this. It has a bright yellow exterior and a charming front porch. Inside, hues of pastel color every room but perhaps the best part of the home is found in its backyard. An outdoor pool accompanied with stylish lounge seats were added to the traditional farmhouse home.

Curt Hofer & Associates

16820 Frances St. Ste. #102, Omaha, NE 68130

High-end custom home builder Curt Hofer & Associates executes every project by building a home that fits the lifestyle of its client. The firm has a very client-centered building process that starts with a one-on-one with President Steve Huber. For the first step, Huber will design a home that will combine the vision of both designer and client. The result is elegant homes that have a familiar classic look. The firm has become a familiar name in Omaha because Omaha Magazine has called it the Best Custom Home Builder consecutively for eight years.

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Initially made for the 2008 Street of Dreams, this modern farmhouse had a vernacular architecture to give it a unique design. The firm used old trusses from a recently burned down Butternut building for the home to give a modern twist to a classic farmhouse home. For the exterior paint, natural paints were used to bring out the creative interiors done by Joan & Associates.

Dewson Construction

9 Jefferson Ave., Wilmington, DE 19805

Tim Dewson and John McMahon’s four decades of partnership started when they established Dewson Construction. The Delaware firm constructs and remodels some of the finest estates and manor homes in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Maryland. Clients will be guided through every step of the building process. From site analysis to construction, the firm’s design team is always on its client’s side. The firm has been honored as one of Remodeling Magazine’s Top 50 Remodelers in the country and it has been the recipient of the Regal Award from the Home Builders Association of Delaware.

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This Chester County project is an example of how the hands-on process results in a beautiful home. The goal was to create an old school farmhouse in the countryside. With the help of the client’s architect, Dewson Construction was able to translate the homeowner’s vision while still maintaining a classic farmhouse look.

Epic Homes

840 43rd Ave. NE Ste. #201, Bismarck, ND 58503

Started by founders who have diverse backgrounds, Epic Homes is a custom home builder with a customer-focused building approach. Founders Parker Pladson, Taylor Belk, and Tom Seifert are all part of different industries but they all agree that great customer service is the key to any successful business. Epic Homes serves all of North Dakota with branches found in Bismarck and Fargo.

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The firm’s homes are often found in the Parade of Homes and have received accolades such as the People’s Choice and the Judge’s Choice awards. Many of Epic Homes’s projects are traditional houses with a modern finish. A stunning example is this Burleigh modern farmhouse. Built to withstand heavy snow, the home has the classic farmhouse look with rustic accents like the barnyard door used for the garage. Another rustic ornament was using wooden elements all throughout the house. For its exterior, Epic Homes designed wooden porches and trusses that will match the interiors.

Gonterman Construction

2043 Westcliff Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92660

Luxury home builder Gonterman Construction is one of Orange County’s most famous construction firms. Its works have been featured in notable publications like Architectural Digest, Interiors California, and was featured in Bravo’s “Flipping Out”. Founder Jason Gonterman established Gonterman Construction 20 years ago but he is still an active project manager for most of the firm’s works. Asides from being a successful builder and remodeler, Gonterman has developed a handful of real estate projects.

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The firm’s projects integrate elegant interiors into contemporary architecture and this modern farmhouse highlights this strength. The home’s exterior is very different from the traditional farmhouse style but it has the same silhouette made with natural materials such as stone and wooden planks. From its landscaped lawn to its colorful interiors, the firm designed each part of the house to complement the others.

Hammer and Hand

1020 Southeast Harrison St., Portland, OR 97214

For 25 years, Hammer and Hand has remained Pacific Northwest’s biggest construction firm with branches in Oregon, Seattle, and Washington. Hammer and Hand was first known for remodeling historic homes in Portland. When its clientele started to expand, the firm ventured into home building and commercial construction. The firm is also known for its custom woodshop that creates unique custom furnishing for all of its projects. Hammer and Hand employs only the best craftspeople who have decades of experience.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (12)

A project that perfectly illustrates Hammer and Hand’s quality craftsmanship is the Willamette Valley Estate. Rockefeller Partners designed a classic farmhouse home that Hammer and Hand built with modern techniques. Natural materials like walnut, pine, cedar, and stone were used to complement the sprawling hills of Willamette Valley. The firm wanted to capture the breathtaking view of the hills which is why it built an overlooking glass walkway that connects the main home with guest quarters.

