Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Romance Guide (2023)

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This guide shows how to romance Panam Palmer in Cyberpunk 2077 (CP77) and start a relationship with her. Panam is a girl you meetduring the story, she takes you on some main quests in the Badlands. You will be doing several Main Quests with her and then have to do her 3 Side Quests afterward. She can be romanced and seduced which leads to a sex scene if you doeverything right. The romance will finish with a sex scene in a military tank during her 3rd Side Quest. The Panam Romance is only available when playing a Male character!

For all other Romances see the completeCyberpunk 2077 Romance Guide (All Romances).

Cyberpunk 2077 Panam Romance Guide (1)

Important: Panam can only be romanced when playing as a male Character (this Romance is unavailable for Females)!

To put it simply: Always pick the dialogues in support of her (always say Panam is right, defend her in dialogues, and do anything she asks of you), always drink with her, spend as much time with her as possible (if she asks if you want to ride with her or not, go with her), always pick the flirty dialogues with her, always pick the physical “touch her” dialogues when they come up.

Below are all missions and dialogues in chronological order that lead to the Panam Romance. Some of these likely have no impact but this is what has been tested and confirmed to work. If you follow these choices exactly then you will get Panam’s Sex Scene at the end.

Main Job – Ghost Town:

  • After getting Panam’s car back,there will be 4 yellow dialogues to choose from. Pick “OK, So where’s the hideout”. –> she will thank you here for having her back
  • At the bar with Panam “[Drink] To your ride” > “Maybe we get just one room?”. > “Not exactly what I meant” –> she will agree to take one room with you, but only to save money. Don’t worry, this is her standard reaction here. Just sleep in the separate bed next to her.

Main Job – Life During Wartime:

  • After you use the drone to scan an enemy camp, while in car with Panam: “Stay in the car. You’re hurt, Won’t be too much help out there anyway.”
  • After you rescue Mitch: Sit down next to Panam and choose “I gotta get Hellman, will you help?” > “I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao”.
  • After you find Hellman, when Saul arrives: “It really wasn’t Panam’s fault” (timed event)

Side Job – Riders on the Storm:

  • We’re chooms, that’s why.” –> don’t tell her you’re doing it for the money!
  • “Do it quiet, sure. Perfect for two.”
  • When sheasks “V, will you ride with me?”, answer: Yeah, ‘course.
  • After rescuing Saul and escaping to the hut, when you sit on the couch with Panam and Saul, pick “Shitty idea, Panam is right”. She will even thank you for having her back after exiting the hut the next morning, this is an important choice to show your loyalty.
  • After Saul storms off: “[Raise a toast] To Haboobs”
  • “Pleased with your stay, ma’am?”
  • “You’d be more comfortable with your shoes off, ma’am.”
  • “[Touch Panam’s Thigh] Got a few ideas” –>ImportantChoice, she will block your approach and tell you that she just wants to be friends, but don’t worry there’s no way you can seduce her yet, it’s part of the processso choose this.
  • “So-so, back’s numb”
  • “Thought you were gonna stay with your family”
  • After she walks to her motorcycle: “[Stop Panam] About last Night…”

Side Job –With a Little Help From my Friends:

  • At the start of the quest when talking to Saul, you cannot tell him of Panam’s plan. Pick dialogues “Forbade Panam from doing something?” > “Feel Like this fight’s been going on for a while” –> Important Choice, don’t reveal the plan
  • After Panam walks over to the Veterans with you: “OK, I’m in”.
  • After you find the punch card at the top of the control tower: “[Stand by Window] Missed you”
  • “So Let’s Start”
  • “OK. But we can skip the tiptoeing”
  • “So far, so good”
  • “Why’s it different with me?”
  • “[Touch Panam’s Hand] Next time, try following your impulse” –> this may be important, because she will reference following her impulses during the sex scene later
  • When you sit at the campfire: “Worried about Saul?”
  • “Think I’ll try and get some shut-eye”
  • “[Scrooch Closer] Gotten kinda cold” –> here she will have a romantic moment with you and watch the stars together, may be important

Side Job –Queen of the Highway:

  • When inside the Basilisk: “Anybody get it running earlier?”
  • “Nice and cozy in here”
  • After you finish driving and shooting in the Basilisk (military tank) pick the Kiss Icon choice: “[Let Panam Touch You] Oh, yeah. Let’s Go.” –> This is the most important choice of all! It will result in the sex scene with Panam. She and you will both be wired into the Basilisk which intertwines your system and shares your sensory feedback. So what Panam feels, you can feel and vice versa. Resulting in a bit of a freaky sex scene inside the Basilisk. Anyway, here’s what you really came here for:
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  • At the very end of the quest after Panam walks you out of the camp, you can kiss her goodbye “[Kiss Panam] Thanks for being here for me”. –> This ends the Panam Romance and her questline.

This concludesthe Panam Romance Guide. She will still send you a text message after a few days and you can reply something flirty. By doing her questlines you also forged an alliance with theAldecaldos (her Nomad clan), which is tied to one of the story endings. Furthermore, you earn theLife of the Road trophy and achievement for having completed Panam’s questline.

For all other Romances see the completeCyberpunk 2077 Romance Guide (All Romances).

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