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In the wake of their appearance on Shark Tank, the creators of the Paint Brush Cover embarked on a transformative journey that propelled their product to unforeseen heights. This article delves into the post-Shark Tank trajectory of the Paint Brush Cover, uncovering how strategic partnerships, retail collaborations, and product expansions fueled unprecedented growth.

From doubling sales figures to securing deals with major retailers, this is the compelling narrative of how a simple yet ingenious solution for preserving paintbrushes evolved into a thriving business, overcoming challenges, and legal issues, and emerging as a prominent player in the painting accessories market.

What Is Paint Brush Cover:

The Paint Brush Cover is a clear, hard, durable plastic cover designed to protect the bristles of your paintbrush. It’s crafted to keep wet paint brushes wet for up to 30 days without the need for a washup. This feature makes it an excellent tool for use in between coats or when you want to take a break from your painting project but don’t want to clean your brush just yet [1].

How Does It Work?

Crafted from a transparent, rigid, resilient polymer, the Paint Brush Cover guarantees the safeguarding of bristles, irrespective of the brush’s rough handling. Employing a lucid plastic material serves a dual purpose: not only does it permit users to discern the stored brush’s dimensions, but it also enables the identification of whether the brush is laden with wet paint or left to dry. No ambiguity arises in this process.

The distinct configuration of the cover facilitates uncomplicated storage. Effortlessly place it within your toolbox, or pail, or casually toss it onto your workspace. They strongly advocate the “spinning” technique to desiccate your brush, either manually or through a mechanical spinner, ensuring its optimal shape and thwarting any potential mold formation. Refer to their Brush Care page for guidance on appropriately cleansing and preserving your brush [2].

An exceptional attribute of this protective plastic covering for paintbrushes lies in its capacity to establish a hermetic seal during usage. Should a pause be required, like during lunch, simply insert the brush into the cover and seal the lid until the locking mechanism engages. Upon your return, open the cover, retrieve your brush, and seamlessly resume your work as if no interruption occurred. It’s truly that effortless.

Paint Brush Cover: What Happened After Shark Tank - SharkTankWiki (1)

While we don’t endorse it, trials have demonstrated that leaving a paint-soaked brush untouched for weeks replicates the protective effect of placing it in the cover mere minutes ago, sparing you significant time otherwise spent on frequent brush washing.

The Product Line

The Paint Brush Cover boasts a universal fit, embracing the “one size fits most” philosophy. Enhanced by our exclusive foam seal encircling the handle, the cover snugly accommodates both a 1-inch and a 3-inch brush with equal efficacy [3]. This ingenious solution alleviates the need for acquiring diverse covers tailored to varying brush sizes (anticipate larger size covers in the pipeline). Convenience reaches its pinnacle with this inclusive approach!

While not showcased on the televised segment of “Shark Tank,” the Paint Roller Cover storage and protection device played a crucial role behind the scenes in influencing the Sharks’ decision. This strategic move aimed to convey that the innovation was not merely a hobby but a legitimate business venture. Much like its brush-centric counterpart, The Paint Roller Cover boasts all the exceptional features that make its sibling product stand out.

This storage and protection device for paint rollers exhibits the same airtight seal and durable plastic construction. It excels in keeping rollers consistently wet for extended durations, ranging from hours to days and even weeks, allaying concerns of premature drying. The distinctive design adds a layer of convenience by allowing users to position the cover directly over the roller handle, eliminating the need to remove the sleeve.

This seamless application aligns to ensure a quick and easy cleanup process. A simple snap over the handle, and the task is complete. The Paint Roller Cover accommodates rollers of any size, providing a universal solution for rollers up to 9 ½” in size.