Hawthorn Builders

97 Chapel St. Ste. 3, Needham, MA 02492

Neighbors Matthew Roth and Ryan McDonnell started their own real estate and development business in 2005. When the partners first built their first home in 2007, they realized that they should shift the company’s focus to home building and remodeling. Now, Hawthorn Builders has built more than 150 homes in the greater Needham and Boston areas. The firm is a prominent name in the Boston homebuilding scene because it’s often found in the pages of Boston Magazine, Boston Globe, and Dwell Magazine.

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Boston Magazine featured one of the firm’s modern farmhouse creations in Needham. One of the clients grew up on a farm and she wanted her house to be inspired by rustic design but still have a modern aesthetic. Using the traditional farmhouse facade, metal roofing and vertical white planks were used for a contemporary finish. The result is a 4,963-square-foot home with five bedrooms and four and a half baths.

Hendel Homes

15250 Wayzata Blvd., Wayzata, Minnesota 55391

Taking on a more personal approach, Hendel Homes creates designs and some of the best residences in Twin Cities. In its 23 years of business, the firm invested in a great working relationship with many of its former clients, architects, and designers. The goal of the firm is to have a strong relationship with its clients so all of their needs are identified and applied during construction. Its hands-on building approach has made Hendel Homes a staple in the Minneapolis home building community. Hendel Homes was named the Face of Architectural Building and Remodeling by Mpls St. Paul Magazine.

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Hendel Homes’ strength is being able to construct well made unique modern homes and classic traditional residences. This modern farmhouse combines both of the firm’s strengths. The home captures the classic look of the farmhouse home that everyone is familiar with but its interiors are anything but traditional. Hendel Homes did not change the facade of the interiors but, instead of opting for the usual monochromatic color palette, every room was painted with a different color and geometric wallpapers were used for a fun touch.

Hobbs Inc.

27 Grove St., New Canaan, CT 06840

With more than six decades in the business, Hobbs Inc. is the oldest firm on this list and in the Northeast. Three generations of the Hobbs family have led the firm and now brothers Scott and Ian Hobbs have taken over the management of the firm. Both brothers make sure that the quality of service is consistent with all three branches found in Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey. Some of the best homes found in the exclusive addresses in the Northeast are designed by Hobbs Inc. The Home Building Industry Awards (HOBI) has recognized many of the firm’s works. Some of the awards that Hobbs Inc has won are Best Vacation Home, Best Green Energy-Efficient Home, and Best Adaptive Reuse.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (15)

What was once a traditional Colonial home is now a modern farmhouse designed by Hobbs Inc. The firm kept the white siding of the previous firm and contrasted it with a striking zinc roof. Guests can lounge in the front porch that extends from the living room to the kitchen. More rustic accents can be found in the garage where a sliding brand door was installed.

Jeff Click Design Build

3825 NW 166 Ste. B7, Edmond, OK 73012

Many of the contemporary homes found in Oklahoma are constructed by Jeff Click Design Build. Established in 1998, Jeff Click wanted to bring a fresh perspective to the local building scene through his eponymous firm. His efforts have resulted in 400 new homes found all over Edmond and Oklahoma City. Local home building associations have also recognized Click’s modern building principles because he has served as the president of Oklahoma and Central Oklahoma Home Builders Association.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (16)

Every year Jeff Click Design Build participates in the Parade of Homes. Many of the firm’s entries have won the top awards from the prestigious event. During the most recent Parade of Homes, the firm won four of the top awards. This award-winning home was given the Best Overall and Best Interior Design distinctions. It is a modern farmhouse remodel with a rare view of the town’s woodlands. The red brick exterior stands out in the hillside but also blends with the trees found in its backdrop.

Jenkins Design-Build

3813 Juniper Trace #100, Austin, TX 78738

Award-winning Jenkins Design Build is Austin’s leading luxury home builder. For the past 28 years, the firm has received prestigious local and national awards that no other firm in Texas has won. This includes the “Best in America” Best Custom Home Award from the National Association of Home Builders and a finalist for the Best New Custom Home category for the Texas Association of Builders.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (17)

The Vineyard Farmhouse is a breathtaking 1.2-acre estate in Austin. It was the firm’s entry for the Spring Parade of Homes at the Peninsula and won four awards including the Most Innovative Design distinction. The home perfectly combines rustic and modern elements for the hillside estate. The Jenkins design team wanted the home to blend seamlessly with the estate so many parts of the home connect to the private courtyard. Barn style architecture can also be found in the home’s interiors.

