Brush Hero Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit? - July 2024 - Honest Product Reviews (2024)


Brush Hero Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit? - July 2024 - Honest Product Reviews (2)

UPDATED July 2024

Cleaning and detailing vehicles is much easier with the right tools, and you can learn about one of the best through our Hero Brush review.

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BOTTOM LINE: This detailing brush helps reach spots in a vehicle that would otherwise be missed when cleaning. It has two settings that work on all types of vehicles and comes with a one-year warranty.


  • The torque and pressure produced by this brush help get deep into the tread of a car
  • Helps reach other hidden spaces
  • It comes with two brushes that work with any type of water.


  • Some users had problems getting the brush to fit on the hose
  • Some complain about the brush popping up as water came through
  • Others claimed that they could clean their cars faster without this tool
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What is the Brush Hero?

Whether you love off-roading with friends or live in the city, you need to properly detail your car. The services that you get from local companies can easily cost $100 or more and take up a few hours of your precious time. Most car enthusiasts hate the idea of home detailing because it takes a lot of time and gets them dirty.

With products like Brush Hero, it’s possible to get the thorough and deep cleaning that you need in a fraction of the time. This tool works with most types of garden hoses and uses the water pressure of your home to clean your wheels and other areas of your cars.

The Brush Hero works on car tires and much more

How Does the Brush Hero Work?

The Brush Hero consists of 10 parts that come included in the box. First, you place one of the washers on the end of your garden hose and then snap on the handle. A turbine retaining nut goes on top of the handle, followed by a washer, the turbine hose connector, and then a rubber gasket.

You can then attach the turbine shaft and another washer along with the turbine body and finally the brush head. Though this sounds like a lot of steps, it takes only minutes to put everything together. Once you attach the brush head, you can turn on the water and watch as it pushes through those parts to create the pressure that you need.

This brush works with low-pressure systems and allows you to change the amount of pressure via the trigger on the handle. If you apply more pressure, the water speed will increase.

The makers of the product claim that using too much water can result in a mess and simply push dirt across your car. The Brush Hero uses what they claim is just the right amount of water pressure to help it remove dirt and other types of debris.

Brush Hero Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit? - July 2024 - Honest Product Reviews (5)

What Can the Brush Hero Remove?

The Brush Hero works on common types of debris.

  • Mud
  • Leaves and plants
  • Dirt
  • Dried-on soda
  • Dead insects

How to Use the Brush Hero

You need to put the Brush Hero together before you can use it. If you plan on regularly cleaning your vehicles, you can leave those pieces together and insert the whole system into your garden hose right before you begin cleaning. It’s helpful to squeeze the trigger and watch the flow of water that comes out to get an idea of how much pressure you need.

When it comes to cleaning, you also need to choose the right brush head. The Navigator is the largest of those heads and suitable for cleaning stuck-on debris from tires, while the Grimefighter is much smaller and great for cleaning mud and other grime from the car’s body. All of these brush heads easily fit inside the brush hero turbine.

It’s helpful to start on the roof of your car and work your way down. This allows the mud and other debris to move from the roof to the side panels and further down the body. As you move from the top to the bottom, you may find that the water loosens some of those particles too. You may want to use a gentle touch when working around glass or mirrors to prevent damage too.

Types of Brush Heads

  • Navigator
  • Black brush
  • Grimefighter
  • White brush

Where Can You Use it?

One of the best places to use the Brush Hero is on your tires. No matter how often you drive or what you drive over, your tries will pick up quite a bit of debris, including mud and other liquids that dry to those surfaces. This can affect how quickly your car comes to a sudden stop and whether you have enough traction on slick roads.

The brush also works well on rims and hubcaps. Not only will it remove debris that you can see, but it also works on the debris lodged inside the tread. It also removes dirt from the caps and rims without damaging the metal.

You can use the Brush Hero anywhere you would a detailing brush. Do you see insects squished to the windshield or bugs trapped between the bumper and the car body? With just one squeeze of the trigger, you can get rid of those insects and make your car look shiny and clean again.

It is also safe to use on the body of your car to remove thick layers of mud and dirt. You should always check the Brush Hero on an inconspicuous area first to make sure it won’t damage the paint.

Is the Brush Hero Just for Cars?

You can use the Brush Hero on most vehicles including:

  • Motorcycles
  • Motorhomes and RVs
  • Pop-up campers
  • Vans
  • Trucks
  • Commercial vehicles

Brush Hero Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit? - July 2024 - Honest Product Reviews (7)

Brush Hero Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit? - July 2024 - Honest Product Reviews (8)

Brush Hero Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit? - July 2024 - Honest Product Reviews (9)

Brush Hero Review - Is It A Scam Or Legit? - July 2024 - Honest Product Reviews (10)

Who's This for?

Have you ever found yourself down on your hands and knees and fighting to push a brush around your wheels? Ordinary brushes such as those designed for kitchen use do not do well on cars.

Even if you invest in sponges and other tools, you may find that most do a poor job. Those sponges can rip and tear when they touch metal and leave behind pieces that stick to your car.

Other tools are quite expensive and still won’t do a good job. Working with a pro detailer isn’t affordable for many car people either. The Brush Hero does the detailing work that you need in much less time.

