Our Shark Tank Story (2024)

A lot of people ask us how we got on Shark Tank and what it was like, so here’s our story!

Ever since we came up with our first prototype, everyone would ask us the famous question – “When are you going on Shark Tank”. Sal, being a huge fan of the show since day one, always laughed about the possibility of getting on and pitching the product on National TV in front of 5 BIG TIME Investors. The guys always laughed, said, “yea we should”, and shrugged it off.

Then one day, Sal spoke to John and Anthony and decided to look further into. They knew if they got on TV then the world would know about them and their product. They also knew if they struck a deal, with one Shark Specifically (wink wink), they would get their product out there with lightning speed and then would be able to create more products to help make the life of a painter much easier.

Since they did everything unconventional, Sal looked for a different route to get on the show. Something that would stand out. He somehow got the email of a producer from the show and sent a detailed email about the business and about the background story. To his surprise, he received and answer right away, but saying that season 4 filming was done, they liked the idea, and they would consider them for next years filming.

6 months went by and no answer. Lots had happened in the 6 months, so Sal went back to the old email and replied to it with an update since the original email was sent. Again to his surprise they sent a quick response. This time with great news. The producers loved the story and asked when they can get on a call. It just so happened that there was a company meeting the next day. The producers called at the exact time they said they would and instantly knew they would be a hit. They weren’t sure if it was the great product, the thick NY accents or the background stories. It was probably a combo of the 3. A few months later, they were flying out to Los Angeles to film for Shark Tank!

After meeting the producers, coming up with a pitch, watching every single Shark Tank episode over and over to be prepared for any question and practicing for a few days, it was finally time to enter the Tank! They were so prepared, or so they thought.

The 3 walked into the tank, John with the lead, walking as fast as he usually does, and almost knocking down the cameraman. They then overshoot the “x” on the floor by a good 5 feet. Almost face to face with the Sharks. After the producer says “take 3 giant steps back”, and the most awkward 1-minute of camera silence you can imagine (yes they had to stare at the Sharks without saying a word for a full minute), the producer says “Begin”.

It started of smoothly in the introductions. They each introduced themselves to the Sharks. One favorite part that was cut out was when Anthony said, “We’re from New Jersey”, Sal stopped him and said “ Whoa …wait a minute. I’m from NY!” then John and Anthony answered “Yea whatever. You’re from NY”. The Sharks got a kick out of it. The joke broke the ice.

Everything looked great. Sal was going through the pitch, when all of a sudden –Oh Nooooo! He forgot his lines!! You don’t notice on TV but he actually said “Oh F#*$”. But thankfully Johnny was quick to his rescue and helped him get back on track. Little did they know that the screw up would actually help them out. It was the second icebreaker and actually made the sharks laugh again.

After a laugh, John aced his lines, and Anthony, the best speaker of the bunch, breezed through his. Now for the fun part! Time to get bombarded with all crazy questions and have Mr. Wonderful degrade them on National Television. One thing the Sharks didn’t know – the 3 Paint Brush Cover guys from New Jersey/New York were so well prepared for any question that came their way. Weeks of watching the show, writing down questions and answers, thinking of anything they may possibly say and studying them like crazy. They even knew who would answer which question.

It started off very smoothly with every Shark paying close attention. They couldn’t believe it was never invented before. Robert was in total shock. They asked a bunch of questions and the guys had answers for them right away. The sharks knew these guys knew their business. They all fell in love with the fact that as soon as the guys got to the West Coast, they went door to doors to stores selling covers. And made sales!!!

Within 10 minutes, Kevin made the first over. The Usual royalty deal. 10% for 50k. Robert, almost immediately, then offered 50k, no royalty, for 20%. A little steep, but a starting point. Of course, Kevin knocked his offer. Then Kevin came back with a second offer of 100k for 10% royalty and 5% stake in the biz. The guys weren’t shocked that a bidding war was starting. They knew the other Sharks were lurking.

Just when it seemed quiet and Kevin tried to rush a decision, they noticed a huge smile on Lori’s face. That’s exactly who they were waiting for. They came into the tank targeting Lori (They actually fought to pitch to her and not Damon but that’s a whole nother story). Lori jumps in with an offer of 100k for 20%. The boy’s eyes lit up, especially John’s. Then right after Lori’s offer, Bammmm, Barbara jumps into the feeding frenzy!

Barbara was about to make an offer when Lori stopped her dead in her tracks and tells us that if we listen to her offer then she’s out! The guys were in total shock! Barbara and Lori now in a cat fight over them! They couldn’t believe what was going on. And Cuban was still lurking there, smiling. Before Barbara could speak again, Lori ups her offer to 200k for 20%. “Wow!” they all thought. This was now getting way better than they imagined.

Now for some not seen on TV stuff. We then stop the catfight, and ask Lori if she would partner with Barbara. Without even blinking, Lori says “Absolutely not! You guys are the next Scrub Daddy!”. Whoaaaaaaa. She just compared them to the highest grossing Shark Tank product ever. That was a HUGE compliment.

They knew they came in for Lori and they didn’t want to blow it. Just to be sure, they asked if they could talk alone for a minute. Thankfully Lori said yes. The guys went into the hallways, discussed for a couple minutes and all decided that they came in for Lori and did not want to blow it by listening to Barbara, or even Cuban for that matter.

They came back out on the stage. All 5 Sharks staring them down. Kevin with his usual recap. Immediately, we said we know what we want to do. John says to Sal, “Go get it”. Sal goes behind their display to grab a T-Shirt and says to Lori, “Lori, Welcome to the team”!

They shook everyone’s hands and walked down the hallway with their heads held high. Still wondering what Barbara’s offer was and if Cuban would have jumped in (No Sharks went out!). They did wind up receiving word that Barbara’s off was for 300k and a 500k line of credit. Wow! But they knew they made the right move by going with Lori and knew that the best was yet to come.

The rest is history………….

Our Shark Tank Story (2024)
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