JFK Design Build

36055 Ravinia Park Blvd., ​Oconomowoc, Wisconsin 53066

Named by the Lakeland Builders Association as the Builder of the Year for two years in a row, JFK Design Build is the leading home builder and remodeler of Southeastern Wisconsin. Bringing practicality to luxury is the goal of every JFK Design Build project. In its almost twenty years of service, the firm has won numerous awards including the prestigious Builder of the Year award from the Lakeland Builders Association and the Most Outstanding Luxury Home Builder and Remodeler title from Build Magazine.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (18)

This Delafield home was made to replicate an authentic rural farmhouse. Much like the first farmhouse homes, the architecture was designed to be practical for the barn owners but also accommodate their modern lifestyle. The home’s design was kept very simple with white planks and stone accents. On the other hand, the interiors were given a more shabby chic aesthetic.

John Hummel and Associates

49B Route 114, East Hampton, NY 11937

John Hummel and Associates has worked with some of the most discerning homeowners in New York and the Hamptons. The custom home builder has worked with some of the best residential architects to create stunning homes that frequent the pages of The New York Times, Architectural Digest, and Elle Decor. Its list of famous clients includes shoe designer Vince Camuto and retail executive Andrew Rosen.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (19)

This Water Mill residence is a gorgeous contemporary home inspired by the classic farmhouse facade. A lot of natural materials are utilized with the exterior—its front porch is made predominantly of vertical wood panels, and grey clay tiles complement the warm beige tones of the home.

Jon Callahan Construction

6706 Lumsden Rd., North Little Rock, Arkansas 72118

After working in commercial construction for almost a decade, Jon Callahan decided to venture into the industry on his own. Jon Callahan Construction (JCC) was established in 2010 to provide the residential and commercial construction needs of Central Arkansas. The firm’s specialty is taking on complex restoration projects that have existing structural problems. During construction, JCC documents all of the in-floor and in-wall utilities so future repairs and upgrades will be easier to plan. JCC is also very homeowner-friendly because of its online customer portal that details the budget, schedule, and project notes.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (20)

The firm has been called the Local Favorite Homebuilder by Arkansas Magazine for four consecutive years. Callahan was also named as the “Face of Local Homebuilding” by AY Magazine. JCC has a charming portfolio of traditional farmhouse homes made for the modern lifestyle of current homeowners. Like this Rockwater Village project, it has the quintessential farmhouse architecture but the firm used darker shades for a more sophisticated look.

La Marco Homes

777 S Eton St., Birmingham, MI 48009

Greg La Marco had his start working in finance in the United Kingdom. He was in awe of the architecture overseas and it inspired him to pursue another industry in his hometown. In 2013, he established La Marco Homes to provide innovative home design to the Bloomfield Hills and Birmingham neighborhoods. La Marco is one of the most well-known luxury home builders in Michigan. He has taken on million-dollar projects and received notable accolades from several building organizations.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (21)

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One of its award-winning projects is this Central Birmingham home. This modern farmhouse won first place in first place in the Detroit Home Magazine Design Awards. Its contemporary architecture stands out because La Marco used an open farmhouse that will bring in natural light into the home located in a narrow lot. Most of the natural light comes in through the staircase tower, emphasizing the designer Downsview Kitchen. The staircase tower leads homeowners to a 1,200 square foot master suite and three en-suite bedrooms.

Magleby Construction

1291 West Center St., Lindon, UT 84042

Paul Magleby established Magleby Construction in 1974 and it was one of the first residential companies in Utah. Through his firm, Magleby set the standard for modern home building because of this Utah Home Builders Association recognized his efforts with a Lifetime Achievement Award. His son, Chad has taken over as president, and has expanded the company to other cities in Utah. Under his leadership, the firm has won numerous awards, including three Denim and Diamonds Awards, three Home Builders Association Of Utah awards, and an ICF Builder Award.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (22)

This estate in Lindon embodies all of the qualities of a modern farmhouse. The home takes inspiration from its country setting and its white wood exterior adds to the rustic charm. The shingle roof is typically used for single-family homes but Magleby Construction decided to use this instead to stay true to its classic farmhouse exterior. Bigger windows that have a great overlooking view of the home are a modern touch to this traditional piece.