  • Preservation of Paint Brushes: One of the standout features of the Paint Brush Cover is its ability to preserve paint brushes effectively. The airtight seal created by the cover prevents air from reaching the bristles, thereby minimizing the risk of paint drying out and causing damage. This extends the lifespan of brushes, saving both money and the environmental impact associated with frequent brush replacements;
  • Versatility: The Paint Brush Cover is designed to accommodate various brush sizes, making it a versatile tool for painters with a diverse set of brushes in their toolkit. The adjustable nature of the cover ensures that it can snugly fit anything from small detail brushes to larger paintbrushes used for broader strokes;
  • Ease of Use: The simplicity of the Paint Brush Cover’s design contributes to its ease of use. The process of securing a brush within the cover is straightforward, making it accessible even for individuals with limited experience in painting. The twist-and-lock mechanism is intuitive, providing a hassle-free experience for users;
  • Time Efficiency: For professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike, time is a valuable commodity. The Paint Brush Cover eliminates the need to clean brushes between sessions or before starting a new painting project. This time-saving aspect can be particularly advantageous in situations where efficiency is crucial, such as during time-sensitive projects or when working with multiple paint colors;
  • Durability: Constructed from durable materials, the Paint Brush Cover is built to withstand the rigors of frequent use. The robust design ensures that the cover can endure the pressures of being tossed into a toolbox or carried in a paint kit without compromising its ability to protect brushes effectively;
  • Eco-Friendly: In an era where sustainability is a growing concern, the Paint Brush Cover offers an eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic bags or wraps. By promoting the reuse of brushes and reducing the frequency of replacements, this product aligns with the principles of sustainability and responsible consumption;
  • Positive Reception on Shark Tank: The fact that the Paint Brush Cover secured a deal on Shark Tank indicates a level of validation from seasoned entrepreneurs and investors. The support from the Sharks not only brings financial backing but also suggests a vote of confidence in the product’s market potential;


  • Initial Cost: While the Paint Brush Cover offers long-term savings by extending the life of paint brushes, the initial cost may be a deterrent for some users. Compared to traditional methods of brush protection, such as plastic bags or wraps, the Paint Brush Cover represents an upfront investment. However, it’s essential to consider this cost in the context of the long-term savings on brush replacements;
  • Limited Availability in Physical Stores: As with many products that emerge from entrepreneurial ventures, the Paint Brush Cover may not be readily available in all physical stores. This can be a drawback for those who prefer to inspect a product in person before making a purchase. However, the product is widely accessible through online platforms, mitigating this issue to some extent;
  • Size Limitations: While the Paint Brush Cover accommodates a range of brush sizes, there may be limitations for exceptionally large or unconventional brushes. Users with specialized brushes outside the standard size range may find the cover less suitable for their needs;
  • Potential for Residue Buildup: Some users have reported the possibility of residue buildup within the cover, particularly if brushes are not thoroughly cleaned before storage. While this issue does not compromise the functionality of the cover, it may require occasional cleaning to maintain optimal conditions for brush storage;
  • Learning Curve for Proper Use: While the Paint Brush Cover is designed for simplicity, some users may experience a slight learning curve in mastering the twist-and-lock mechanism for a secure seal. Clear instructions and demonstrations can mitigate this challenge, but it’s worth noting for those who prefer products with immediate and intuitive usability;
  • Not a Solution for Wet Brushes: It’s important to clarify that the Paint Brush Cover is not intended for use with wet brushes. The airtight seal is designed to preserve brushes with residual paint and moisture, not to store brushes immediately after cleaning. Users must allow brushes to dry before securing them within the cover;

Who May Benefit From Using?

DIY Enthusiasts:

Individuals engaged in various do-it-yourself (DIY) projects, whether they involve home improvement, crafting, or artistic endeavors, can benefit significantly from the Paint Brush Cover. The cover’s ability to preserve paint brushes between sessions eliminates the need for constant cleaning and provides the convenience of picking up a brush and continuing work seamlessly.

Paint Brush Cover: What Happened After Shark Tank - SharkTankWiki (2)

Painting Contractors:

Professional painting contractors, who often work on projects with multiple paint colors or require breaks between sessions, can appreciate the time-saving aspect of the Paint Brush Cover. The product’s efficiency in preserving brushes means contractors can switch between brushes and colors without the hassle of cleaning or replacing tools, ultimately enhancing overall project efficiency.

Artists and Painters:

Whether professional artists or hobbyist painters, those who work with a variety of brushes and paint mediums can find value in the Paint Brush Cover. Artists often invest in high-quality brushes, and the cover’s ability to extend the life of these brushes can be particularly advantageous in preserving their artistic tools.

