Property Transfers Published May 28, 2022 (2023)

The following is a list of more real estate parcels valued at $150,000 or more that have been transferred in the past few months in Richmond and surrounding areas.

To our readers: Caroline and Louisa listings will not be included until further notice.


209 N 19th St U13; Clampitt Robert V and Karen A to D and L Real Estate Llc, $185,000.

1617 N 23rd St; Bielke Ruth L to Stack Douglas C, $178,500.

804 N 26th St; Cooper Fallon A to Veney Lamarise S And, $307,000.

400 W 27th St; Rudick James and Audrey to Whitcomb Steven M &, $475,000.

417 N 31st St; Ab 417 N 31st St Llc to Sonamax Homes Llc, $197,500.

1114 N 34th St; Harger Shawn M to Momchilov Eden Danielle, $282,000.

1807 W 42nd St; Turner Martha G to Lanser Juliann L, $390,000.

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204 S Addison St; Quarles Angela to Pink Elephant Properties Llc, $180,000.

505 S Allen Ave; Pham Khuong T to Dstar Properties Llc, $377,500.

2 N Auburn Ave; 2 N Auburn Avenue Llc to Smith Emily and Albert Gordon, $752,500.

2207 Barton Ave; Abrams Matthew B and to Borlu Yetkin, $310,000.

3633 Birdwood Road; R V A Houses Llc to Amaya Jose Andres Herrera, $230,000.

2128 Boro Ridge St; NVR Inc to Rooker Landon, $369,275.

2611 E Broad St; Porter James R and Jane T to Homan Caroline and Christopher, $565,000.

9 S Brunswick St; Eck Enterprises Inc to 3 9 S Brunswick Llc, $1,950,000.

3614 Carolina Ave; Home Slice Properties Llc to Arroyo Chris, $380,000.

3601 Chapel Dr; Atkins Brenda J to Frontuto Sebastian And, $205,000.

616 Chimborazo Blvd; Melton William to Campagnolo Gregory and Rachel, $439,900.

2119 Clearfield St; Vasquez Jariton Vega to Hernandez Shannon W, $232,000.

500 Deter Road; Pittman Jacquelyn S to 8th Hill Homes Llc, $163,000.

1303 Dubois Ave; Brown Joyce M and Fred to Rigdon Matthew T, $235,000.

3426 Ellwood Ave; Dunnivant Teri L and to Reynolds Heather Dawn, $464,900.

2201 Farrand St; Tompkins Clifford Jr and to Leggett Thomas W Iii, $317,000.

2308 Floyd Ave; Noel Gary C and Jacqueline L to Turner Michael L and Kelley L, $725,000.

3329 W Franklin St; Ewers Thomas Heinrich to Phillips Michael, $600,000.

5323 Germain Road; Ortiz Darwin S Flores to Ayala De Rosa Mercedes D And, $200,000.

3307 Gloucester Road; Miller Paul and Inge Darcy C to Deck Stephanie Christine And, $697,000.

4203 W Grace St; Rickman Isaac A and Frances G to Xpress Property Management Llc, $385,000.

6812 Grand Brook Ct; M Jaye Revocablet Trust to Anderson Nadia Shamelle, $215,000.

1207 Greycourt Ave; Wright Laurie L to Molesso Ashley Jill And, $404,995.

3215 Grove Ave; Mitchell Martha E to Mccrea Grove Llc, $890,000.

2008 Hanover Ave; Pridgen James Douglas Jr and to Baraldi Alessio Alfredo And, $850,000.

4614 Haworth Road; Stokes Joseph G to Brown Ainsley D, $215,000.

4140 Holcombe Road; Guill Clyde L and Clara H to Chica Ilsia Aracely Torres, $195,000.

2208 Jefferson Ave; Russell Michael F and Sally A to Nizzardini Christopher E, $399,950.

3116 Kenmore Road; Ohanlan J Treacy and to Gouverneur Aurelie M, $445,000.

3122 Kensington Ave U3; Poindexter Sara A to Sink Dominika E and Samuel, $225,000.

1719 W Laburnum Ave; Messmer Andrew G to Keesee Peyton C Ii And, $472,000.

1217 Leicester Road; Degen Elizabeth K to Harvey Patricia M Living Trust, $313,750.

607 Lincoln Ave; Hopkins Gregory R to Williams Belinda, $190,000.

23 E Main St; Brr Llc to M and P Properties Llc, $662,500.

3001-1/2 E Marshall St; Stubbs Peter S and to Gorsuch Andrew K And, $401,000.

1708 Mechanicsville Tpke; Mann Milton C to Waybrigth Real Estate, $190,000.

3514 Montrose Ave; Bf2 Llc to Cadavid Alexander, $399,950.

2017 Moore St; Wolf Danielle to Lee Madison and Merling Mark, $362,500.

4020 Newport Dr; Hinton Colleen P to Keegan Jessica M, $370,000.

1102 Oakwood Ave; Pendleton G F Iii and Lynn D to Mitchell Shekinah Devonda, $340,000.

5601 Old Willow Ct; Kirkpatrick Timothy and Kirstin to Peterson Rod and Rodgers Haley Ann, $440,000.

4800 Park Ave; Llewellyn Lorena B Estate to Gold Eric Matthew and Debora, $293,132.

3977 Patsy Ann Dr; Hayashi Teru H to Werner Michael W and Lauren T, $207,000.

2121 Phaup St; Price Caitlin to Hewlett Cheri, $230,000.

7508 Prairie Road; Mccord Ronni I and to Eilerson Marybeth, $655,000.

608 Rex Ave; Jag Real Estate Investment Llc to Richmond Adeya, $324,900.

14 N Rowland St; Bennett Mary J to Potomac River Ventures Llc, $475,000.

402 N Sheppard St; Taylor Douglas Marshall and to Metro Properties Inc, $750,000.

9212 St Charles Cir; Stanley Martin Companies Llc to Chandra Chaitanya And, $318,644.

6916 Stratford Townes Pl; Wales Property Management Llc to Bowles Tara, $305,000.

4416 Stuart Ave; Fewster Wendy C Trustee to Caesar Christopher Frank And, $952,000.

3121 Sunset Ave; Walter Bernice H to Bircher Mary W And, $390,000.

2133 Tobacco Mill St; NVR Inc to Ranqs Ii Properties Llc, $369,880.

2004 Venable St; Motta Home Renovations Llc to Hudson Liam Dabney And, $295,000.

4030 Wakefield Road; Jennings Charles W and Ann H to Ragsdale Sidney C and Mary E, $365,000.

6302 Wesley Road; Garner John E Jr to Olesen Sheila and Victor Jacob, $450,100.

1609 Westover Hills Blvd; Lucid Investments Llc to Young Robert, $439,000.

2706 Willamar St; Valladares Rafael and Dinora to Luvi Homes Llc, $150,000.

3013 Woodrow Ave; Cirelli Samuel J to Ibrahim Anna N And, $380,000.


6004 Abington Park Dr, Glen Allen; Findlay Marissa and John to Andrada Luciano Caldeira De and Ana C, $521,000.

8008 Arbor Glen Pl, Henrico; Graham Rana D to Campbell-Bailey Ingrid, $360,000.

9203 Avalon Dr, Henrico; Rutledge Warren N and Elizabeth K to Carver William H Iii and Honor P , $460,000.

7884 Battlefield Park Rd, Henrico; Radvany Andrew P to Smith Corey Alexander, $220,000.

11508 Belmont Park Ln, Glen Allen; Marinos Michael C and Theodore G to Shah Anil Chimanlal and Gita Anilkumar, $445,000.

5812 Bloomingdale Ave, Henrico; Pryor Robert H and Lucy S to Steele James and Julie, $475,000.

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2816 Brandon Creek Pl, Henrico; Murray David Matthew to Escamilla Paula A Simonds , $275,000.