North Fork Builders

1045 Reeves Rd. E. Unit A, Bozeman, MT 59718

Montana’s high-end residential contractor North Fork Builders is known for building architecturally-driven homes. Many homes in the state are inspired by the “parkitecture” style, an architecture inspired by the mountains and popularized by the national park service. North Fork Builders works with local architects to build homes that integrate Montana parkitecture with contemporary design principles. Many local publications like Big Sky Journal, Mountain Living, and Aspen Soujourner have featured the firm’s custom home projects.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (23)

This Bozeman Farmhouse home, designed by Locati Architects, exhibits the firm’s strength of executing a parkitecture interpretation of contemporary architecture. The combination of beige stone and wood accents have the warmth of Montana mountain architecture. The home stays true to the farmhouse aesthetic by using white planks for the second floor. It has an open floor plan that makes the home look more spacious and closer to its natural surroundings. Colorful furnishings are a nice contrast to the rustic interiors.

Old Town Design Group

1132 South Rangeline Rd. Ste. 200, Carmel, Indiana 46032

Jeff Langston and Justin Moffett are local Indiana builders who live in some of the best communities in the area. They have observed that these communities mostly have traditional homes and it needed a more updated look. The two builders started Old Town Group to improve residential communities in their state. Many award-winning homes in Indiana were built by the firm and most of these have been featured in the annual Home-A-Rama. The Builders Association of Greater Indianapolis has given Old Town Design group the Best Custom Home and Builder of the Year awards.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (24)

Located in Chatham Hills is a rustic farmhouse home that overlooks a golf course that guests can see from the covered porch. Inside is a spacious home that has three bedrooms and a walkout basement. There is also a game room built to entertain guests.

Peregrine Design/Build

49 Commerce Ave. Unit A1, South Burlington, Vermont 05403

Leading Vermont residential builder Peregrine Design/Build has been providing interior and exterior architectural design to Burlington and Chittenden County for three decades. The firm is a known figure in its state’s residential construction industry because Founder Tim Frost has served in many building organizations. He was the former president of the Homebuilders and Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont and the chair of its Green and Remodelers Council.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (25)

Peregrine Design/Build is also an award-winning firm that has received awards from the Vermont Builders and Remodelers Association and the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Northern Vermont. Most of the firm’s portfolio is stunning home remodels and classic custom homes. This Greek Revival home has the classic rural look that popularized the farmhouse style. White planks adorn the home was accompanied by a wooden front porch. Peregrine Design/Build stuck with a more traditional facade to blend with the barn beside the home.

Rhoads Design & Construction

415 South Union Ave., Springfield, MO 65802

Certified Green Professional Rhoads Design and Construction is Missouri’s most consistent home builder. 417 Magazine has given Rhoads Design and Construction the Home of the Year designation for 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2018. Every project was customized to fit the client’s lifestyle through effective communication. The firm makes sure that the client’s vision is translated into the home’s aesthetic and flow.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (26)

Named as the 2016 Home of the Year, Rhoads Design & Construction worked with the architects and homeowners to build this gorgeous home. Its sprawling green location inspired the firm to use a modern farmhouse architecture. Oversized windows and doors were used to welcome natural light into the home. For a more natural feel, textured materials were used, instead of wallpapers. The stone accent wall in the great room is an example of how the firm effectively used textures. The firm also made a unique custom yoga studio for its homeowners.

Schumacher Homes

779 White Pond Dr, Akron, OH 44320, United States

Paul Schumacher got his start in homebuilding while refurbishing homes in Canton, Ohio. Schumacher realized that he enjoyed designing and building homes from the ground-up more than just remodeling them. In 1992, Schumacher Homes was established, specializing in building custom homes for homeowners in Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Ohio, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, and West Virginia.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (27)

This three-bedroom home in Columbus North is a modern farmhouse built specifically for a large family. Schumacher Homes opted for a warm simple exterior. The firm’s priority was creating a spacious interior that is functional and polished. An open floor plan was used to connect every room with each other. Besides making the home more functional, Schumacher Homes wanted the homeowner to still have space for its guests. That is why a second-story loft was included to have a secluded gathering area for guests.