Students and Educators:

Art students, teachers, and educators who engage in painting exercises or conduct painting classes can benefit from the practicality of the Paint Brush Cover. The product simplifies the process of managing and preserving brushes, making it easier for students to focus on their artistic endeavors without the concern of brushes drying out or becoming damaged.

Construction and Maintenance Workers:

Professionals in construction and maintenance, especially those involved in touch-up painting or small-scale projects, can find the Paint Brush Cover to be a valuable addition to their toolkit. The cover’s durability ensures that brushes remain protected even in a construction environment, and its time-saving benefits can enhance productivity.

Environmentalists and Sustainability Advocates:

Individuals who prioritize sustainable practices and are conscious of their environmental impact may appreciate the eco-friendly aspects of the Paint Brush Cover. By promoting the reuse of brushes and reducing the need for disposable plastic bags or wraps, the product aligns with the principles of responsible consumption and waste reduction.

Homeowners and Weekend Warriors:

Homeowners engaged in periodic painting tasks or weekend warriors tackling home improvement projects can benefit from the convenience and efficiency provided by the Paint Brush Cover. The cover’s ability to keep brushes in optimal condition between uses ensures that painting tasks can be approached with minimal preparation and maximum ease.

Painting Enthusiasts with Specialized Brushes:

Individuals who use specialized brushes for unique painting techniques or styles may find the versatility of the Paint Brush Cover appealing. While there are size limitations, the cover is designed to accommodate a range of brush sizes, making it suitable for various applications within the realm of specialized painting.

About Founders Of Paint Brush Cover

The Paint Brush Cover was born out of the frustrations experienced by its creator, John DePaola, a seasoned painter, who found himself grappling with the issue of keeping paintbrushes in optimal condition during breaks between painting sessions [4]. The common practice of wrapping brushes in plastic or aluminum foil often resulted in dried-out bristles, making it necessary to invest in new brushes more frequently than desired.

Recognizing the need for a more efficient and convenient solution, DePaola conceived the idea of the Paint Brush Cover – a protective container designed to keep paint brushes moist and ready for use at any time.

The Pitch Of Paint Brush Cover At Shark Tank

Entrancing the Shark Tank with their innovative product, the dynamic trio composed of brothers Sal and John DePaola along with family friend Anthony Caputo [5], present The Paint Brush Cover from Likwid Concepts. Their pitch seeks a $ 50,000 investment in exchange for a 10% stake in their company.

John, a veteran with over 60 years of collective painting experience shared among the trio, unveils their shared frustration with the lack of a convenient solution for setting down a paintbrush without the risk of drying out the bristles. Their professional background, spanning canvas paintings to expansive murals, fuels their passion for addressing this ubiquitous issue.

Sal boldly claims to have revolutionized the painting industry with a seemingly simple piece of plastic – The Paint Brush Cover. The uniqueness lies in its airtight design, allowing brushes to be stored for weeks without the fear of drying out. This, he argues, translates into substantial savings for painters, potentially hundreds of dollars annually.

Paint Brush Cover: What Happened After Shark Tank - SharkTankWiki (3)

Robert expresses skepticism, prompting the trio to reveal extensive testing, including leaving a brush dipped in wet paint for up to three months with no adverse effects. Sal attributes this longevity to the cover’s ability to maintain close to 100% humidity, drawing a parallel to the effectiveness of Tupperware in preserving contents over time.

Kevin queries the sales figures, learning that they’ve sold 17,000 units, generating $ 35,000 in revenue. The trio shares their cost per unit ($ 0.41) and retail pricing strategies. They highlight successful direct sales efforts, even securing purchases from three stores on the morning of their Shark Tank appearance.

Lori explores potential partnerships with major retailers like Lowe’s or Home Depot, but the trio discloses their current focus on securing a deal with Walmart. Distributors in six countries already handle their products.

Mark redirects the conversation to their $ 50,000 funding request, questioning why they didn’t seek more considering substantial potential sales. Sal’s response emphasizes confidence in their company but reluctance to relinquish excessive equity.

Kevin extends an offer, proposing $ 50,000 for a 10% royalty on sales. He also suggests a line of credit, expressing faith in The Paint Brush Cover’s retail potential. Robert counters with a $ 50,000 offer for a 20% equity stake. Anthony seeks clarification on Kevin’s contribution, prompting Kevin to elaborate on his focus on big box partners and retail expansion.