3804 Brennen Robert Pl, Glen Allen; Bradley Edward W and Cynthia W to Fortuna John and Karen, $546,000.

10132 W Broad St, Glen Allen; Carlson David L Revocable Trust to T Long Properties Llc, $587,500.

3308 Bryson Dr, Henrico; Mendez Kaitlin E to Singh Neelam and Manoj Sangra, $293,000.

1215 Byrd Ave, Henrico; Gardner V Mccormick Trust 1997 to Gallatin Andrew J , $580,000.

2509 Carlisle Ave, Henrico; Watchtower Homes and Construction Llc to Faruq Khalil A , $205,000.

5020 Cedar Fork Ter, Henrico; Wright William and Amber Martin to Patterson Shantal Akia and F Lipscomb, $230,000.

3291 Charles City Rd, Henrico; Davis Kenneth D and Wanda K to White Armanii, $160,000.

1341 Claytor Ln, Henrico; Hunter Byron W to Lin Pin and Yu, $344,000.

11405 Colfax Rd, Glen Allen; Matthews Margaret J Estate to Crouch Melinda and Raymond L Jr, $258,000.

12720 Copperas Ln, Henrico; Duan Haimei to Awadalla Mohamed M, $312,760.

2402 Crowncrest Dr, Henrico; Renwick Heather L to Adamiak Matthew D and Madeline R , $420,000.

5517 Danley Ln, Henrico; Grubbs Christopher and Casey Shimp to Mitchell Emma Lois , $312,500.

6612 Dellwood St, Henrico; James Nay Llc to Evans Erin N and Jonathan B Seay, $287,500.

12329 Dewhurst Ave, Henrico; Emery Kevin L Sr and Terri R to Stake Lawrence D Jr and Heather N , $687,000.

2208 Drummond Dr, Henrico; Brooks Rebecca Nicole to Miller Jillian, $156,000.

5508 Eanes Ln, Henrico; Spencer Christopher J and Michelle L Heney to Hp Virginia I Llc, $260,000.

12194 Elnora Ln, Glen Allen; Kittrell Company to Thiyagarajan Nanda Kishore and M Senapati, $596,193.

4256 English Holly Cir, Henrico; Oliver Vicky L Trustee to Oates Phyllis Stahl , $342,500.

2853 Fairway Homes Way, Glen Allen; Hines David P and Elizabeth A Bruce to Shannon Family Revocable Living Trust, $375,000.

2618 Fernhill Ave, Henrico; Wakefield Samantha N to Moxley Judith S, $225,000.

10408 Flat Branch Dr, Henrico; He Zhiwei and Neiling Hua to Dababish Khamis, $394,000.

10748 Forest Hollow Ct, Glen Allen; Lifestyle Builders and Developers Inc to Quarles Danny and Wanda, $710,960.

6515 W Franklin St, Henrico; Arnett Randall A and Laura M Millner to Islam Nadia Y and Nicholas B Huffman, $469,000.

1405 Gambrel Dr, Sandston; Chavez Daniela T D L L to Barnes Courtney and Anthony and Arlene, $245,000.

11402 Gayton Rd, Henrico; Jones Thomas W Jr and Vivian S Trustees to Jetzorreck Christian Hans and Venerath, $395,000.

6519 W Grace St, Henrico; Golden Sean to Hirsch Mark and Maureen Greany, $406,500.

2706 Greenway Ave, Henrico; Westbury Linda to Wood Thomas Keith and Jene C, $225,500.

8256 Greystone West Cir, Henrico; Bullard John B Iii to Ruiz Hernando, $360,000.

7013 Hapsburg Ct, Henrico; Ross Run Llc to Simmons Daryl Vincent Jr , $322,623.

10898 Harvest Mill Pl, Glen Allen; Legault Homes Llc to Hull Andrew M and Jose A Estrada, $684,541.

308 Hay Mill Aly, Glen Allen; Hhhunt Homes Lc to Bhandari Srikanth and Pinky Rachamala, $364,345.

7219 Hermitage Rd, Henrico; Detrick Jessica L and Stephen C Jr to Snelson Charles, $235,016.

417 S Holly Ave, Henrico; Staton Malcolm V Jr to Burrows Alexandra and Michael Watterson , $230,000.

2380 Horsley Dr, Henrico; Simmons David M and Jacqueline B to Aziz Melad A, $325,000.

3041 Hunton Cottage Ln, Glen Allen; Ghosh Preetam and Bhaswati Datta to Kellangere Venkatapathi Pradeep and R H S , $488,200.

6040 Jenkins Bluff Ln, Sandston; Boyd Nathan S and Courtney M to Jones Marvin F and Suzanne M Lee, $375,500.

3 N Kalmia Ave, Henrico; Bruce W Taylor Masonry Inc to Bullock Felicia Denise, $219,000.

1550 Kimbrook Ln, Sandston; Mays Andrew L and Kristin A to Smalls Melissa , $280,000.

7007 Lakewood Dr, Henrico; 7007 Lakewood Drive Llc to Resilience17 Llc, $2,400,000.

8518 Lansdowne Rd, Henrico; New Hope Rentals Llc to Mclean Francis and Ellen , $286,000.

2905 Laurel Woods Ln, Henrico; Morrow Kristen L and Randy Jr to Kandukuru Srinivasulu and Sruthi Magalnadu, $502,500.

4776 Leakes Mill Dr, Glen Allen; NVR Inc to Mahadevaiah Hemanth and A B Chandregowda, $640,270.

1815 Liesfeld Pkwy, Glen Allen; Moreira Stanley A and Joshua A Meyers to Patel Nikunj and Noopur , $530,000.

2812 Lito Rd, Glen Allen; Hensley Diane L and Ervin to Hendrick Calvin Lee, $255,000.

3902 Longleaf Dr, Henrico; Askew Glenn A and David W Et Al to Herald Chad K and Amber W, $225,000.

1213 Magnolia Pointe Blvd, Glen Allen; Desai Pranav and Sarika to Richardson Jordyn , $250,000.

6221 Manor Park Ct, Glen Allen; Cotton Robert W to Desai Neemisha and Asmitaben Modi, $660,000.

2404 Marroit Rd, Henrico; Bryson Todd to Johnson Davina Latrice, $250,000.

701 Masters Row, Glen Allen; Schwartz Richard F Jr and Barbara J to Cobb Benjamin, $189,000.

1138 Micheline Ter, Henrico; Richmond Real Estate Group Iii Llc to Wilson Aaron V and Quintina T Spellman, $277,000.

5100 Monument Ave U1215, Henrico; Mcmullin Daniel H and Charles T and M W to Grois Peter F and Dawn M , $215,000.

Mountain Rd, Glen Allen; Willis Douglas M and S J Duncan and Jean F to Tiller Road Llc, $475,000.

