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Some of the best known screenwriting software programs like Final Draft, Movie Magic and Fade In are not free. However, there are some free alternatives available in the form of online tools and apps. This article will explain and list some of the free alternatives.

Amazon Stoywriter
Amazon offers a free screenwriting tool called Amazon Storywriter. It features auto-formatting and lets you share a draft with multiple users. It also has a Chrome app so you can work on your script when you are offline. Amazon has a tutorial section here that teachers you how to use it.

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Celtx is a multi-tool that helps users develop a script and prepare the shoot itself. You can find out what is included in the free basic plan here. There is also a story development plan for $14.99 per month. You can find support documents here.

This video shows the iOS/Android script app from Celtx:

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WriterDuet is free online screenwriting software powered by Google's Firebase service. You can use it to write in real-time with others. You can find a tutorial online here. Below is a quick-start video tutorial from WriterDuet:

DubScript is a screenplay editor and writer for Android. It also works on Android-enabled Chromebooks. It can read Final Draft (.fdx) documents.

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Trelby is free multi-platform and open source screenwriting program available for Windows and Linux. You can find the manual online here. It can read .fdx files and export in multiple formats.

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Storytouch is screenwriting software available for the Mac and PC. It includes graphs and color pallets that help you analyze your script. Storytouch has a free and a fee-based version. You can find the manual here.

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Causality is a writing app from Hollywood Camera Work that lets you view and develop your story visually. Causality uses smaller units of plot called Snippets, which are described as "little pieces of text that express a plot or character beat." Causality is available in a free version and pro version. You can view some video tutorials here.

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DramaQueen is a screenplaying writing software program from DramaQueen GmbH. It is available in free, plus and pro versions. DreamQueen also supports treatments and scene outlines in addition to standard screenplays, as well as working with steps, sequences and scenes.

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Page 2 Stage
Page 2 Stage is screenwriting software built as a fast screenwriting word processor from Windward Studios. Page 2 Stage is free but it is no longer being supported.


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