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This page will catalogue every cheat, secret, and exploit in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Use these to bypass tough puzzles and more.

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Levitate With DIY Flying Machines


Reddit User Hot_Diggity_Damn discovered that while Magnesis does not work if you are standing on an object, a glitch allows you use the Magnesis Rune while in or on a mine cart.

In order to levitate the object, place either another mine cart or metal box in the bottom mine cart, and use Magnesis on the lower object to lift the entire apparatus into the air. This can be incredibly tricky - and one wrong move can send the whole thing crashing down. You'll need to center the levitating mine cart as quickly as possible, which may require rotating continuously.

Note that you can increase speed by pushing the D-Pad up - but do so carefully as it may cause the platform to tilt wildly. Mine carts can be found in the Goron City region and respawn regularly both above and below the shrine at the edge of town - but can despawn. Metal boxes can also be found nearby down the slopes from the city - or can be summoned using a Guardian amiibo.

Note that the incomplete E3 version of the game let users levitate on single metal objects. Nintendo changed/fixed that behavior for the final release.

You can pack extra meals with stamina boosting effects to glide from Death Mountain to Satori Mountains, which in that experience captures Hyrule in a highers altitude point of view. Prepare cold resistant clothing as well or elixirs.

Bring Mario Kart 8 to Zelda with DIY Go Karts

Similiar to the aforementioned Flying Machines, you can similarly turn mine carts into drivable go karts by placing a small metal object in the co*ckpit of the cart - preferably a metal chest. By pressing the chest into the front of the vehicle while standing in the cart, you can cause it to race forward even when not on rails.

As with the Flying Machine, the controls can be somewhat tempermental, but driving along flat areas like those in Central Hyrule will allow you to race forward for greater distances by pushing forward on the D-Pad, and moving left or right to steer.

For an easier time finding the parts to make your Go Kart, consider infiltrating Hyrule Castle through either the West Passage or East Passage by the moats. Inside are mine carts on rails, and you can drag them out and carefully move them across the moat using Cryonis platforms until you can get to flat ground to drive around on. Note that like the Flying Machine, if you are killed or lose sight of the carts, they will despawn and return to their original positions.

Snowball Bowling - Easy Rupees


Head over to Pondo's Lodge, northeast of the Hebra Tower and speak to Pondo to start the mini-game. Your goal is to knock over all the pins, if you get the 10 pins he rewards you with 300 Rupees (the first time you succeed he will give you a Blizzard Rod). The entry fee is 20 Rupees.

Once the mini-game starts Pondo will move to a position and this is your reference to beating the game easily. Just position yourself aligned with him (he is simply there showing you where to point to get the strike for the maximum prize). Use "ZL" button to lock on him and adjust yourself to the best position.

This is by far the best method to get Rupees, even if you fail you only lose 20 Rupees and there is no need to load a previous save. Once you get it right you will get consecutive strikes with no problem.

And don't forget your warm clothes, it's really cold out there.

Gain Infinite Arrows Easily

NOTE: As of April 12th, Update 1.1.2 has removed the ability for players to gain unlimited arrows. Enemies will now only drop around 20 arrows before they stop appearing - forcing the player to start over again by teleporting elsewhere.

It's well known that whenenemiesshoot arrows at you, they can sometimes be picked off the ground - but there's a way to get lots of arrows without fear of being attacked.

Travel to any of the large fields in Hyrule where you can find Bokoblins mounted on horseback - like the Hyrule Ridge, Hebra snowfields, or the Faron Grasslands. Once you get close enough to alert a pack of the mounted Bokoblins to your presence, pan your camera until it's looking top down at Link, and wait. Oddly enough, the Bokoblins won't be able to hit you as long as you are like this.


Instead, they'll shoot arrows around you, letting you pick up the ones that stick. There can only be 10 objects on the ground at a time, so let a few accumulate and then start picking them up. You can hold up to 999 Arrows, so do this as much as you please!