5108 Nine Mile Rd, Henrico; Boot I Llc to Ccj Llc, $800,000.

11501 Nuckols Rd, Glen Allen; Strayer University Inc to Northstar Academy Inc, $4,500,500.

7237 Oakmere Ct, Henrico; Bradby Curtis T and Cynthia to Pierce Scott Roger and Diane Marie , $380,000.

303 Old Oak Rd, Henrico; Massony Richard P Jr and Stefanie V to Winter Seth Andrew and Heather Wheelock, $1,123,000.

215 Orams Ln, Henrico; Hicks William A Jr and Susan Graves to Ricks William M, $335,000.

906 N Parham Rd, Henrico; Bruch W Mark Jr to 906 Parham Llc, $335,000.

2322 Pathfinder Cir, Henrico; Zolides Peter J to Delsouze Mohammad Sharif and Shogofa, $331,000.

902 Penola Dr, Henrico; Smith Wesley H and Mary F to Archer Shellie J , $340,000.

2656 Piney Ridge Dr, Henrico; Diop Ndeye Fatou to Morgan Shantel C, $305,000.

7106 Prospect Ave, Henrico; Virginia Home Buyers Llc to Modecki Carl A Jr, $300,000.

3812 Purple Haze Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Jordan Maya, $312,695.

1704 Quietwood Ct, Henrico; Kaminski Ronald and Suzanne to Kiku Vitaliy I and Morgan A, $450,000.

5603 Randall Ave, Henrico; Baiden Robert A and Nicole M to Cheatham Terry D, $260,000.

300 N Ridge Rd U53, Henrico; Kaufman Charles W and Elizabeth B to Smallwood Elizabeth and Katherine Et Al, $466,000.

251 Rocketts Way U502, Henrico; Bortowski Stephen J and Marcy L to Collins Benjamin E, $301,500.

3925 Rosemallow Pl, Henrico; NVR Inc to Carter Joseph Dequan, $337,725.

3005 Ruthland Rd, Henrico; Zirkle Lydia S to Norton Clayton, $235,000.

209 Sag Harbor Ct, Henrico; NVR Inc to Nichols Terrell L and Brittany N Preston, $251,580.

3006 Sara Jean Ter, Glen Allen; Chisholm Laura C to Cesar Melissa C, $220,000.

7603 Seminary Ave, Henrico; Finnegan Marylila to Friedman Alexander, $220,000.

5108 Shimmering Pl, Glen Allen; Schanzer Robert William Trustee to Balusu Sri Harsha and Alekya Nekkanti, $610,000.

6984 Sir Galahad Rd, Henrico; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Hudson Alfreda Slaughter, $324,775.

2306 Spencer Rd, Henrico; Ramos Hernandez Nery Alexander to Ggc Associates Llc, $400,000.

5141 Springfield Rd, Glen Allen; Ferramosca Properties Llc to Sla Construction Llc Trustee, $425,000.

2651 St Elias Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Griffin William Blount Jr , $341,464.

2661 St Elias Dr, Henrico; Stanley Martin Homes Llc to Shank Mark Thomas and Hanah Jiae Kim, $398,607.

5724 Stonehurst Estates Ter, Glen Allen; Bradford Homes Inc to Houston John R Iv, $1,413,391.

2512 Sutton Pl, Henrico; Derrenberger Adam J to Gibson Brandon, $310,000.

9689 Telegraph Rd, Glen Allen; Ruffin Archie L Ii to Smith James C and Donna , $282,000.

1807 Timbermead Ct, Henrico; Brugh Lydia O to Smith Marit Anderson and James Andrew , $505,000.

9490 Tracey Lynne Cir, Glen Allen; Azuaje Dair J and Kelly Johnson to Jeter Ashley and Preston, $215,000.

4674 Twin Hickory Lake Dr, Glen Allen; Long Susan B to Stewart Henry I Iii and Katherine, $330,000.

3630 Vawter Ave, Henrico; 3630 Vawter Avenue Llc to Blake Property Solutions Llc, $158,000.

5308 Walker Ave, Henrico; Yukon Enterprises Llc to Bolanos Melvin G M and Roxana D C Castro, $230,000.

3302 Webb Rd, Henrico; Jones Mary C to Hernandez Allan Carlos and Dinora, $285,000.

4005 West End Dr, Henrico; Johnson Justin Paul and Meredith to Thompson Cathy L , $255,000.

1015 Westham Pkwy, Henrico; Bellis Douglass and S M English Trustees to Wright Baron M and Angela, $346,700.

312 Westoe Rd, Henrico; Ruddy Millicent K to Staley Elliot J and Madeline K , $793,000.

4005 Wheat Ct, Henrico; Cowardin Stacey J to Lu Guojin and Cuiyue Lei, $725,000.

6681 Wicker Meadows Cir, Henrico; Wyche David and Daphne to Caire Lisa M , $188,000.

9705 Willow Glen Ln, Henrico; Petrides Michael G to Hossain Md Amir and Tahsin Amir Enan, $333,600.

5428 Wintergreen Rd, Glen Allen; Mayhew Marvin F to Camurdan Mehmet C and Yujie Shan Trustees, $345,000.

9630 Woodstream Dr, Henrico; Edwards Virginia L to James Amanda S and Jacob P , $342,000.

5236 Wythe Ave, Henrico; Cates Joan R to Carvelli Rosemarie D and Albert B Jr, $900,000.

8411 Zell Ln, Henrico; Jones Larry B and Karen Trustees Et Al to Bruce Kaitlyn Elizabeth , $333,000.


568 Abbey Village Cir, Midlothian; Serio Steven F to Rusch Rebeka T, $329,000.

1749 Almer Ct, Chester; NVR Inc to Del Vecchio Thomas Hoyt Short and Wise Morgan, $462,110.

7113 Appelman Rd, Chesterfield; Shurm Construction Inc to Connor Crystal Ellareese and Charlie Alexander Iii, $358,216.

7618 Ashlake Cmns, Chesterfield; Drake James S and Drake Paul A and Drake Jonathan to Wallace William J and Billie Collins, $379,900.

5901 Austin Woods Dr, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Bryant Phillip Lawrence, $327,070.

8510 Bagette Rd, North Chesterfield; Lindsay Ralph Jr and Lois S to Lepore Angela L, $200,000.

1507 Bantry Ct, Midlothian; Chetelat Brian W to Lilly Christopher James, $380,000.

12442 Bay Knolls Trl, Midlothian; Gonzales Katherine A and G G to Burfoot Jonathan Frederick, $365,000.

17900 Beach Rd, Chesterfield; Riverpine Properties Llc to South River Custom Homes Llc, $150,000.

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9416 Beckham Dr, North Chesterfield; Hidden Pleasure Llc to Blatt Emily, $279,000.