Bark’em’s to Go: What Happened After Shark Tank

The negotiation continues with Kevin presenting a $ 100,000 cash bonus for a 5% equity stake, aligning their goals further. Lori enters with an offer of $ 100,000 for a 20% stake, pledging an additional $ 100,000 to cover initial purchase orders.

As the tension rises, Barb interjects, prompting Lori to retract her additional $ 100,000 offer. She emphasizes Mark’s silence and claims she was prepared to offer a substantial investment and line of credit. The trio, however, decisively accepts Lori’s offer without entertaining Barb and Mark’s proposals.

In the aftermath, Barb reveals her intention to offer a $ 300,000 investment for 10% equity and a $ 500,000 line of credit, leaving Lori with a victorious deal in the tank. The trio exits with a successful partnership and the promise of accelerated growth with Lori’s strategic guidance and financial backing.

Paint Brush Cover After The Shark Tank

Following their appearance on the original show, the Paint Brush Cover experienced a remarkable surge in sales, more than doubling the figures from the previous two years. The momentum carried them into a successful collaboration with Lori Greiner, leading to appearances on QVC and securing deals with major retail giants such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. The company, under Lori’s guidance, underwent strategic changes, expanding its reach and refining its packaging.

In the update featured in episode 622 of season 6, the entrepreneurs disclosed that Lori played a pivotal role in getting the Paint Brush Cover into a staggering 2000 Home Depot stores. With her expertise, they revamped the packaging and successfully navigated entry into various retail outlets, totaling over 14,000 stores. The product’s sales reached an impressive $ 2.5 million, signaling its widespread adoption [6].

Building on this success, the company continued to innovate and adapt, introducing a new product line – the Paint Roller Cover. The expansion aimed to cater to a broader audience and diversify their offerings within the painting accessories market.

While the journey had its ups and downs, including a legal issue involving John DePaola in December 2017, the company managed to weather the storm. Despite the legal setback, John DePaola was not convicted, and the business continued to thrive.

Paint Brush Cover: What Happened After Shark Tank - SharkTankWiki (4)

Fast-forwarding to May 2023, the Paint Brush Cover company remains a robust entity, boasting an impressive $ 5 million in annual revenue. The ability to overcome challenges and sustain significant growth underscores the resilience and success of the business in the competitive retail landscape.

The Net Worth Of Paint Brush Cover

As of August 2023, the net worth of Paint Brush Cover stands at an impressive $ 5 million [7]. This figure is backed by the company’s annual revenue of $ 5 million. This significant increase in value is remarkable considering that the founders initially sought $ 50,000 for a 10% stake in Shark Tank, valuing the company at $ 500,000.

The financial success of Paint Brush Cover can be attributed to its unique product offering. It provides a simple yet effective solution to a common problem faced by painters – keeping paint brushes fresh and in good condition between uses. The cover keeps wet paint brushes and paint roller covers wet for up to 30 days, making it a valuable tool for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts.

Paint Brush Cover: What Happened After Shark Tank - SharkTankWiki (5)

Moreover, the affordability of the product contributes to its popularity. Each Paint Brush Cover costs only $ 5, making it an accessible tool for a wide range of consumers.

Alternatives To Paint Brush Cover:

Plastic Wrap or Aluminum Foil:

  • Pros: Widely available and cost-effective. Provides a barrier to air, preventing paint from drying out;
  • Cons: Can be cumbersome to wrap and unwrap. May not provide a completely airtight seal, leading to potential drying of paint over extended periods;

Sealable Plastic Bags:

  • Pros: Convenient and readily available. Sealable bags can provide a reasonably airtight environment;
  • Cons: Limited durability. Not specifically designed for brushes, and bags may tear or puncture easily;

Brush Holders and Organizers:

  • Pros: Designed to hold brushes in an upright position. Allows for easy access and organization;
  • Cons: May not provide an airtight seal. Brushes are exposed to air, and bristles may dry out over time;

DIY Brush Holder:

