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    Judith Quaranta

  • Product: SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2
  • Publisher: SAGE Publications Ltd
    • Publication year: 2017
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  • Discipline: Health
  • Methods: Correlation, Descriptive research, Dependent variables
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  • Keywords:

    asthma, attitudes, health belief model, knowledge, nursing schools, performance management, school nurses, school nursing, schools of nursing, self-efficacy

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This case study assists the reader in understanding implementation and analysis of correlational research to understand school nurse management of students with asthma. The research process is described in detail, allowing the reader to experience all the aspects of conducting research. Limitations and lessons learned provide additional insights for the reader. This study investigated the performance of the school nurse’s asthma management behaviors in relationship to asthma knowledge, attitude, self-efficacy, and rating of importance of asthma management behaviors. A randomized sample of nurses from the National Association of School Nurses completed questionnaires via SurveyMonkey. Results found that asthma attitude, self-efficacy, and rating of importance of asthma management behaviors were associated with asthma management behavior performance. By understanding the factors that influence the performance of asthma management behaviors by the school nurse, interventions can be implemented that would increase these behaviors, leading to improved outcomes for the students with asthma.

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