4101 Belrun Rd, North Chesterfield; Adams Robert W and Betty S to Wright Lamont, $205,000.

3613 Birchs Bluff Rd, North Chesterfield; Aromire Ayinla A to Washington Denisecia, $360,000.

15613 Blooming Rd, Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Reid Marvin E and Freda P, $501,340.

8107 Bole Hat Rd, Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Mcgrath Ryan C and Maureen, $506,605.

10645 Braden Parke Dr, Chesterfield; Vecchio Jennifer and Benjamin to Hinzmann Gordon Harold and Catherine Ann, $342,887.

13710 Brandy Oaks Ter, Chesterfield; Silver Timothy M and Kim Y to Barnett Scott A and Summer, $442,000.

21424 Bridle Path Dr, South Chesterfield; Armstrong Robin D to Moses Ronita Shauntae, $225,000.

16808 Broadmoor Rd, Moseley; Westerleigh Fc Llc to Grogan William M Jr and Alantha Virginia, $441,435.

7301 Buck Rub Ln, Midlothian; Nichols Heather Nicole to Oakley Kevin and Allen Brianna Alane, $260,000.

5649 Burnage Ct, Chesterfield; Minton Daniel S and Camille A to Trainum Michael and Lindsay, $355,200.

8353 Capernwray Dr, Chesterfield; Lifestyle Home Builders to Ecker Richard A and Lesley A, $693,361.

2009 Castle Glen Ct, North Chesterfield; Darden Jimmie M and Williams M M to Harvey Robert and Lowery Megan, $315,000.

201 Chasnell Rd, North Chesterfield; Griffin John Jr and L Michelle to Mcmahand Latarsha M, $205,000.

14619 Chesdin Shores Ter, Chesterfield; Jacobson Kelly to Ferguson Jacqueline E, $435,000.

14218 Chimney House Rd, Midlothian; Rezahi Ali D and Romero Eileen M to Mclean James William and Anton Jennifer Katherine, $530,000.

10341 Christina Rd, Chesterfield; Fetterolf Brian K and Sheila to Quisenberry Leslie, $317,500.

10202 Claybar Trl, North Chesterfield; Hubert Andreas to Devoe Lauren and Ryan, $250,000.

10205 Cloverfield Cir, Chesterfield; Ayers Ethan L to Carroll James M, $255,000.

4447 Cogbill Rd, North Chesterfield; Canis Management Group Llc to Thriving Llc, $169,000.

450 Comstock Dr, North Chesterfield; Delio Dawn Marie to Smith Carl Bretton and Morgan Alexa Leigh, $295,000.

12607 Cottage Mill Rd, Midlothian; Riley J Jeffrey and Bonnie L to Davidson David Pierce and Diane Linda, $339,000.

2903 Cove Ridge Rd, Midlothian; Snyder Scott and Snyder Mitchell to Ayers Ethan Lee and Jessica Mcgrath, $340,000.

13826 Crosstimbers Rd, Midlothian; Allen Lynn S to Webb Brittney and Andrew Jackson Iii, $280,000.

12224 Declaration Ave, Chester; Swayzee Jason M and Shelby T to Obinna Catherine O, $435,000.

7006 Deer Thicket Dr, Midlothian; Three Points Properties Llc to Santos-Rios Abizue, $285,000.

5313 Dermotte Ln, North Chesterfield; Peters June B to Roots Cordell, $198,000.

10270 N Donegal Rd, Chesterfield; Wilson Stephen L to Hudson Kendra Murphy and Hudson Stephen Walter, $252,500.

6115 Duck Cove Rd, Midlothian; Foster John M to Myers Angela, $235,000.

11220 Eagle Point Rd, Chester; Kelly Bruce E Jr and Sherry J to Deal Brett M and Candace E, $300,000.

7015 Egan Pl, Chesterfield; Atherley Raymond R and Shanny S to Ayala Jose B and Marissa and Ayala Kathiamarie, $260,500.

11800 Ellerbee Mill Ave, Chester; Style Craft Homes Inc Of Va to Bliley Crita Anderson and John W Jr, $355,494.

15225 Endstone Trl, Midlothian; Rountrey Dev Corp to Santa Barbara Contractors Llc, $183,000.

2801 Executive Dr, Chester; Haase Kristofer R to Mendoza Joanna Maria and Matute Blanca Ondina Mendoza, $257,000.

6442 Faulkner Dr, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Terrell Deena A, $391,475.

5938 Ferintosh Pl, South Chesterfield; Bowen Properties Llc to Wheeler Julie Marie, $203,000.

13406 Fitzwilliam Ct, Midlothian; Collington East Llc to Feldkamp Edward and Amy, $507,014.

8819 Forge Gate Ln, Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Cole Adrienne C and Gatliff-Johnson Joshua D, $541,095.

16319 Fox Creek Forest Dr, Moseley; Kidd Lawrence C Iii and C B to Pendleton G F Iii and Lynn D, $785,000.

10206 Francill Ct, North Chesterfield; Walsh Christopher A to Fairwell Melinda T, $232,000.

3220 Gannet Ln, Midlothian; Swift Creek Development Llc to Deliazard Poliakoff and Carol Maud, $362,724.

10648 Genlou Rd, Chesterfield; Locher David T and Colleen M to Gamez Antonio, $280,000.

11600 Gordon School Rd, North Chesterfield; Emery Derek R and Laura J to Magee Susan Y Trustee, $215,000.

6601 Grand Haven Ln, Moseley; Schell Brothers Richmond Llc to Serrao James F Jr and Cheryl J, $622,124.

661 Greencastle Rd, North Chesterfield; Grekov Ivalin to Anchondo Florinda and Eduardo, $320,000.

6548 Greyhaven Dr, North Chesterfield; D R Horton Inc to Spurlock Ashley Patrice, $395,790.

736 Grove Rd, Midlothian; Cc Richmond-Grove Road Llc to Mdc Coast 23 Llc, $3,133,600.

4106 Hamlin Ter, Chester; Jackson Roland C to Underwood Emily Gayle, $289,900.

3931 Harrow Dr, Chester; Ovens Sandra L and Payne Tina M to Edwards Tyler Alexander and Ashleigh Nicole, $285,000.

4442 Heidi Ct, Midlothian; Dudek Martin A and Min Gu to Cong-Huyen Bach Tuyet, $324,000.

4005 Hidden Valley Rd, Chester; Bedard Paul D and Dorothy W to Recendiz Emilio Coronado and Perez-Rubio Alejandra, $305,000.