Selle Valley Construction

401 Bonner Mall Way Ste. I, Ponderay, ID 83852

Growing up woodworking and construction has always been an interest of Scott Schriber, who went to college for Wildlife Biology and had a brief career working as a biologist. Later on, however, he returned to a passion for construction and carpentry. In 2004, Schriber established Selle Valley Construction a remodeler and custom home builder to Bonner County. Throughout the years, local and national publications have taken notice of the firm’s works. From Forbes to the Monroe News-Star, Selle Valley’s projects have been recognized for their contemporary style.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (28)

The Sagle Mountain Hideaway is a modern interpretation of cabin and farmhouse homes. Cedar boards were used for the exterior and the natural finish of this material was preserved to give a more rustic look. The windows were painted red to add a nice pop of color to the beige home. Wood was also predominantly used for the interiors and the firm gave it a modern interpretation of the Shaker style furnishing.

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Skycastle Construction

1245 Pearl St. Ste. 202, Boulder, CO 80302

Green builder Skycastle Construction is the leading sustainable design/build firm in Boulder. For the past 19 years, the award-winning firm has worked with the state’s best consultants and engineers, which is why Skycastle is the preferred contractor of many first-time homeowners. The firm is also a capable commercial contractor that can take on retail, restaurant, and office spaces.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (29)

\This LEED Platinum-certified modern farmhouse is Skycastle Construction’s first “Regenerative” home. A regenerative home produces more energy than it consumes. The house has a passive solar design that captures sunlight when it’s cold and blocks it when it’s hot, by orienting most of the glass to the south and protecting windows with carefully calculated overhangs. This all-electric home uses solar photo-voltaic panels to power its ground source heat pump. LED lights, foam insulation, an Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV), and Energy-Star appliances & windows resulted in the home-owners receiving a check from the utility company every month (while also powering their two electric cars). The house uses green materials like FSC-certified wood, low-VOC paint and sealers, EPA Watersense plumbing fixtures, and zero-maintenance composite decking to reduce its environmental impact. And the site design incorporates permaculture, urban farming, rainwater harvesting, and even a passive solar chicken coop so the home can provide organic food for the owners while simultaneously eliminating irrigation bills. All of these state-of-the-art sustainable features were within budget and yield long-term rewards. The classic traditional farmhouse style helped keep the construction costs in check while creating a beautiful design that fits nicely into the rural neighborhood.

Snead Custom Homes

3100 Clarendon Blvd Ste. #630, Arlington, VA 22201

One of DC Metro Area’s newest home builders, Snead Custom Homes constructs high-end residential homes that are good for the environment. The firm’s streamlined building approach intends to create an efficient plan that will reduce waste and estimated days of construction while staying on budget. Snead Custom Homes consistently impresses its clients and almost all of the custom homes it has made were from customer referrals.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (30)

One of its customer referrals was acclaimed housing developer Kevin Riegler. Snead Custom Homes constructed Riegler’s Maryland home with architect Adam Mcgraw. Rigler wanted his home to embody the suburban rustic atmosphere of Cabin John. The builders opted for a modern farmhouse as a nod to the city’s agricultural past. Its facade was designed to give homage to barns that used to be prevalent in Cabin John. Instead of the traditional wooden planks, board and batten siding were used for a more modern finish. The Washington Post featured this home because it’s a stand-out among the traditional houses found in its neighborhood.

Tongue and Groove Design Build

6131 Oleander Dr., Wilmington, NC 28403

Wilmington’s biggest local contractor Tongue and Groove Design Build is a nationally acclaimed home builder. In its 20 years of service, the firm has been recognized by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), North Carolina Home Builders Association (NCHBA), and the Real Estate and Property Awards. Founder Mark Batson is a North Carolina native striving to bring an updated look to the state’s classic architecture. Batson uses his degree in history to conceptualize homes that reflect the client’s background and its site’s architectural past.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (31)

This Coastal Farmhouse was built a year ago and it is one of the firm’s most popular projects. The wide and deep, rectangular lot is a very natural wooded space that is high in elevation – allowing for mostly first-floor living, with an open concept floor plan that flows seamlessly between each space. The farmhouse-style home reflects the relaxed, coastal location in Wrightsville Beach with a cozy and elegant cottage feel that embraces the outdoor living spaces. The second floor allows for massing and rooflines to create architectural interest and accentuate the coastal farmhouse design as well as providing space for family and a fun bunk room for the nieces and nephews. The homeowners now have the perfect amount of beautiful and functional space – not too much for just the two of them, but plenty for hosting friends, family, and their son when he visits from college.