Run Infinitely

In order to run infinitely, all you have to do is run like you normally would - spaming the B button and holding down the left analog stick - but also hold down on the D-Pad, which is typically used for whistling. It is that simple! Try it out next time you are running away from a guardian.

NOTE: The video was made before the patch to the infinite run. Now you must spam B instead of holding it down.


Sometimes in the woods, you will randomly see a Blupee. If you hit it (easiest with a bow and arrow) it'll drop rupees. It's an easy way to get rupees. You can also take a picture of it for the Legendary Rabbit Trial side quest.

Power Rafts with the Magnesis Rune

If you want to take a ride on a raft and don't have a Korok Leaf to fill the sails, why not break the laws of phyics instead? Simply find a raft you'd like to pilot, and drop a metal object on the ground. Then use your Magnesis Rune to lift and push the object into the raft's sail. The momentum of pushing the metal object will amazingly cause the raft to move forward - letting you fly across the water in style!

It takes a bit of practice - you'll usually want something big like a Cobble Crusher or something that's easier to push against the sail - as it can slide around a lot. You can either push against it or pull from the other side to sail in the direction you choose, and angle the item around the sail to change course!


Myahm Agana Shrine Cheat

Myahm Agana Shrine is located in East Necluda, right in Hateno Village, just off to the right from the main village center by the Bolson Construction Homes. Inside, you can find a hidden chest with a Phrenic Bow

Myaham Again Shrine is known for it's difficult, frustrating motion control puzzle. You cannot turn off motion controls, but you can mess with them enough to bypass this puzzleentirely. Turn over the platform entirely -- so it's upside-down, with the maze out of sight and the balls dropping on the flat reverse side.

Now, angle the maze so the ball rolls quickly towards the platform you are trying to get it to. As it plummets down the flat surface, flick it up to throw the ball towards where its supposed to go. It's easier than the maze, but it might take a few tries! IGN was able to flick the ball all the way down to the hole, bypassing the ramp, but if you hit any part of the ramp, you're good.

Critical Cooking During Blood Moons

If you notice the Blood Moon in the sky, be sure to quickly head to the nearest Cooking Pot and start making food. Every dish you create the night of a Blood Moon before midnight will have a 100% chance to be a critical success, meaning your food will be more potent and offer more hearts, and have better and longer lasting special effects than normal.

Lurelin Village Cheat / Infinite Money

In Lurelin Village you find an NPC called "Cloyne". He offers a minigame that will ask you to spend up to 100 Rupees to find the right chest and double your money. You will not be able to save after you bet, but still you can abuse this to get infinite money and repeat it with your Save File.

Post Game Completion Rate

After you have beaten Breath of the Wild, you'll be prompted to reload an auto-save file just before the last boss, with a new star symbol on the save file. If you load it up and then check your quest log, you'll find that your Main Quests, Side Quests, and Shrine Quests now all have a total completion number vs. the total number of available quests. What's more, you check your map on the Sheikah Slate, you'll find that above the time of day is a new tally - a total percentage completion rate!

We believe this completion percentage factors in Shrines, Quests, and Korok Seeds, so be sure to track everything down to get 100%!


Amiibo Cheat

If you have Amiibo, you can use them once a day to get free items - sometimes rupees and ore depending on the Amiibo used. However, you can speed with process up by altering the console's clock to move it a day forward. Each AMiibo used registers the time it was used, and by moving the clock forward, you can keep using them as much as you want. Note that if you move the clock back to a day you used the Amiibo on - it will still register that it's already been used.

Crazy Cuccos

The chickens in Breath of the Wild are back and just as dangerous as they were in Ocarina of Time. Hold one, and it will let you hover if you jump off a cliff. Hit a Cucco one too many times, and a flock of them will begin dive-bombing you.

On that note, you can also throw a Cucco at an enemy. If the enemy hits it, the Cucco will begin attacking the enemy, instead! They do a surprising amount of damage.

More Mounts

You can mount more than just horses in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Sneak up to bears, deer, even Lynels and The Lord of the Mountain for a chance to have a wild ride. See out Horses and Mounts page for more details!

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