4941 Hopkins Rd, North Chesterfield; Williams Marvin V and Patricia G to Futrell Oliver, $300,500.

6025 Huntingcreek Dr, North Chesterfield; Woo Jerry S Trustee to Ouk Dara and Chim Chhan, $151,500.

7218 Ingot Pl, North Chesterfield; NVR Inc to Johnson Tevin Darnell and Alexander Dezari Octavia, $366,400.

151 Ironwood Rd, North Chesterfield; Elledge Ruth M to Nguyen Tuan Ngoc and Rambo Kaylee Marie, $240,000.

16803 Jaydee Ct, Moseley; Rhodes Eric and Jacquelyn to Jaganjac Nadja, $475,000.

5772 S Jessup Rd, Chesterfield; Bynum Terri C and Major R Jr to Nguyen Tommy and Amy, $310,000.

9705 Kennesaw Rd, North Chesterfield; Mendez Richie to Lougheed Jason, $240,000.

8330 Kintail Dr, Chesterfield; Braxton J L and Braxton A M Trs to Elswick Jasna Savin and Stephen Allen, $724,000.

3724 Lacroix Way, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Schlitt Jennifer R, $365,653.

7922 Lake Shore Dr, North Chesterfield; Cummins Linda S and Simon Steven R and Simon John M and Pavey Virginia Joy to Archuleta Kyle Ashton and Jennifer Schmelia, $321,000.

4610 Landing Cir, North Chesterfield; Nakhla Mina and Gawargy Mary S to Hill Joe’docei, $282,000.

5809 Laurel Trail Ct, Midlothian; White Todd L and Amy J to Greenwood-Buchko Carlene F, $157,123.

6606 Liege Hl, Moseley; Hhhunt Greenwich Walk Llc to Hahn Virginia D, $414,060.

4119 Litchfield Dr, Chesterfield; Spinner Roger W and Rebecca J to Buza Steven H and Kelly L, $320,200.

9654 Lockberry Ridge Loop, North Chesterfield; Hollis James B and Jeanne M to Tellier Susan A, $285,000.

6401 Lookout Point Cir, Midlothian; Driskill Tracy L to O’connor Lorelei J, $330,000.

9960 Lumlay Rd, North Chesterfield; Lorraine Kenneth M and Robin R to Talley Sandra, $359,000.

11305 Mansfield Crossing Ct, North Chesterfield; Plant Daniel Sean to Wilson Kim, $280,000.

4708 Marty Blvd, North Chesterfield; Henshaw Charles R Jr and Anne M to Secretary Of Housing and Urban Development, $166,328.

4618 Mason Dale Way, North Chesterfield; J&r Rent to Buy Llc to James Nay Llc, $150,000.

4100 Maze Runner Dr, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Juwadi Sindhuja and Satthiraju Janaki S, $269,988.

10642 Michmar Dr, Chester; Heo Mi Yeon to Cherry Phillip, $450,000.

5808 Mill Spring Rd, Midlothian; Thompson Kayla M to Thomas Brenda Sue, $300,000.

6224 Mockingbird Ln, Midlothian; Mann Harvey A and Helen V to Cunha Domingos A and Emilia G, $330,000.

818 Mountshire Ter, Chester; Brockelman Andrew A and Lois A to Loyd Kerrick M, $375,000.

10317 Nestor Rd, Chesterfield; Spencer Donna C to Toney Justin, $185,000.

10609 Northcliff Pl, North Chesterfield; Bryant David A and Jessica N to Tyson-Wood Tenika, $305,000.

20025 Oak River Ct, South Chesterfield; Lemois Carlton P and Nancy L to Darnell Jeremy D and Terri L, $325,000.

10773 Old Centralia Rd, Chester; West Vickie Lynn to Stockner Jason D and Stockner Lisa R, $250,000.

17407 Otter Dr, Moseley; Homeplaces Ltd to Fischer Karen E, $879,000.

1801 Parkway Ln, North Chesterfield; San Jose Estrada Santos A to Williams Janice Lavonne, $285,500.

6430 Philbrook Rd, North Chesterfield; Chavis Felicia Gay to A and J Investment Llc, $195,000.

2224 Pocoshock Blvd, North Chesterfield; Sarver Brenda S to Sarver Stacy and Greene Donnie, $187,500.

2413 Prince George Ave, Chester; Warthan Douglas T and Sara J to Groves Devin S and Moore Sallie Ann, $270,000.

1855 Providence Villas Ct, North Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Poindexter Clarissa Helena and Jones Stephanie D, $348,707.

3508 Quail Hill Ct, Midlothian; Cominsky Connie S and Steven K to Sessions Brandon M and Williams Areiel S, $285,000.

8818 Rams Crossing Pl, North Chesterfield; Collier R E Inc Builder to Bravo Lawrence E, $640,000.

10705 Red Lion Pl, North Chesterfield; Baggett Thomas B and Jane W to Verheul Linda R, $295,500.

5729 Retriever Rd, North Chesterfield; Beers Adam J to Martinez Flores Jose A, $200,000.

14329 Revelry Blvd, Midlothian; NVR Inc to Heppert Daniel Wade, $417,625.

4615 Riderwood Way, Chester; Underwood Richard and Brandi to Barnett Joel D and Barrie G, $405,000.

14118 Riverdowns North Ter, Midlothian; Goldman Ira F and Marietta A to Broocke David Charles and Amy Patricia, $716,500.

4000 Rockridge Ct, Chester; Nabors W T and Nabors L M Trs to Burke Tracie Poff, $440,000.

1742 Rose Mill Cir, Midlothian; Kranski Kari to Daly Robert, $312,000.

18313 Sagamore Dr, Moseley; NVR Inc to Worsley Crystal Tanelle, $679,394.

10501 Salem Oaks Dr, North Chesterfield; Richards Michelene M and A L to Smith Jennifer G, $335,000.

10341 Sauna Dr, North Chesterfield; Moore Colin L and Moore Carol C to Carrera Nery Milian, $273,000.

212 Scrimshaw Dr, Chester; Seitz Sharon M to Ferguson Tionna, $420,000.

9131 Sharpe Ct, Chesterfield; Eagle Construction Of Va Llc to Roy Michael P, $476,524.

4507 Shop St, Chester; Pulling Susan Gregory and James to Weidner Jonathan Robert and Brooke Nicole, $252,500.

9313 Sir Britton Dr, Chesterfield; Harrell Jason A and Anne S to Brooks Annette M, $484,000.

15300 Spiral Pl, Chesterfield; Eastwood Homes Of Richmond Llc to Grosch Robert E and Julie R, $362,570.

14121 State Ave, Chester; Keeter Logan E to Bello Patrick, $202,000.

13905 Sterlings Bridge Rd, Midlothian; Davis Timothy E to Barrineau James Stephen and Carly Burrage, $305,000.

4717 Stoney Creek Pkwy, Chester; Zimmerman William A and Louisa A to Mullins Heath A and Jennifer L, $345,000.

10811 Sunset Hills Dr, North Chesterfield; Condrey Barry S to Huertas-Cohakira Denis, $238,000.

15600 Tallion Ct, Chesterfield; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Allen Michael Vincent and Danielle Nicole, $447,430.

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3603 Taplow Cir, Midlothian; Fontana Mario to Geyer Eric Sean, $375,000.