Since releasing this article in 2020, Mark Batson has been recognized by NAHB as the Custom Home Builder of the Year (2021).

Waterford Homes

5880 Live Oak Pkwy. Ste. 180, Norcross, GA 30093

David Clough established Waterford Homes in 1991 to bring professional home building services to Atlanta. Before starting Waterford Homes, Clough worked for a national homebuilding company and this inspired him to bring the same level of professionalism to his hometown. Now, he’s one of Atlanta’s most respected builders and has served as the president of Greater Atlanta Homebuilder’s Association and the Home Builders Association of Georgia. Meanwhile, Waterford Homes has constructed more than 2000 homes in the state.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (32)

Waterford Homes creates beautiful traditional homes made to accommodate its homeowner’s modern lifestyle. This project in Chamblee has the classic facade of a farmhouse designed with some modern accents. Barn door accents were used as screens for the front porch. The angular trusses found on the windows have a Greek influence and this design is typically not found in farmhouse architecture but it served as a nice accent to the traditional facade.

Willow Homes

2810 Crescent Ave., Homewood, AL 35209

Founder Jason Hale used to be a former litigation attorney but he decided to follow his family’s footsteps by establishing his own home building company, Willow Homes. The firm’s homes are found in some of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Alabama. Despite being in business for less than ten years, Willow Homes has already won prestigious awards for its stunning custom homes. Its awards include three Alabama Remodelling Excellence Awards, a Birmingham’s Best Builder award, and an award from the Spring Parade of Homes.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (33)

Creating classic rustic homes with modern interiors is one of Willow Homes’s specialties. This Ridge Farmhouse has the classic design of a Farmhouse home. From its overlooking porch to the clean white planks, the home has a very traditional farmhouse exterior. Rustic log accents were used as accents for the whole home. This was a nice contrast to the monochromatic cream color scheme.

Wright Ryan Homes

10 Danforth St., Portland, ME 04101

Summers for childhood friends Tom Wright and John Ryan meant working odd jobs in construction. Both ended up pursuing different careers in construction, with Wright working as a contractor and Ryan as a civil engineer. As their careers progressed, the logical next step for them was to have their own company. Today, Wright Ryan Homes has been building and remodeling homes throughout New England for 36 years. The firm is an acclaimed custom home builder in Maine, and has won numerous regional awards like an Environment Award from the Maine American Institute of Architects and a Maine Homes Design Award.

The Best Farmhouse Builders in the US (34)

This Stonewall Farmhouse showcases Wright Ryan Homes’ expertise in carpentry. Along with its custom homes, the firm has a millwork office that customizes furnishing and design accents for its residential projects. The architectural details of this home are custom made by the Wright Ryan millwork department. Some of these custom furnishes are the large kitchen center island, a laundry room, and a built-in walk-in closet.

About Our Rankings

This list takes a range of ranking criteria into consideration, including but not limited to: work history, customer satisfaction, awards and recognition, geographic area of work, cost, building permits, and clientele. We spent over 40 hours researching local contractors before calculating the final ranking for this post. If there is additional information about your business that could affect these rankings, please fill out this form and we will take it into consideration

Get Bids For Your Build

If you are thinking about building a farmhouse, we recommend checking each builder’s license with the local licensing board, speaking to past clients, and using our bidding system to get competitive quotes from at least 3 contractors. Getting multiple bids is the best way to ensure you get a fair price and that bids include the complete scope of work.

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(Video) Ranch Style Farm House Sitting On 5 Acres - A MUST SEE!!


Where are modern farmhouses most popular? ›

Particularly in the Northwest, East, and Southeast, respondents opted for the classic, comfortable home style. Those surveyed said a modern farmhouse looks "simple, cozy, and not too busy" and like "a nice big home for a family."