Can You Use the Brush Hero on Other Surfaces?

One of the best reasons to buy the Brush Hero is because it can work on so many different surfaces and items such as:

  • Patios, porches and decks
  • Pool surrounds
  • Lawn and patio furniture
  • Wicker furniture
  • Driveways
  • Engines

This tool is suitable for anyone who wants to detail their cars at home. As it works on so many different types of vehicles, you can use it on every vehicle that your family owns. You can also swap out the brush heads based on what you need to clean and can apply more or less pressure for the job at hand. This is also a good tool for those who want to keep their outdoor spaces clean. The Brush Hero works just as well on patio furniture, camping gear and tile too.

Top Companies That Didn't Take a Shark Tank Deal

The minds behind the Brush Hero aren’t the only teams who turned down deals on the “Shark Tank” TV shows. Some of the other companies that found success include:

  • Xero Shoes: Turned down a $500,000 deal for 50% of their company
  • Ring: Rejected the sharks offer and later sold out to Amazon for $1 billion
  • Lip Bar: Worked out a deal with Target to stock their products in more than 400 stores after rejecting the shark's offer

Before you buy the Brush Hero, you need to take a look at what comes with that system. I want to go over all the systems that you can now purchase online and show you what comes in each package.

Brush Hero Mini Set

One of the top products available from this company is the Brush Hero Mini Set. It lets you see how the system works and get an idea as to whether one of the larger sets is right for you. You get the Brush Hero Starter Set, which comes with a stiff white brush that works best on stuck-on debris and a soft white brush that you can use on delicate surfaces.

The set also comes with the Navigator brush head. It has a stiff design that reaches tough spots without breaking. This set also comes with the Grimefighter brush head and is the same system featured on television.

Dynamic Duo

For grime that you never thought would come off, try the Dynamic Duo. Not only do you get the Brush Hero and the two interchangeable heads, but you also get the Soap Star.

This is a great attachment for those who want to save time because it lets you clean without worrying about getting soap on your car. It attaches to the end of the garden hose and lets you dispense liquid with one touch, which will mix with the water to create thick suds. You can use this attachment with just your hose or as you use the Brush Hero.

Brush Hero Mega Set

No matter what you need to clean, you might pay extra for the Brush Hero Mega Set. It comes with the same products and accessories as the last two sets but includes some extra additions too. You get a large bottle of Muck Buster, which is a type of custom soap created by the makers of the Brush Hero.

It has a thick consistency and mixes easily with water to create thick suds and a rich lather. As this is a concentrated formula, a little bit of the soap is all you need to clean a car. This set comes with the Grimefighter brush too.

Where to Buy it

When shopping for the Brush Hero, you can buy online or in-person. The makers worked out a deal with Costco to put it in hundreds of that company’s stores. It also worked out a deal with Canadian Tire to stock the systems in multiple stores in Canada.

When you buy from a shop in your city, you can use the return policy of that shop if you aren’t happy with the brush. Many stores will not give you a full refund if you return an open package though, which may mean that you only get back store credit. Buying in person gives you the option of getting the system that you want on the day that you need it.

If you don’t mind waiting a few days for shipping, the official website is a good place to turn. This lets you view Brush Hero reviews posted by past customers and see the cost of each system. The official site occasionally offers special deals on the brush that you won’t find anywhere else.

Another benefit of using the official site is that it will keep track of your purchase and make it easier for you to use the warranty on that brush. Both Amazon and Walmart sell the Brush Hero too.

Benefits of Buying from the Brush Hero Website

  • The site processes orders placed by noon on the same day
  • You will get your order in two to five business days
  • Shoppers can pay extra for next day shipping
  • You will get information about your order sent to your email, including a tracking number
  • That tracking number lets you view the progress of the order before it arrives
  • You can add other items and accessories to your order that might not be available at local stores

Should You Buy it?

By the time you reached this point in our LadyCare review, you might still wonder whether it’s worth the buy. That is why we’ll use this section to go over the top reasons it is worth the money and why you may want to look elsewhere.

Further Pros

When you visit any car parts or big box store, you will find the shelves filled with tools and products for cleaning your car. Before you spend money on the Brush Hero and have it shipped, you will want to compare the pros and cons of that product. There are some great reasons to buy this brush and a few issues you might encounter.

Simple Design:Unlike other detailing tools that work similar to power washers, the Brush Hero is much easier to use due to its simple design. Every single part that it uses comes loose from the tool, which lets you order replacement parts to fix the brush in the future.

The Brush Hero official website offers individual replacement parts and sells a complete set of replacement brushes if any of yours break or wear down. It does not require any power source the way that other tools do and uses just the pressure of your home’s water system and that liquid moves through the attached hose.

Conserve Water:While you can clean your pickup or sedan with an ordinary water hose, you will use a lot of water with each wash. The Brush Hero can help you conserve more water. Not only will you waste less water, but you’ll also notice less of an increase in your water bill.

When using the Brush Hero, you have control over the water via the trigger on the handle. Pressing and holding the trigger down causes water to come through the head and forces the brush to spin. You can release the trigger and scrub down your car with some soap before holding the trigger down to get more water. This lets you use only the exact amount of water that the job requires.