17019 Thornapple Ct, Moseley; Hhhunt Homes L C to Shackelford Avis Lorinn and Boykins Aaron Baldwin, $404,130.

10731 Timberun Rd, Chesterfield; Jones Christopher E to Diversified Residential Homes 4 Llc, $271,000.

15100 Tomahawk Ridge Dr, Midlothian; Blosser Reid A and Rachael M to Borzobohaty Jerry and Christina Sharon, $430,000.

6213 Trail Ride Dr, Moseley; D R Horton Inc to Cuddeback Gary Steven and Cuddeback Valerie Anne, $464,720.

2528 Troycott Pl, North Chesterfield; Treadway Kayo to Johnson Laron Shamar, $210,000.

7837 Vermeil St, North Chesterfield; Henderson Jamie Ricks and Earl to Miller Joslyn Louise, $319,500.

3512 Walkers Ferry Ct, Midlothian; Dunn James G and Joan K to Metz Brendan D and Emily V, $399,500.

3037 Warfield Estates Ter, Chester; Simmons James C and Amanda to Elizondo Ricardo Jr and Matthews Ebony Royalle, $329,900.

6604 Way Point Dr, North Chesterfield; Hhhunt Homes L C to Whitfield Zemula Oneida, $359,900.

12713 Wensley Ln, Chester; Chatters Julius M to Hernandez Zaudhy A Pacheco and Correa Jim Rivera, $338,000.

15708 Whirland Dr, Midlothian; Clayton Properties Group Inc to Vega Kathryn H and Jonathan P, $454,430.

5022 Wilconna Rd, Chesterfield; Windom Joshua to Hp Virginia I Llc, $215,000.

2809 Wilton Ct, Chester; Lafoon Mark E Sr to Brown Latarsh, $275,000.

21205 Winfree Ave, South Chesterfield; Slate Carl H Iii to Bowman Aaron Scott and Lacey, $165,000.

1521 Winters Hill Cir, North Chesterfield; Brancato John and Lyne to Brancato Elena Alcantara, $150,000.

1100 Woodlet Meadow Ln, Midlothian; The Grove At Lucks Lane Llc to Mee William Joseph Iii and Deborah J, $376,877.


0.574 acres; Faye Etta Barnes to Andrea Bonanno Fleming, $257,500.

20.997 acres; STX Inc. to Deshaun Rogers, $181,000.

4316 Armstrong Drive, Mechanicsville; Sandra J. Faith to Brian Wehler, $725,000.

9170 Avondale Drive, Mechanicsville; Sandra K. Reen to Melissa C. Larimer, $290,000.

Block 10, Section 7, Chickahominy Falls; CFalls II LLC to Boone Homes Inc., $2,100,000.

8049 Blythe Road, Mechanicsville; Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Nirav Jayesh Patel, $508,335.

10305 Buckwood Lane, Mechanicsville; Mona D. Guilford to Michael R. Pennino, $698,950.

6306 Cold Harbor Road, Mechanicsville; Frederic I. McGhee to Rebecca Batchelor, $249,000.

8350 Devils Den Lane, Mechanicsville; Michael E. Wirt to Aaron Peter Tidd, $308,600.

600 Duncan St., Ashland; Robert Lee Hopkins III to Robert Lee Hopkins III, $250,000.

9537 Farleight Way, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Michael Abbate, $567,661.

8255 Flannigan Mill Road, Mechanicsville; Christopher R. Nelson to Darrell Keith Carter, $615,000.

10424 Golden Sunset Court, Glen Allen; Farmstead Villas LLC to Timothy Andrew Woodland Spivey, $399,398.

11408 Haltonshire Way, Glen Allen; Jennifer C. O’Brien to Hamza Rashid, $375,000.

10042 Honey Meadows Road, Mechanicsville; Deborah B. Gren to Dayond E. Rymer, $305,000.

9405 Hope Glen Court, Mechanicsville; John W. Fraysse Jr. to Jared H. Buchanan, $399,950.

9316 Janeway Drive, Mechanicsville; NVR Inc. to Philip John Russell, $613,665.

6300 Kennedy Court, Mechanicsville; John P. Castelvecchi to Matthew Allen Chidley, $365,000.

13109 La Reine Court, Ashland; RCI Builders LLC to Mark Humerickhouse, $599,355.

Lot 1, King’s Charter Office Park; Bundle of Joy Properties IV LLC to Bundle of Joy Properties Atlee LLC, $1,600,000.

Lot 145, Liberty Trace; Alexander R. Pezeshan to Jimmie L. Pittman, $242,500.

Lot 3, Block G, Section H, Mayfield Farms; Graham H. Shepard to Broad Street Road LLC, $300,000.

Lot 8, Block D, Section 2, Burnside Farms; Janet R. Rickman to Wunmi Investments LLC, $339,950.

13244 Lucy Penn Circle, Ashland; Catherine L. Carter to Wayne Harrar, $573,000.

7543 Madison Estates Drive, Mechanicsville; Joseph A. Fowler to Tanner B. Dahlke, $640,000.

10127 Meadow Pond Drive, Mechanicsville; Scott Brick Eastman to David Surgent, $610,000.

9101 Minglewood Lane, Mechanicsville; Sydney G. Norton to Paul A. Weimer III, $419,000.

12034 Mount Hermon Road, Ashland; Judith H. Edwards to George Stephen Dowdy, $565,000.

11302 Old Scotland Road, Glen Allen; Amanda M. McClenny to James R. Tucker, $349,950.

Parcel; L. Andrew Duke Jr. to Midatlantic Builders LLC, $287,000.

7337 Pebble Lake Drive, Mechanicsville; Serefino Richard Cataldo to Sharon G. Clark, $284,000.

6091 Pond Place Way, Mechanicsville; Jacob Tame to Crystal Raven Matterson, $400,000.

10024 Revolutionary Place, Mechanicsville; Rodney A. Cole, trustee to Daniel M. Hoffman, $632,000.

11226 Roinick Lane, Hanover; Franklin W. Stanley Jr to Dustin W. Robbins, $22,500.

9082 Salient Lane, Mechanicsville; Frank C. Dressler Jr. to Allen Zheng, $430,000.

9235 Sedgehill Court, Mechanicsville; Matthew L. Sanders to Kyle R. Swenson, $423,450.

6398 Sledds Lake Road, Mechanicsville; Matthew Kyle Mutty to Kararzyna Jarosz, $300,000.

12220 Stirrup Cup Lane, Rockville; David W. Mitchell to Robert Nicholes, $565,950.

10426 Summer Hill Road, Mechanicsville; Paul S. Agrillo III to Eric L. Liverman, $608,960.

15381 Taylorsville Road, Doswell; C. Boyd Smith Sr. to Charles B. Smith Jr., $270,000.

9069 Waldelock Place, Mechanicsville; Theodore R. Foote Jr. to Terence Jerome Pendleton, $480,000.

3395 Wood Valley Drive, Mechanicsville; Jesse Belvin to Miguel Acosta, $700,000.


Lot 6, Lunsford Villa; Bridget Ann McMillion to Jacquelyn Smith Milliner, $235,000.

12330 Hidden Valley Drive, Amelia Court House; Danny Bowman to Brittany Chumney, $385,000.

7871 Stonewall Place, Amelia Court House; Dana G. Keener to Kaitlin Rose Boyden, $305,000.


288.169 acres; Gary Cole LLC to D&B Development LLC, $589,840.

Lot 1, County View North; Douglas A. Born to Melissa Allen, $262,500.