What is the difference between modern farmhouse and American farmhouse? ›

Today's Modern Farmhouse has an urban edge that mixes well with other styles yet retains a warm, approachable feel. The American Farmhouse style first emerged in the Midwest in the mid-1800s, and its look ranges from small, simple structures to more elaborate homes bordering on Victorian.

Who made farmhouse style popular? ›

Farmhouse design started becoming a huge decorating trend around 2015, thanks in large part to Joanna Gaines and HGTV's Fixer Upper.

Where is the farmhouse style most popular? ›

Searches for this particular style are the most popular in Texas, where searches average 8,647 times per month, followed by Ohio with 3,717 searches and North Carolina with 3,497.

What decorating style is replacing farmhouse? ›

Farmhouse styles are renowned for being elegantly subtle and uncomplicated. However, since decorators are going a step further, we won't be seeing similar "cliche" designs in 2023. There are many ways to transition away from farmhouse style—one being replaced with Cottagecore.

Why are modern farmhouses so expensive? ›

Modern Farmhouse Interior Components

One of the more expensive modern farmhouse elements is their vaulted ceilings. A luxury feature, they require more framing material, drywall, and installation labor. The modern farmhouse kitchen is typically more spacious, and thus, it does cost more than a small one.

What is the new modern farmhouse? ›

Cozy, contemporary, clean, simple, rustic, and comforting; these words encompass the modern farmhouse style. Expect to see neutral colors, reclaimed wood, shiplap, and big comfy furniture.

Is modern farmhouse still trending? ›

Is farmhouse style still in? These days, farmhouse style is still overwhelmingly popular; in fact, it was one of the most searched decor styles in 2022. “If you are incorporating the classic elements of a farmhouse into your home, you won't have to worry about it being out of style in a few years,” Krason says.

Why is modern farmhouse so popular? ›

The farmhouse aesthetic — both classic and modern — is loved for its functional simplicity. Its interior hallmarks include open plans, smooth lines and neutral palettes. Today it's as much a lifestyle as it is a design style.

Is farmhouse still in style in 2023? ›

During the mid-2000s, the modern farmhouse décor started to gain popularity, thanks to home and garden TV shows. Antique showpieces, farmhouse sinks, old furniture, exposed beams, etc., were much in demand. In 2023, the trend is just as popular and is set to stay for a considerable time in the future.

When did chip and Joanna buy their farmhouse? ›

If you are or ever have been a fan of Fixer Upper or the Gaines family, then you know about their iconic Waco family home — the farmhouse. Chip and Joanna originally purchased the quaint two-bedroom, Victorian era home back in 2012, and spent a year and a half transforming the farmhouse into their home.

What does farmhouse chic look like? ›

We're talking more romantic pops of color, distressed finishes, collections of vintage pieces, and antique furniture. Farmhouse chic ultimately embraces simple, raw resources, like revamping barn doors or wicker, a new refinished look or using shiplap or planked walls in its overall element.

What is the most popular farmhouse decor? ›

Wood, white and black is the signature palette for modern farmhouse living rooms and kitchens. Additionally, vintage pieces play a big role in modern farmhouse style. This can be vintage decor, vintage rugs or architectural pieces.

What is the farmhouse look called? ›

Whether it's called classic, vintage, rustic or traditional, farmhouse style has a historic place in America. Drawing from the farm homes of early settlers, this style mimics the look and feel of days past.

What makes an American farmhouse? ›

American farmhouse “style” was initially a matter of practicality: a wide, deep, apron-front sink simplified chores, you needed a long, sturdy table to serve your whole household, and room-spanning, hand-hewn, exposed ceiling beams were ubiquitous (because they kept your house standing).

What cities have modern farmhouses? ›

More major Southern cities made the list as well –since they did invent the farmhouse style after all– including Nashville and Knoxville Tennessee, Atlanta, Georgia, and St. Louis Missouri. Other cities in the top 10 included Providence, Rhode Island, Worcester, Massachusetts, and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Where does modern farmhouse live? ›

5. Where do you live? We live in Washington state. Tim grew up in several different WA cities while Sarah grew up in a small town in Oregon.

Is modern farmhouse still popular? ›

Modern farmhouse is still on trend but also evolving so that it works better with today's trends. Luckily, today's changes are improvements to the older style!


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