  • Pros: Customizable and cost-effective. Can be made from materials like PVC pipes or other household items;
  • Cons: DIY solutions may lack the durability and precision of purpose-built products. Airflow may still affect brush conditions;

Brush Cases or Sleeves:

  • Pros: Specifically designed to protect brushes during storage and transportation. Often made from durable materials;
  • Cons: May not provide an airtight seal. Some designs may not accommodate a variety of brush sizes;

Vacuum-Sealed Bags:

  • Pros: Removes air to create an airtight seal, preventing drying of paint. Available in various sizes;
  • Cons: Limited to the size of the vacuum-sealed bag. May not be as convenient for quick access to brushes;

Humidifying Brush Holders:

  • Pros: Designed to maintain a humid environment around the brushes, preventing paint from drying;
  • Cons: Limited availability. May require additional maintenance, such as refilling a water reservoir;

Paint Brush Cover: What Happened After Shark Tank - SharkTankWiki (6)

Wet Palette Systems:

  • Pros: Keep paint and brushes moist during use. Ideal for painters working on extended projects;
  • Cons: Primarily designed for use during painting sessions and may not be suitable for long-term storage;

Brush Cleaning and Storage Systems:

  • Pros: Combines cleaning and storage functionalities. Some systems include airtight compartments for brush storage;
  • Cons: May not be as widely available as simpler alternatives. Can be more expensive;

Silicone Brush Holders:

  • Pros: Flexible silicone holders that can keep brushes separated and protected;
  • Cons: May not provide a complete seal. Brushes are exposed to air, and the effectiveness may vary depending on the design;


  1. What is the Paint Brush Cover, and how does it work?

The Paint Brush Cover is a storage and protection device designed for paintbrushes. It features an airtight seal and durable plastic construction to keep paintbrushes moist for extended periods, preventing them from drying out between uses.

  1. Can the Paint Brush Cover accommodate different brush sizes?

Yes, the Paint Brush Cover is designed to be versatile, fitting a range of brush sizes. Its unique foam seal around the handle allows it to snugly accommodate brushes of various dimensions.

  1. Is the Paint Brush Cover suitable for wet brushes as well?

Absolutely. The airtight design of the Paint Brush Cover not only preserves brushes with residual paint but also works effectively for wet brushes, making it convenient for users during painting sessions.

  1. Can I use the Paint Brush Cover for long-term storage of brushes?

Yes, the Paint Brush Cover is designed to store brushes for extended periods, ranging from hours to days and even weeks, without the fear of the brushes drying up. The airtight seal maintains optimal humidity to keep brushes in excellent condition.

  1. How does the Paint Brush Cover compare to other brush storage methods like plastic wrap or containers?

The Paint Brush Cover offers a unique and efficient solution compared to traditional methods. Its airtight seal, durable plastic, and ease of use set it apart, providing superior protection for paintbrushes.

  1. Where can I purchase the Paint Brush Cover?

The Paint Brush Cover is available for purchase on our official website. Additionally, you can find it in major retail stores such as Home Depot, Lowe’s, Walmart, Bed, Bath & Beyond, and other participating outlets.

  1. Is the Paint Brush Cover reusable?

Yes, the Paint Brush Cover is designed for reuse. Its durable construction ensures that it can withstand frequent use, making it a cost-effective and eco-friendly solution for paintbrush storage.

Paint Brush Cover: What Happened After Shark Tank - SharkTankWiki (7)

  1. Can the Paint Brush Cover be used with rollers?

Yes, the Paint Brush Cover family includes a version specifically designed for paint rollers – the Paint Roller Cover. It shares the same airtight seal and durability, providing efficient storage and protection for paint rollers.

  1. Are there any specific cleaning instructions for the Paint Brush Cover?

Cleaning the Paint Brush Cover is simple. Rinse it with water and mild soap, and it’s ready for reuse. Avoid using harsh chemicals that could compromise the integrity of the plastic.

  1. What makes the Paint Brush Cover a preferred choice for painters and professionals?

The Paint Brush Cover’s success lies in its innovative design, airtight seal, and durability. It has gained popularity among painters, artists, and professionals for its ability to extend the life of paintbrushes and simplify the painting process.

Useful Video: The Paint Brush Cover – Beyond The Tank



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