205 Archer Av.; Trc Riverview, Llc, to Bw Mattox Landing, Llc , 10650000.

130 Chesterfield Av.; Thompson, Christian B. to Mays, Devon E., $290,000.

305 Drake Av.; Michel, Sonia Stafford to Howard, Alycia M., $194,000.

231 Honeycreek Ct.; Bishop, Rodney W to Wilson, Evelyn Jacquinette, $295,000.

300 Maple Av.; Gunn, Thomas B to De Argueta, Dora Alicia Herrera, $170,000.

3713 Perthshire La.; Mcneely, Matthew Scott to Lan, Zhu Ping, $265,000.

1707 Wakefield Av.; Ralda, Jose A. to Lynch, Donald, $186,000.


0.252 acres; Charles R. B. Bristol to J. Holdings LLC, $200,000.

329 Dana Drive, Farmville; Woodrow W. Southall Jr. to Jordan Farabaugh, $215,000.

149 Winding River Drive, Farmville; Scott Reese to Brock Properties LLC, $270,000.


1 acre; Cathy P. Carwile to Brandon Patrick Keith, $180,000.

3.3 acres; Franklin M. Williamson Jr. to Travis R. Wamsley, $157,000.

90.646 acres; John L. Howard to Michael A. Lands, $253,680.

8205 Courthouse Road, Church Road; Tiffany B. Taylor to Colin J. Thore, $290,000.

20116 Eugene Drive, Sutherland; Andrew Lambert to Tabitha Kelley, $237,000.

23619 Kefalos Drive, Stoney Creek; H. Keith & Ken Henshaw Contractors Inc. to Danielle V. Hood, $233,500.

Lots 18 and 19, Block B, Edgehill Park; James E. Newsome II to Jason Lee Sutherland, $189,000.

8700 Turkey Run Drive, Dinwiddie; Rock River Inc. to Kendall D. Hall, $428,581.


0.76 acres; Jeremy W. Ragland to Sarah Clark, $165,000.

3.88 acres; Thomas A. Walker to Katrice Tinsley, $268,500.

68.162 acres; Gary K. Lofland to Lee Road LLC, $995,000.

12241 Bremner Ridge Circle, Manakin Sabot; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Mitchell Fox, $522,045.

2971 Davis Mill Road, Goochland; Evette Wadkins to William Richard Benjamin, $375,000.

1766 Fishers Pond Drive, Maidens; W.V. McClure Inv. to Richard P. Hepner, $590,409.

506 Hickory Drive, Manakin Sabot; Kenneth W. Woolard to Lindsi Nicole Sparks, $485,500.

2317 Lanes End Place, Maidens; Kirk J. Conway to Stanley Morris Meador, $665,000.

Lot 33, Section 1, Mosaic at West Creek; Schell Brothers Richmond LLC to Philip E. Barak, $729,500.

922 Newsome Court, Goochland; Terry C. Russell to E. David LeGrande, $330,000.

7446 Park Village Blvd., Glen Allen; Eagle Construction of Virginia LLC to Amin Ladha, $610,518.

500 Sawdust Drive, Manakin Sabot; Dianne Elizabeth White to Emily Parlove, $375,000.

3940 Whitehall Road, Sandy Hook; Bruce G. Ballard to Cindy Contrastano, $425,000.


701 N 10th Ave.; VIP Dream Homes LLC to Clinton Savannah, $215,000.

1528 Cameron’s Landing Blvd.; Anthony Pittman to Seung Hee Kwon, $285,000.

3210 Freeman St.; Jeffrey Meyers Kieper to Taylor Michelle Goodwin, $150,000.

Lots 5, 6 and 7, Block K, West Hopewell; Johnson Home and Property Solutions LLC to Arbor 5 Corp., $189,200.

3802 Pin Oak Court; Alta J. Betley to Gregory Lamonte Coleman, $208,000.

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1104 Smithfield Ave.; Dale A. Fater to Steven Nathaniel Charity, $215,000.


0.25 acres, The Alabama Farm; 2nd Mile LLC to Overflow LLC, $275,000.

159 Allyson Drive, Williamsburg; Kyle E. Taylor to Morgan Gabrielle Page Harding, $240,000.

1 Autumn East, Williamsburg; Camille Besancon Tyrpak to Katherine M. Foster, $230,000.

3001 Brannon Lane, Williamsburg; Andrew G. Sullivan to Angel Wiggins, $275,000.

4514 Casey Blvd., Williamsburg; Dana McClellan to Anthony Recchia, $446,000.

7112 Church Lane, Toano; Randolph W. Taylor to Matthew Edward Overton, $480,000.

4077 Coronation, Williamsburg; Catherine Taylor to Connie June Moyer Manning, $383,000.

4436 Eaglebrook Drive, Williamsburg; Indhumathy Santhana Sampath to Robin Franklin, $274,500.

2810 Fenton Croft, Williamsburg; Zachary M. Hubbell to Megan Duncan, $205,000.

3413 Frances Berkeley, Williamsburg; John Charles Allen, trustee to Nicholas J. Hitt, $449,000.

4209 Greenview, Williamsburg; Dwight N. Caballero to Diane M. Langhorst, $366,000.

3016 Holly Brook Drive, Williamsburg; Simon V. Watrous to Elizabeth Coleman, $406,000.

106 Indian Summer Lane, Williamsburg; Peter Cesar Ponce Baquero to Furkan Ilgin, $210,000.

4528 Kingston Court, Williamsburg; U.S. Home Corp. to Margaret D. Hawkins, trustee, $539,590.

3658 Lavender North, Toano; Jorge Cruz to Michelle Elizabeth Stelmach, $405,000.

1205 London Company Way, Williamsburg; Antoinette Diamante to Alexander Shivers, $172,500.

Lot 233, Liberty Crossing; Christopher Mesnard to Kali Vara Prasad Tammisetty, $312,500.

Lots 139 and 151, Tract 3, Stonehouse; SCP JTL Stonehouse Owner 2 LLC to NVR Inc., $188,104.

3020 Maura Court, Toano; Steven J. Freeman to Marco A. Chavez, $258,000.

239 Mildred Drive, Williamsburg; NVR Inc. to Donna Lipscomb, $332,230.

212 Mill Stream Way, Williamsburg; Shirley M. Jenkins to David A. Valentine, $603,000.

3308 New Castle Drive, Williamsburg; William R. Keliwerda, trustee to Grace E. Barnard, $340,500.

8405 Oldham Court, Williamsburg; Jon C. Sanford to Alexander W. Hoenig, $575,000.

Parcel, Charisma Townhouses Inc., 7.7504 acres; DBC Stonegate Apartments BSD LLC to Conserve Williamsburg LLC, $14,500,000.