You can use more or less water for each cleaning and detailing job based on the pressure that you use.

Highly Versatile:If you live in some parts of the world, you might have patio and lawn furniture that you store in your garage or leave sitting out in the winter. The mold and mildew that clings to the cushions or frames come off in minutes with the Brush Hero. It penetrates through the muck and forces it off the furniture.

You can get more life out of your patio furniture and skip spending money on new pieces each year. It also works great on bicycles and can remove debris that you ride over daily.

Range of Products:When you buy a Brush Hero set from television or on certain websites, you might get just the brush and the parts needed to use it. There are many other products that you can choose from based on the type of jobs you want to do.

The replacement brush set comes with four brushes that work with the tool and cost less than each brush costs separately. Though the Starter Set comes with a limited selection of tools, the Mini Set comes with the original Brush Hero and all other brushes. You can opt for the Mega Set, which comes with a bottle of strong soap too.

What is the Indoor Hero?

The Indoor Hero is a new version of the Hero Brush designed for indoor use. It comes with the Brush Hero Pro and an indoor adapter kit. That kit lets you connect the Brush Hero to the faucet in your shower. This product is suitable for RVs and motorhomes too.

Affordable Price:Regardless of where you shop, you can get the Brush Hero Starter Kit for just $34.99 plus shipping, though it’s often available with free shipping. This set comes with the tool that attaches to a garden hose and two brushes. The Brush Hero Mini Set retails for $59.99, while the Brush Hero Mega Set has a retail price of $94.99.

Both of these sets come with multiple brushes and other accessories. When you visit the official website, you’ll find even more products available such as the Bike Blitz designed for use on bicycles and the Indoor Hero that you can use inside. There is also a Brush Hero Master Set, which includes two types of cleaners and absorbent towels for interior and exterior detailing.

What is the Brush Hero Marine?

When it comes to cleaning and detailing boats and other recreational vehicles, the Brush Hero Marine might be an even better choice for you. It comes with a blue handle and a white brush head as well as two brushes that use those same colors. You can use this tool on all types of boats without damaging the clear coat, including kayaks and powerboats. The Brush Hero Marine also works on decks and docks.

No Leaks:With other tools and products that attach to garden hoses, you may notice water leaking from the sides. This often occurs because the tool and the hose do not form a tight seal.

With the Brush Hero, you get several layers of protection to prevent leaks because it uses several washers. Those washers keep the water inside the hose and coming through the brush.

Additional Cons

Designed to work with low-pressure systems, the Brush Hero will not work with hoses that use a higher PSI. That high pressure can clog the system and stop the brush from spinning.

Depending on the amount of grime and the head that you use, you also risk damaging the brush. A common complaint reported by online shoppers is that their heads were destroyed after just one use.

Flaws and Problems with the Brush Hero

  • It may run much slower than you would like
  • The head can stop spinning when it touches hard surfaces
  • Some found that the brush was too flimsy for heavy-duty cleaning
  • You may need an adapter to use the head with some hoses
  • Some parts break with minimal pressure

The Competition

One of the biggest competitors to this brush is the Hydroshot Rotary Cleaning Brush from WORX. It has a compact size that will fit in most tough spaces and a soft brush that won’t damage your car. This brush is similar to the Brush Hero but only works with a larger system that you buy separately. It also uses a battery that can run out.

Another popular cleaning brush is the SENGO Car Wash Brush. This model has a telescoping handle that lets you stand in one position and reach all areas of your car. It also has a 12-inch soft head that cleans most surfaces. Though this brush has a handle that breaks down for storage, it’s not strong enough to clean tires and wheels.

Most of the other competitors are more traditional, like the Chemical Boys Detailing Bucket Kit, which comes with soap and a sponge that fits inside the included bucket. You can use that bucket to mix soapy water or to hold the clean water you use for rinsing.

Another option is the Mothers Wheel Brush. It cleans quite a bit of the muck on your wheels and reaches deep into the tread but will require the use of soap and water.

Benefits of the Brush Hero vs. the Competition

  • Comes with everything you need for detailing in one box
  • Works on most areas of your car, truck, SUV or van
  • Is compatible with most types of garden hoses
  • Works with low-pressure water systems
  • Removes light and stuck-on debris
  • Gives you total control over the water
  • Easy to use

Final Verdict

Cleaning your car is something that you need to do but is something you probably put off for weeks or even months. Going through an ordinary car wash can damage the body and leave behind marks that require a paint job to fix.

Working with a detailing expert comes with some hassles of its own, including forcing you to work around the schedule of someone else and spending more money than you wanted. There are hundreds of products that you can use to clean the tires, windows and other parts of a vehicle, many of which are expensive and don’t do a very good job.

Whether you buy the Mini or one of the other sets, with Brush Hero you get the Starter Kit that includes the top tools necessary for cleaning all types of vehicles. The Brush Hero itself is compatible with many garden hoses and requires just a small amount of pressure to run. It comes with heads that let you reach tough spots and all areas of your car, including under the carriage and between the bumper or fender.

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