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The Verger – William Somerset Mougham

Chapter : 1

PROSE ( Section One )

Very short Answer Questions:1

Q. no 1. Who is the author of the prose piece,”the verger”

Ans:William Somerset Mangham is the author of the prose piece”The Verger”.

Q. no 2.Who is the Verger in the lesson?

Ans:Albert Edward Foreman is the Verger in the lesson.

Q. no 3 .Where does the Verger work?

Ans:The Verger worked at St. peter’s church at Neville Square.

Q. no 4. Where is St. peter’s church located?

Ans: St. Peter’s church is located at Neville Square.

Q. no 5. What was the occasion that particular afternoon?

Ans:That afternoon there had been a christening at St. Peter’s church .

Q. no 6. What was the Verger’s gown made of ?

Ans: The Verger’s gown was made up of alpaca.

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Q. no 7. who were the people that frequented St. Peter’s, Neville Square?

Ans: The people that frequented St. Peter’s church.

Q. no 8. For how long had the Verger been working at St. Peter’s?

Ans: The Verger had been working for last sixteen years at St. Peter’s church.

Q. no 9. What is vestry?

Ans: Vestry is a room attached to a church or chapel used for keeping vestments, vessels and record.

Q. no 10. where had tha new vicar come from?

Ans: The new vicar had come from tha East End.

Q. no 11. Give the meaning of the following terms: disconcerting, infirm, genuflect, aisle,cassock, vestry, congregation, parish, discreet, subdued, whimpering, surplice, refectory table, obsequious, deportment, knack, prudence, nipper, latitude, disarming.

Ans: disconcerting : To serve or interrupt the connection.

Infirm : frail or weak not physically or mentally strong.

genuflect : to lower one knee as an act of.

Worshipaisle : a passage between rows of seats or pews, a wing or lateral.

vestry : a room attached to a church or chapel used for keeping vestments, vessels and record.

congregation : a group of people assembled for religious worship, parishioners, Church goers.

Parish : division of diocese ( a district under a bishop ) having its own church and clergyman.

Discreet : judicious, civil, polite.

subdued : sombre, low spirited, depressed, dejected.


Cassock : Christian clerical clothing used by the clergyman.

whimpering : make a series of low feeble sounds expressive of fear, pain or unhappiness or whine.

surplice : a loose fitting broad-sleeved white vestment worn over the cassock by clergy and choristers.

obsequious : showing respect, complaint with the will or wishes of another in a servile manner.

deportment : posture, way of standing way of behaving or conducting.

knack : a special talent or skill.

Prudence : wisdom, knowledge of or skill in a matter.

nipper : a young boy or girl, the smallest or youngest of a family.

Latitude : latitude is the angular distance in degrees, minutes or seconds of a point North or South of the equator.

Disarming : having the effect of allaying suspicion or hostility.

refectory table : highly elongated tablc used originally for dining in manastries.

Short Answer type Questions -1/2

Q. no1. How do fact and fiction work in Maugham’s work?

Ans:In Maugham’s work fact and fiction are so inter mingled that one could hardly distinguish one from other. The intensely close relationship between the fictional and the real became a characteristics traits in his work.

Q. no 2. On what occasions did the Verger use his new gown?

Ans: The Verger used his new gowns for funerals and weddings.He used his second best for christening and other ceremonies.He wore it with complacence as it was the dignified symbol of his office.

Q. no 3. How did the Verger regard his official dress?

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Ans: On the Verger regarded his official dress as the dignified symbol of his office.Without it he had the sensation of being somewhat insufficiently clad.

Q. no 4. On the day of the christening, what did the Verger compliment the new vicar on ?

Ans: The day of the christening, what did the Verger compliment the new vicar that it was a very nice christening. Even the baby stopped crying when the vicar look him and settled him in the Crook of his surpliced arm.

Q. no 5. Who were awaiting the Verger and the vicar in the vestry?

Ans:In the Verger, tow Church wardens who were elderly men, were awaiting the Verger and the vicar.

Q. no 6.How long had the two church wardens been there at St. Peter’s?

Ans: The tow Church wardens had been there almost as long as Albert Edward had been Verger,ie. They had been there for last sixteen years.

Q. no 7. Who had brought in the handsome refectory table at the church and from where?

Ans: The old vicar had brought in the handsome refectory table at the church. He had brought it from Italy.

Q. no 8. what was the expression on the face of the two church wardens and the vicar?

Ans: The vicar’s red face bore an expression of resolute benignity while the two church warden’s face bore an expression that was slightly troubled.

Q. no 9. where did the Verger head to after his meeting with the two church wardens?

Ans: After his meeting with the two church wardens. Albert Edward walked slowly back to the Verger and hung up his gown.then he walked down the aisle and locked the church door behind him.But deep in his thought he took the wrong street

Q. no 10. How much time is offered to the Verger to learn his letters?

Ans: The vicar offered three months time to the Verge to learn his letters and if at the end of that time he could not read and write then he would loose his post of Verger.

Q. no 11.why didn’t Albert Foreman want to go back to doing domestic service?

Ans: Albert Foreman didnot want to go back to doing domestic service because he had been his own master for so many years and had run St. Peter’s Neville Square as a Verger.So he could not demean himself by going back to domestic service.

Q. no 12. What was Albert Foreman looking for in the street where he mistakenly ventured in to?


Did he find it there?

Ans: Albert Edward Foreman had been looking for a shop in the street where he could buy a packet of Gold Flakes.No he did not find it there.

Q. no 13. What Idea came to Albert Foreman’s mind as he walked along the street looking for cigarettes?

Ans: while walking along the street looking for cigarettes, Albert Edward Foreman did not get it.Ha found it very strange and thought that he could not be the only man walking along that street and wanted a fag. So he had an idea to start a little Shop there of tobacco and sweets.

Q. no 14. What business did Albert Foreman set up and where?

Ans: Albert Edward Foreman set up in business as a tobacconist and news agent .He set up business of tobacco and sweets. He started it in a long street where there were no tobacconist.

Q. no 15. What was the reaction of Albert Foreman’s wife to his new venture?

Ans: Albert Edward Foreman wife did not like his new venture. As per her it was a dreadful come down after being verger of St. Peter’s.

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