4495 Pleasant View Drive, Williamsburg; Craig L. Massey, trustee to Marion L. Fair, trustee, $219,000.

3219 Pristine View, Williamsburg; Timothy J. Holland to Leslie D. Solomon, trustee, $360,000.

3801 Queens Path, Williamsburg; Franciscus at Promenade LLC to Gerald Thomas Hendrickson, $292,150.

108 Richards Road, Williamsburg; Brian J. Fisher to Lee Moore, $330,000.

104 Sagamore, Williamsburg; Mark W. Hamra to Loring S. Jones IV, $720,000.

201 Sherwood Forest, Williamsburg; Edward S. Lucas Jr., trustee to Christopher N. Kerner, $875,000.

3539 Splitwood Road, Toano; Gary Posey to Andrea Pesce, $550,000.

864 Sugarloaf Run, Williamsburg; Merriman M. Johnson III to Charles C. King, $265,000.

3336 Timber Ridge, Williamsburg; Todd D. Averett to Keith Wallace, $412,450.

216 Tutters Neck, Williamsburg; Mary Louise W. Bond to Laura Hawkridge, $430,000.

6920 Valley Green, Williamsburg; Scott V. Burgess to Robert N. Hankey, trustee, $162,500.

3844 War Hill Green, Williamsburg; Braulio Alfonso Portes to Michael Edward Block, $230,000.

3294 Westover Ridge, Williamsburg; Michael L. Weber to Shamel O. Sykes, $470,000.

3293 Windsor Ridge South, Williamsburg; Kenneth Njorge to David Michael Kane, $605,000.


13.475 acres; Sandyray W. Calhoun to Michael Walker II, $263,000.


316 10th St., West Point; Lawrence G. Wood to Logan P. English, $262,000.

1320 N Borinkski Circle, West Point; David Copeland, heir to the estate of Margaret Hill Brown to Chase Turner Evans, $200,000.

307 Dylan Drive, Aylett; Timothy A. Carnes to Brittany L. Lewis, $275,000.

901 Fairfield Drive, King William; John N. Ryland IV to James M. Tomasek Jr., $235,000.

10905 King William Road, Aylett; Cressida O. Gattermeir to Jennifer Joseph, $215,000.

Lot; Emanuel Machado to Jordan Machado, $155,000.

453 Manquin Drive, Aylett; Brian J. Wholaver to John Cory Thomas, $220,000.

276 Parkwood Drive, Aylett; Phyllis B. Scott to Steven A. Wellons, $310,000.

3681 Smokey Road, Aylett; Darrell Kellum Inc. to Damian Spencer Brown, $405,000.

337 Wendenburg Terrace, Aylett; RCI Builders LLC to Patricia Anne Martin, $297,662.


0.0689 acres; Teresa Raynes to Leslie D. McCormick, $165,000.

5.59 acres; Joshua Frederick to Scott Bortell, $380,000.

6231 Bushnell Drive, New Kent; NK Homes LLC to Brian Keith Page Jr., $349,100.

9970 Deerlake Drive, New Kent; Brandon Sullivan to John David Pullman, $338,000.

7524 S Franklins Way, Quinton; Robert D. Wilson to Derrick H. Johnson, $360,000.

19380 High Bluff Lane, Barhamsville; Tonya G. Pawlowski to Patrick E. Kennedy, $821,000.

7436 Lakeshore Drive, Quinton; Anthony R. McMillan to Andrew T. O’Neil, $186,000.

7360 Patriots Landing Place, Quinton; Michael L. Harlow to Tameria Jo Barnes, $800,000.

7948 Plum Point Road, West Point; Carolyn A. Spencer, trustee to Sierra Nicole Fry, $85,000.

11638 Rock Wren Court, Providence Forge; Eastwood Homes of Richmond LLC to Richard Robinson, $614,800.

10261 Talleysville Road, New Kent; Sarah Walton Everette to Gregory D. Fazio, $300,000.

4669 Woburn Road, Providence Forge; W.V. McClure Inc. to Sean R. Bly, $451,625.


1826 Arch St.; Jefferson L. Walls to John Andrew Mahamez, $187,000.

101, 111 and 120 Catalpa Court and 381 Chanticleer Drive; Berkeley Estates Holding Co. to NVR Inc., $230,000.

723 Fort Lee Road; Daniel A. Brewer to Renita K. Pinkney-Smith, $182,281.

272 High St.; Jordan Nicole Reekes to James G. Gale, $203,000.

3216 Longstreet Drive; Kenneth E. Kurz to Lashay Jarratt, $175,000.

240 Southwood Drive; Randolph Jones to Evelyn Odango, $210,000.


0.85 acres; Kenneth W. Woodfin to 1464 Schroeder Road LLC, $205,000.

62.107 acres; Waldemar G. Wyzisk to John Davenport, $425,000.

2764 Birdsong Lane, Powhatan; William Timothy Wright to Rebecca L. Donner, $300,000.

664 Butterood Terrace, Powhatan; Barry Treger to Benjamin T. Willix Jr., $350,000.

785 Clayville Road, Powhatan; Edwin P. McGee to Patrick Nugent, $210,000.

2080 Flint Hill Road, Powhatan; Deborah A. Chiles to Christopher M. Curran, $272,500.

1925 Hickory Shade Drive, Moseley; Gary Wayne Ward to Lenford L. Lucas, $699,950.

3987 Lost Mill Road, Powhatan; Shawn W. Fenner to Mary Towsey, $464,000.

2994 Maple Lake Road, Powhatan; Ridout Construction LLC to Matthew Duty, $445,000.

2211 Mountain View Road, Powhatan; Daniel A. Morone to Magda E. Lopez Santoyo, $235,000.

3923 Olde Links Court, Powhatan; Melvin P. Hancock to Erin Hartless, $400,950.

4716 Powhatan Lakes Road, Powhatan; Skinquarter Properties Ltd. to Raymond N. Lewis, $295,000.

6165 Walnut Tree Drive, Powhatan; Austin D. Stephens to Mary Loretta Koons, $374,000.


32.665 acres; Zachary R. Sink to Jimmy Marti, $160,000.

7104 Bull Hill Road, Prince George; Audie O. Pettawy to Sylvan W. Wiley, $260,000.

200 Cottonwood Lane, Prince George; D. Michael Lynch, successor trustee to Michelle Bennett, $220,000.

9881 Jamescrest Drive, North Prince George; George B. Diradour to John M. Pyle, $650,000.

Lot 7, Warwick Acres, 39.3 acres; Sandra V. Joyce to April Fraser, $535,000.

4508 Morning Hill Drive, Disputanta; Nicholas Andrew Miceli to Herman Leslie Burns, $220,250.

Parcel; Trustee Services of Virginia LLC to RVA Real Property LLC, $182,000.

11138 Walton Lake Road, Disputanta; Charles D. Story IV to Brian Rydberg, $201,800.


10.75 acres; Christopher Dale Armer Sr. to Kristen D. Perelmutter, $373,500.

N 4.26 acres; Bobby Ray Capps to Butler’s Towing Co. Inc., $200,000.

4498 Newville Road, Waverly; Christopher Brandon Taylor to Kaitlyn N. Ketchum, $154,200.


429 Alderwood Drive; Edward Vincent Woodward to John W. Ashley, $470,000.

1184 Jamestown Road, Unit 1; Jared R. Guin to Juan L. Wright, $195,000.

54 Priorslee Lane; Isaac F. Goncalves to Paul Anthony Lowery Sr., $182,000.

2002 Westgate Circle; Arthur Baker Jr. to Marc R. Meth, $186,500.


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